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Yes, you have finally reached it, the one and only…

Some people collect fine works of art — Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Larry Flynt (… everyone’s taste is different).  For me, however, there is nothing quite like a well done Fark.  You can keep your landscape, still life, impressionist masterpieces, and all the rest — I prefer something a little different.  For me the masters have names like Fed, HeyBC, Ty, Thomas, and the inimitable LSUFreek. Yes these are the artists which inspire me most, not through their delicate use of color, light, diffusion, or composition, but by their clever ability to doctor a photo and make me laugh.

So what is a “Fark” some of you may be asking.  Well, it all started with the now infamous Fark.com, which first gave a home for “photoshopped” (a/k/a digitally re-touched) photographs.  From there it spread far and wide and became a phenomenon across the net.   Dedicated sports farking found its first home over at the Sooner Fans Fark Board, but I am partial to the Fark Factory on Smash South Sports (A proud winner of the 2007 College Football Blogger Award for Best Photoshop — The Fark of the Covenant).

At any rate, the first gallery includes a few Farks I have done over the years (due to a bad hard drive I lost a great many of mine a few years ago).  After that, you find a little project of mine — the development of the greatest collection of SEC and College Sports Farks ever assembled.

Click the Gallery Header below to return to the Gallery Front at any time:

The THFVO Galleries:

Lawvol's Farks

51 Photos

Tennessee Farks

188 Photos

Alabama Farks

87 Photos

Arkansas Farks

19 Photos

Auburn Farks

8 Photos

Florida Farks

61 Photos

Georgia Farks

4 Photos

Kentucky Farks

19 Photos

LSU Farks

61 Photos

Ole Miss Farks

8 Photos

Memphis Farks

11 Photos

Big 10 Farks

28 Photos

ACC Farks

18 Photos


5 Photos

Big 12 Farks

8 Photos

NFL Farks

7 Photos

MLB Farks

5 Photos

This is a work in progress — it’s not the Louvre’ but you have to start somewhere.

This Gallery is Perpetually Under Construction

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- Go Figure …lawvol Sam & Andy's Forever

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