The Real Gate 21

So where is the real Gate 21?” you may be asking yourself (“Ummm … Actually, not really”).

Gate 21 is “my” gate at Neyland Stadium.   It’s how I enter Fort Neyland every gameday.  It also happens to be the “main” gate into the stadium (at least that’s how it appears).  It sits on a big plaza where all sorts of alums, hangers-on, orange-clad crazies, program hawkers, trucks offering free ice cream, and visiting fans can be found waiting to enter the stadium.  It’s where the Vol Network does its pre-game show.  It’s where the Pride of the Southland marches into the stadium after doing its “Salute to the Hill” performance.  It’s where you can buy some really overpriced tickets from people with a fist full of tickets and—peculiarly—a cardboard sign on their chest announcing “Need Tickets.”  It is the path I use to get to my seats to watch the Vols play.  It is the entrance to the original Tennessee Home for the Visually Offensive (so named for its profusion of orange and lack of teeth).

The Real Gate 21

Gate 21 is where I have entered the stadium for years now, so I just figured it was as good a name as any for a blog about Life, the Universe, and College Football the Bounce of the Ball. I guess the real Gate 21 is a lot like this blog: it leads to something more; it is the gateway to a lot of wasted time; it promises great things lie within, but often the performance is less than spectacular.  It is part of my world, so I thought I’d drag any of you people who actually have time to waste reading my blog there to see it.

Either way, it’s the only decent name I could come up with…

This is my little creation, humble though it may be.   Feel free to add a complaint or comment or email me if something irritates you.  You can read a little more about our “ushers” here at the Gate or send us hate mail by clicking on the images below …

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4 Responses to “The Real Gate 21”

  • John LaneNo Gravatar says:

    Absolutely loved your segment on Sam & Andy’s, brought back a million memories. Would love to see something similar for some of the other Cumberland Ave. establishments that are no longer around (Lap, Library, Ivy’s, etc…..). Especially the photos, time tends to fade the memories. Thanks

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