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Flashback 1982: “You’ve Got to Be There!”

Flashback | Gate 21

Continuing with my non-sports posts during the off-season, here’s another little flashback … to 1982.

1982 World's Fair Logo26 years ago this week, the Volunteer City was counting down to its big debut on the international stage — the opening of the 1982 World’s Fair.

Yeah baby, the World’s Fair had arrived!

Ahh, Ronnie Reagan — a man of few words…

Before it was all said and done, more than 11 million people would visit and — for the briefest of periods — Knoxville became known as more than simply “a drinking town with a football problem.

The fair was a success by most benchmarks. The Fair was profitable, albeit to the tune of a whopping $57.00. This was a rare feat for World’s Fairs — the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans actually declared bankruptcy before the that fair was even over. It was one of the highest attended Fairs in history. It also boasted having pavillions from some countries which were hardly best friends with the United States at the time (several of the participating countries were already on George W. Bush’s nascent “List of Un-nice Weirdo Meanies” — later to be known as the “Axis of Evil”).

Here’s a little more information about the World’s Fair than you probably could ever want…

Man those are some snazzy graphics … makes me wish I still had a Commodore 64…

I have limited memories of the actual Fair itself even though I did attend (I was 6 years old at the time, and still have my World’s Fair Activity Book to prove it), but remember much of the pomp and fanfare that accompanied it — such as the rockin’ television ads which played all across the country.

So, just where exactly were they proposing to land the Space Shuttle — on Kingston Pike?

There were so many things to see and do: talking robots, the first Petro’s Stand (yum), the Imax Theater, have a swig of World’s Fair Beer, and even watch some guy making … Moonshine!!!

World's Fair Beer

1982 World\'s Fair Map

World’s Fair Map — Click to Enlarge

The World’s Fair also included what was then the World’s Largest Ferris Wheel, an NFL exhibition game, and near constant entertainment. The high water mark for the Fair — or more importantly for Knoxville — came on the Third Saturday in October, when less than two weeks before the Fair ended, Knoxville hosted not only visitors from around the world at the Fair, but also the Alabama vs. Tennessee game at Neyland Stadium. On that day — 16 October 1982 — it is estimated there were more people in the downtown area of Knoxville than at any other time in history. When the game ended, and the Tennessee Volunteers had defeated the No. 2-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 35 – 28, the goalposts came down, and all hell broke loose. (See, I managed to get something in here about sports…)

Despite these successes, however, the momentum of the Fair ultimately flamed-out — just like the Fair’s Logo.

Actually, it would be more appropriate to say that the Fair, and the City of Knoxville, both abruptly hit a brick wall while travelling at the safe and prudent speed of 150 mph one day after the Fair ended. That was the day that FDIC agents marched past the Sunsphere, up Main Street, and through the front door of the United American Bank Building (now First Tennessee) for the sole purpose of commencing their audit of the bank’s assets and uncovering the fraud that had been going on behind the scenes for several years. This would lead to “Stinky Jake” Butcher spending 10 years in prision, and precipitated the 4th largest bank failure in US history.

With that, all of the work, effort, planning, and money that had gone into ensuring the World’s Fair helped Knoxville propel itself into the future pretty much up and vanished like the Tennessee offense under Col. Dandy Sanders.

Still, the subsequent bust aside, the Fair was Knoxville’s moment in the sun (no pun intended).

Now — more than a quarter century later — some of the re-re-development intended to follow closely on the heels of the World’s Fair is finally occurring. World’s Fair Park now looks like something other than a gravel parking lot. The Convention Center has given people a reason to return to the downtown area. The Sunsphere (despite my claims to the contrary) has been shored up, and has re-opened for visitors. Most importantly, however, the City of Knoxville has finally acknowledged one important thing…

“Malfunction Junction” on I-40 was never a good idea …

Huh-huh, watch ‘er go BOOOM!!

Of course, it would have been nice if they had figured this out a little earlier, and made the process of improving the roads beyond the status quo ala’ 1982, a little more gradually. I suppose a little progress is better than none, but apparently “Tennesssee Smart Fix” is the one perpetual legacy of the World’s Fair.

TN Smart Fix Project Map

If anyone has any idea whatsoever exactly what the hell this map purports to show, please let me know…

God help us all when we face traffic this football season with half of the roads into downtown Knoxville closed. I guess we’ll all just have to look up, pray for patience, …

… and let the Sunsphere be our guide.

– Go Figure …

Images Courtesy of: ExpoMuseum.com1982WorldsFair.comThemeParkBrochures.netKnoxville ChamberBabyBoomerBobCity of KnoxvilleKnoxville News SentinelTennessee Dept of Transportation

Engineers Say Sunsphere Must be Demolished

Breaking News…

26 years after its time as the focal point of the 1982 World’s Fair, the final sunset approaches for one of Knoxville’s most famous landmarks.

Knoxville Sunsphere

Speaking on terms of anonymity, officials with the Knox County Building Inspector’s office confirmed late Monday that the results of a recent series of structural evaluations of the Sunsphere call for the immediate demolition of the Knoxville landmark. According to county officials, a private study was recently commissioned in light of escalating deterioration of the Sunsphere. The results of the evaluation by independent engineering firm Simpson, Smithers & Bart, determined that the aging structure is not only unsafe for habitation, but presents a “serious risk of structural failure in the foreseeable future.” The engineering report, which is set to be released on Wednesday at a press conference scheduled by the mayor’s office, cites serious structural fatigue in the primary support stantions, which have already caused the monument to lean approximately 7 degrees to the west.

While the report makes it clear that the Sunsphere is not an “imminent risk to public safety,” due to a series of temporary reinforcements made during the the evaluation process, it goes on to note that the temporary reinforcements are only intended to prevent “systemic failure” prior to the the complete dismantling of the building. The report ultimately recommended that the structure be demolished “with all deliberate speed.

Apparently fearing a public safety crisis, the City of Knoxville has already directed all occupants of the Sunsphere to vacate within the next 48 hours, and has made arangements for the demolition to commence later this week. Regional demolition contractor D.H. Shoffner has confirmed its crews will begin work on the project as early as Thursday morning, and that, absent unforeseen circumstances, the 600 ton structure is set to be imploded on the morning of April 13. Due to the emergent nature of this project, it is currently expected to cost in excess of $4.1 million. Despite inquiries, the Mayor’s office declined to comment.

As part of the analysis of the Sunsphere’s condition, Simpson, Smithers & Bart developed a computerized model demonstrating the stresses on the structure, and a likely scenario for structural failure. Click video (or link) below to see their analysis.

Sunsphere Structural Analysis

Man, that is scary…

(April Fools)

– Go Figure …

Images Courtesy of: The Sunsphere is not a Wig Shop & Sunsphere Knoxville
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