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This Week's Roundtable is hosted by:

Vol Junkies

This week’s Big Orange Roundtable is hosted by Vol Junkies Buy Macrobid Without Prescription, , who has served up another installment of questions burning in the minds of the citizens of Orange Nation.

Thus, here are our thoughts for the week:

Week 4

1) What is your thought on Eric Berry’s Heisman chances?  Should he play on offense in-order to increase his chances?  Is Kiffin being to selfish saying Berry will not practice offense?

bullet HSH: I'm not exactly how real Berry's chances of actually winning the Trophy—which I deemed meaningless after the Manning debacle.  Not only does he have the obstacle of being a defensive player, he has to basically beat Colt McCoy from Texas, Sam Bradford from Oklahoma and some guy named Tebow.  I don't think Lane Kiffin should play Berry on offense just to help his Heisman chances.  If our offense is seriously sucking, then sure, desperate times call for desperate measures.

That said, I have absolutely no problem with the University doing the whole campaign thing.  Berry is obviously a special, once-in-a-while player with a great attitude.  Seeing him in person on and off the field the past two years has been something I'm glad to have been a part of—now if only he might consider staying for his senior year...

bullet Lawvol: I have very mixed (albeit not necessarily negative) feelings on this.

First of all, I personally believe that Eric Berry is more than deserving of a shot at the Heisman Trophy.  In two short years he has pretty much become the man-beast of SEC defenses and is, hands down, the best defensive player in the toughest conference in the country.  I personally believe that he is the best defensive player in any conference, anywhere.  That, however, is just my opinion and I will be the first to admit that I am biased.  Still, there is no arguing with the fact that Eric Berry has earned the right to be considered among the top players in the country this season and to be considered for the Heisman.  I am unequivocally behind the Tennessee’s campaign to promote Berry’s Heisman candidacy.

That said, I am less that optimistic about his chances…

I say that because, since only one truly defensive player has previously won the Heisman—which I am sure every Tennessee fan remembers all too well—the precedent is somewhat weak.  Furthermore, given the national media’s love affair with Tim Tebow, I expect that every possible machination that can occur to ensure Tebow winning the trophy for the second time will be brought to bear, if at all possible.

There is also the fact that exaggerated hype often leads to less-than-stellar performances since, with everyone talking about how great a particular player is, the target on their back gets even bigger when facing opponents.  That is not to say that I doubt Berry’s ability to produce in the same way he has in the past, but recognizes that opposing teams will be gunning for him … and staying away from him.

As for whether I think it is selfish for Lane Kiffin to keep Berry from playing on offense, that one is easy to answer.  No, not one bit.  In fact, I feel the opposite.  To me, changing the way you field a player for the sole purpose of advancing that player’s interests is selfish—even if it adds prominence to the team or the program as a whole.  As the old saying goes, “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’.”  In my opinion, any coach with a Heisman hopeful should treat that player in exactly the same way he would any other player.  To do anything else not only flies in the face of the team concept, but can be woefully dangerous in terms of its effect on team morale—just ask Heath Shuler and the Tennessee offensive line that played in the 1993-94 Citrus Bowl.

Were Kiffin to decide independent of the Heisman race that Berry needed to play on offense, I would have no problem with it, in fact it might be extremely exciting.  To do so just for the sake of Heisman balloting, however, is simply not something I think is acceptable.

Furthermore, I question whether suddenly playing a player in a new position would actually help or hinder the chances of winning voters’ eyes.  This season is filled with change already—from top to bottom.  Berry, just like everyone else on the Vols’ squad, is busy learning new schemes and concepts from the new coaching staff.  Furthermore, the sheer size and scope of the playbooks for Tennessee is really quite staggering.  I have heard from a reliable source that, up until 1997, no offensive player in the modern era had ever learned the entire offensive playbook until Peyton Manning, and he only accomplished that feat as a senior.

To me, adding a whole new facet—offense—to the game for Berry would likely result in a fall-off in his performance on defense.  It adds one more thing that he has to keep track of in his head and doubles the already considerable pressure that being pumped as a superstar brings with it.  In then end, I think there is probably more to lose than there is to gain.

2) Do you think Kiffin secretly wishes he would have held onto Taj Boyd?

bullet HSH: Nope, not all, for two reasons.  First, as we all know, Kiffin's a confident fellow.  He has his plan, he knows what he wants and how he wants to go about it.  And he believes in what he's doing.

He evaluated Boyd, saw that he might have lacked pure arm strength and that he made have had some issues coming off knee issues.  So he told Boyd what he told him.  I think Tennessee's in good shape with Tyler Bray and they might get Memphis' Barry Brunetti to switch his commitment to West Virginia, and the recent run on WR recruiting, what QB wouldn't want to come to Tennessee and throw to those guys?

bullet Lawvol: Well, whether he does or doesn’t, is really irrelevant now.  What is, is.

That said, I doubt that the Blackjack General, has given more than a few seconds thought to the matter considering his staff and this no-holds-barred approach to recruiting.  I am sure that Boyd probably appreciated the honesty from Kiffin in telling him that he simply didn’t feel that Boyd would fit in the Vols’ system.  I know I find it refreshing.  Either way, like HSH, I feel certain that Kiffin will find the right person and it’s not like the Vols haven’t started to get looks from some good players.  After all, though we do not yet know how a Lane Kiffin-coached team will perform on the field, he has made it clear he knows how to recruit.  Furthermore, trying to make a player work when they really are not suited to your system just leads to disappointment for everyone involved.

I say get the right player for Tennessee, even if that means waiting a bit.  I for one am glad to see that Kiffin is willing to do just that.

3) Is this the most excited you have been for a football season to start EVER?

bullet HSH: In recent memory, yes. Maybe 2006, Macrobid over the counter, Purchase Macrobid online, because I had just started school up here in Knoxville and the big opener with Cal and Florida coming in two weeks following that. Perhaps 2005, Macrobid blogs, Macrobid cost, because of all the hype and that defense and the "momentum" from the previous season.

But this is different.  It seems like it's been a year since Kiffin was hired and we went through the staff hiring and the coups on National Signing Day, the verbal slap of Urban Meyer and the secondaries.

Now it's go-time.  Everything's going to be new, fast shipping Macrobid, Macrobid long term, so that adds a bit of intrigue to the whole thing, but the energy Lane, purchase Macrobid for sale, Buy Macrobid online cod, Monte and Coach O have brought certainly have had their effects on the players and us as fans.  Amidst all the energy though, we have to remember that Tennessee's not going to win the SEC this year.  This isn't going to be a one-year turnaround and we have to be a little patient, Macrobid gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Macrobid schedule, prepare for some of the usual pains and just enjoy the climb.  The Vols have 8 home games this year, so hopefully the fans are ready to do their part in helping the team.

bullet Lawvol: That’s a tough question to answer.  For me, discount Macrobid, Buy Macrobid without a prescription, the most exciting pre-season run-up to kickoff in my lifetime was getting ready for Peyton Manning’s senior year in 1997.  The Vols were picked to be stellar and were ranked in the pre-season top-3 in all the polls.  It also happened to be my senior year in Knoxville.  I suppose I would still say that there was more “excitement”—in the sense of there being a real belief on the part of everyone that the Vols might win the whole thing—in 1997.  If we are talking about just sheer anticipation because you simply have no idea what to expect, then I would have to say that this year is on top.

Of course, ordering Macrobid online, Macrobid maximum dosage, it is worth noting that in 1998 I had very low expectations of what Tennessee would do prior to the season getting under way.  What with Manning graduating and a virtual unknown named Tee Martin starting his first game at quarterback, I figured that the Vols would probably find rough going for at least the first few games of the season.  That season, get Macrobid, Macrobid use, however, turned out pretty well for the Vols.

Either way, buy cheap Macrobid, Cheap Macrobid no rx, I am always stoked before the first kickoff and it seems to increase exponentially as the first game approaches.  There is so much to be excited about this year and—no matter what happens—I feel like this will be a good year for the Vols as they progress toward the future.

After all, a lousy football season is better than no football season at all…

4) A quick diversion from football and onto Basketball, Macrobid mg. Buy Macrobid from mexico, Do you think that Bruce’s style of basketball is a deterrent to the one and done type players, due to the fact one and done-rs and top recruits are looking for more minutes and to be  the center of attention?

bullet HSH: I don't think it's Bruce Pearl's style as much as it the fact that we're Tennessee.  Just to be brutally honest, taking Macrobid, Where can i cheapest Macrobid online, if you're a a high school kid who has obvious NBA talent, wouldn't you want to showcase that on the biggest stage possible?

I know Bruce has taken our program to heights it's never been before and I hope he never leaves Knoxville.  But we're still Tennessee.  I know Michael Beasley went to play in relative obscurity at Kansas State and still managed to be the second pick in the draft, rx free Macrobid, Macrobid trusted pharmacy reviews, but the point still remains, at least in my mind.

We're not near the top of the list of schools a future NBA star and one-year college player is going to go to increase his stock.  On top of that, Macrobid from canadian pharmacy, Macrobid reviews, there are all of two ex-Vols in the Association right now—C.J. Watson now in Orlando and Marcus Haislip just signed by the Spurs.  Watson wasn't drafted and Haislip has spent the last few years in Europe after being a bust of a lottery pick.

The bottom line to me is this: our prestige has gone up exponentially the last four years under Pearl, Macrobid pharmacy, Macrobid dosage, but we're still Tennessee, and we still aren't exactly pumping out NBA players a la places like Carolina, order Macrobid online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Macrobid online no prescription, Texas, UCLA, effects of Macrobid, Buy generic Macrobid, Kansas, UConn, Macrobid no rx, Macrobid no prescription, Memphis State and so on.

bullet Lawvol: Frankly, I hope it is because I have little tolerance for the one-and-done mentality.

Most of the “in-and-out, australia, uk, us, usa, Where to buy Macrobid, thanks-for-the-cred, see ya!” type of players are not the sort that I want to see Tennessee recruiting.  The whole “student athlete” thing should still mean something.  I am dedicated to Tennessee and have been since the day I decided that I would attend college there.  I expect the players we put on the floor to be not only be great athletes, is Macrobid safe, After Macrobid, but also good representatives for the university, and good people.  I am not naive enough to believe that all the players we recruit are completely free of the ulterior motive of wanting to play professionally and perhaps using the Big Orange as the springboard to making that a reality.  I also will freely acknowledge that I can hardly blame a player for leaving early when they are all but guaranteed to instantly become wealthy.

All I ask is that the players wearing the orange be committed to Tennessee while they are here, online buy Macrobid without a prescription. Order Macrobid from United States pharmacy,   I have no problem with them dreaming of the future or making decisions based upon that future.  What I do have a problem with is when players simply see Tennessee (or any other school for that matter) as little more than a way to get their ticket punched as quickly as possible.

But then again, I am a lawyer and am generally a disagreeable sort…

The Rest of the Roundtable:

Having wasted your time on our largely meaningless and insignificant thoughts for this week, go check out what the other roundtablers (who actually know what they are talking about) have to say (in no particular order):

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters and About Home Sweet Home... … to me.


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2008 BlogPoll: Week 6

Here's my ballot for this week's College Football BlogPoll which, as always, is hosted by MGOBlog, now with links to team info from CBS

Week 6

Through 4 October 2008

After the past weekend in the world of college football, there are a number of noteworthy changes in my BlogPoll ballot for this week.  Most of these should be fairly obvious.  Either way, here’s my ballot:

My Ballot for the Week

Team Delta
Oklahoma --
Alabama --
Missouri 1
Penn State --
Texas --
Southern Cal 1
Texas Tech 2
Georgia --
Ohio State 2
Florida --
Vanderbilt 4
Utah 1
Brigham Young 1
Kansas 5
Boise State 5
Oklahoma State 6
Wake Forest 1
California 6
North Carolina 6
Northwestern 5
Auburn 15
Virginia Tech 3
Wisconsin 7
Michigan State 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#13), Oregon (#18), Fresno State (#22), Connecticut (#24).

The field gets narrower... Explanations after the jump.

Comments,  Explanations, and Excuses

Here are the high-points of the week's changes:

Oh those Crazy Commodores (12):

Well, in case you had any questions, let me be the first to answer them: the Vanderbilt Commodores are for real! The Dores’ victory over the Auburn Tigers (15) only confirms my belief after week 5 that Vanderbilt will likely be in the mix for the SEC East.  While Vanderbilt lacks depth—which could really hurt them down the stretch—their starting team is solid at every position.  They play disciplined, fundamentally sound, and hard nosed football in precisely the way that their cousins to the east do not.  While Vanderbilt may end up stubbing its toe at some point this season, they can rest assured that they appear to be a shoe-in for the title of “Best Team in the State of Tennessee.

Returners & First Timers:

Virginia Tech (23) returns for the first time is several weeks.  There are also a number of new faces as well, led by the North Carolina Tarheels (20) who put on a clinic against Connecticut (NR).  The other new faces, Northwestern (21), and Michigan State (25), are both out of the Big Ten, bringing that conference up to five teams in my Top 25 ballot—second to the SEC and Big XII which both have six teams.

"Now Departing at Gate 21...":

The Connecticut Huskies (NR) took it in the chops courtesy of the Tarheads.  Anytime you allow three blocked kicks in a single game, you pretty much know that the polls will not be kind.

Oregon (NR) lost to Southern Cal (7)—as, I suppose, they were supposed to.  I have a feeling they may make it back into my Top 25 by the end of the year, but their early season loss to Boise State (16) has now really begun to cost them.

Fresno State’s (NR) loss to the Warriors of Hawaii (NR)—who were only 2-2 coming into the weekend—and South Florida’s (NR) loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers (NR) cost both of them their place in my Top 25 this week. South Florida can take a little solace in the fact that Pittsburgh is good, and are on my bubble for Week 7.  Fresno State … well … not much.

The Rest of the BlogPoll

Having taken the time to consider my feeble attempt at ranking the powers in college football, feel free to try and convince me that I am wrong—which is part of the way the BlogPoll is supposed to work.  I promise that I will consider all comments.

As for the rest of the BlogPoll, well, you can check out how other bloggers voted, how your team fared across the blogosphere, and view the weekly results each Wednesday over at MGOBlog.

-- Go Figure …Email lawvol

2008 BlogPoll Ballot: Week 5

Here's my ballot for this week's College Football BlogPoll which, as always, is hosted by MGOBlog.

Week 5

Through 28 September 2008

My, my, my… How things sure do change in only one short week.  After all the craziness of the past weekend in the world of college football, there are a lot of changes in my BlogPoll ballot for this week.  Most of these should be fairly obvious.  Either way, here’s my ballot.  Explanations after the jump…

My Ballot for the Week

Team Delta
Oklahoma 1
Alabama 7
Missouri 1
Penn State 3
Texas 4
Auburn 6
Southern Cal 7
Georgia 6
Texas Tech 1
Florida 5
Ohio State 2
South Florida 4
Utah 1
Brigham Young 1
Vanderbilt 3
Wisconsin 10
Oregon 2
Wake Forest 7
Kansas 1
Boise State 2
Fresno State 2
Oklahoma State 3
Connecticut 2
California 1

Dropped Out: Colorado (#18), Illinois (#22), Clemson (#25).

Oh boy, now don’t we have something to think about...

Comments,  Explanations, and Excuses

Here are the high-points of the week’s changes:

Oklahoma (1) & Alabama (2):

The Oklahoma Sooners assume the top spot this week in the wake of the clear-out that occurred in the Top 5.  I gave Oklahoma the No. 1 ranking because I think they have earned it.  In fairness, however, I think Alabama has almost as good a claim to at the top of the poll—if not a better one.  That said, in the interest of not appearing to be a complete SEC homer, I opted to give the benefit of the doubt to Oklahoma since they were already at No. 2 last week, and handled TCU with ease.

The way I see it, the rest of the season will sort these two out…

I imagine a few might take issue with Alabama’s meteoric rise this week—particularly LSU (3) and Missouri (4)—but the Tide put on a clinic versus the Georgia Bulldogs (9) and look like the mid-season favorite to win the SEC.  This is especially true considering that the Auburn Tigers (7) barely beat the Tennessee Volunteers (NR) (sigh…) and the Florida Gators (11) have hardly looked impressive in their loss to the Ole Miss Rebels (NR).

Returners & First Timers:

This week sees three faces that weren’t around last week.  First is Oklahoma State (23) which, at 4-0 is looking better than I anticipated.  The same is true for Connecticut (24) who is 5-0 with several nice wins.  Both these teams have the potential to rise quickly if they can continue their winning ways in conference play.  This is especially true for Oklahoma State since they are just beginning their Big XII conference schedule.

The other new face this week is the California Golden Bears (25) who lost to the Maryland Terrapins (NR) two weeks ago, but bounced back by pummeling Colorado State (NR).  Furthermore, as Clemson (NR) learned the hard way, the Terps are not exactly a pushover.  Maryland is on my bubble and are likely to appear in my Top 25 in the near future if they keep winning.

“Now Departing at Gate 21…”:

I hated to see the Illinois Illini bid farewell this week, because I really love what Ron Zook has done to revitalize that program.  Their loss to the Penn State Nittany Lions, however, really necessitates that change.  As the season progresses, I imagine they will return.

The Clemson Tigers earned their walking papers by not taking care of business against Maryland.  I really thought Clemson was going to be tough this year.  In fact, I picked them to win the ACC (which shows what I know).

Finally, though it pains me to do so, I dropped the Colorado Buffaloes after their loss to the Florida State Seminoles (NR).

The Rest of the BlogPoll

Having taken the time to consider my feeble attempt at ranking the powers in college football, feel free to try and convince me that I am wrong -- which is part of the way the BlogPoll is supposed to work.  I promise that I will consider all comments.

As for the rest of the BlogPoll, well, you can check out how other bloggers voted, how your team fared across the blogosphere, and view the weekly results each Wednesday over at MGOBlog.

-- Go Figure …Email lawvol

Geno, Geno, Geno…

Despite the fact that basketball season has been over for nearly a month now, Geno Auriemma just can’t let it go...

2008 National ChampionsApparently, Geno simply couldn’t fight the urge to run his mouth one last time. At a press conference wrapping up the 2007-08 season, Geno jumped on the chance to get in a dig on Pat Summitt over the cancellation of the regular season Tennessee vs. Connecticut series and "Tour-gate." Nevermind the fact that -- since the season is over and the UConn Huskies weren’t around as one of the last two teams standing -- no one gives two shits about his opinion at this point. Geno, being his usual blowhard self, went straight ahead and got those gums a-flappin'

I don't have to say anything. Pat knows. She knows why we're not playing. There's nothing for me to say. I'm not the one that made the decision not to play. So she should just tell you why instead of saying, 'Geno knows.' I do know. I already told you. She accused us of cheating at recruiting. She doesn't have the courage to say it publicly. So yeah, Geno does know. And I've said it.

. . .

There's a lot of things I know about a lot of people. That doesn't mean I cancel the series. This is the same person who said if the Duke fans didn't treat her players right, she was going to cancel that series.

Auriemma went on to add that he would only resume the series under favorable circumstances:

It would have to be eight games here, one in Nashville and one in Memphis; that would be my proposal to them. That's the only way I would do it.

Sounds to me as if Geno is simply trying to grab a little bit of publicity for his team -- perhaps in hopes that the hype will prevent some poor recruit from realizing what an arrogant tool he is. The fact remains, however, that the gap between he and Pat Summit is only getting wider, and each dumb comment on his part only serves to make him look like more of a sour-grapes jackass than he already does.

I mean, really, Geno, who gives a damn right now? What relevance does this have to anything other than stroking your ego?

To her credit, Pat Summitt’s response was as appropriate as it was direct. Summitt simply stated:

It's absolutely not worth a comment.

I imagine that if she had been responding directly to Geno -- face to face -- her words might have been more ... pointed.

ImusDon Imus, on the other hand chimed right in stating:

Auriemma’s tirade sounded like some whacked-out ghetto crack whore looking for a trick and some smack... **

Shortly thereafter, Imus followed-up this comment by indicating that he would be changing his name, undergoing plastic surgery, and moving to Paraguay. **

One way or the other, Auriemma is already cementing his position as the early front runner for the "2008-09 Women’s College Basketball Massengill Douchebag of the Year Award."

Way to go Geno, once again you’ve outdone yourself...

In other Basketball news, the folks over at Hugging Harold Reynolds have made a breakthrough in the battle to combat global warming and environmental degradation, which links these problems directly to the NBA.

Who knew?

-- Go Figure …SIG%20-%20Lawvol%20(Small) McAlisters%20-%20Crossout

Quotes Courtesy of: GoVolsXtra • Images Courtesy of: & The Phoenix
**Disclaimer: As if it were not completely obvious, the quote from Don Imus is complete crap and is purely a creation of the unbalanced mind of the author. That quote is a fictional humorous depiction (a/k/a "Fark"), intended as satire, of Don Imus and his prior statements about "Nappy-Headed-Hos," and does not reflect the views or position of Mr. Imus. Neither this posting, those who created it, nor this blog are in anyway affiliated with the Don Imus. So please don't have your lawyers send me a bunch of nasty letters...
All other quotes in this article are -- to the best of the author's knowledge -- accurate

NCAA Tournament — Everyone not Called “Tennessee” Thus Far

Well, as expected, there have been a few surprises in the Tournament so far. I being busy re-modeling my garage have been a bit slow to comment on these (as if anyone cared...). Be that as it may, here are my observations...

• Kentucky Consistency: Despite managing to make something out of nothing, Billy Clyde and the boys in blue have proven in the NCAA Tournament that they still possess the ability down the stretch to demonstrate the quality which helped pave their way to an 11 seed in the NCAA Tournament: the ability to suck the tubes hard when they really have to.


In fairness, however, the Vanderbilt Commodores also proved that -- when forced to play on a normally configured basketball floor -- they blow.

That’s the last time I take either of them as a longshot in my bracket...

Pac-10 Power: I don’t claim to keep up with the Pac-10 in anything, but I was under the impression that UCLA, Stanford, and USC were supposed to be simply amazing teams which made their opponents quiver in fear, little children run for their mother, and grown men crap their pants. Apparently, Kansas State didn’t get the memo, and Marquette and Texas A&M all but disregarded it.


News Flash, UCLA is beatable...

Bulldog Blowout: Despite veritable orgy of wins over the last week leading up to the NCAA Tournament, the Georgia Bulldogs did not achieve the ridiculous and manage to amass more wins in the post-season than they did during the SEC regular season. Nice run, however for the Dawgs, but now the party is over..

So could someone please tell Dennis Felton that Wade Houston called and wants his moustache back?

Oh well...

The Kevin O’Neill Chronicles: After coaching the Arizona Wildcats all season while Lute Olsen "found" himself (despite the fact that Olsen has to be approaching 70 -- or at least looks like it) Kevin O’Neill again gets the shaft as Olsen made it clear that he will now resume his role as head coach. I guess Olsen is done chasing skirt, and can get back to doing his job. I don’t get why Olsen needed a whole season off because of a divorce -- Bruce Pearl has actually improved his record during his divorce, and Pat Summitt hasn't been too shabby during hers either.

Given Tennessee’s experience with O’Neill and his refusal to put up with the Big Dickey’s bullshit (did I say "bullshit?" I meant "bullshit."), I’d say it’s a safe bet that O’Neill is gonzo, and that right soon. As the only Pre-Pearl / Post-DeVoe coach the BasketVols ever had that was worth a damn, I wish him well. Speaking of which, the SEC schools that are thinking of trading up on their coach could do a lot worse than giving the old "Revco Kicker" a look.

Suck It!

I guess Lute Olsen and the Big Dickey have one thing in common ... now O’Neill thinks they are both two-faced jackasses...

• Dookus Go Homeus: Dook took it in the teeth, exactly as I didn’t predict. Oh well, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and UConn already screwed my bracket enough to make Dook’s loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers a game of little consequence. I just hate it that the Belmont Bruins couldn’t pull it out the night before -- I was so hoping that the Bruins would give it to Coach Kryezq?r2gxmzrfeykzwGkeeei the hard way, and lay it on the "regal" ACC. Hats off to West Virginia for finishing the job.

Coach K…

As for the boys of Belmont, I know moral victories are like french-kissing your sister (fun at first, but then just damn nasty) but Belmont obviously has a really hot sister. No shame in taking Dook down to the wire, even if you came up one point short. Thankfully, Joel over at Rocky Top Talk didn’t have a coronary or toss his cookies on his keyboard during the 70-71 loss by Belmont...

... if Joel had quit posting due to death or a broken computer I’d have had one less great resource to plagiarize.

• UConn Sucks: But of course I think everyone already knew that...

• In Case You’re Keeping Score: Finally, just to show -- like Eliot Spitzer -- I am accountable to the people, my bracket is completely shot to hell.

More to come, on the BasketVols, and on everyone else once the rest of the Sweet 16 are confirmed...

-- Go Figure …

Images Courtesy of: Loser With Socks, SportsCrack, Georgia Sports Blog, and WildcatsMania

Headline, Links & Lies… Bracketology Edition


Ahh, the Joys of the NCAA Tournament Selection Process...


A few links worth looking at from across the blogosphere...

In the unlikely event that anyone cares, here’s my bracket (at least the one I’m claiming publicly, that is):

lawvol’s NCAA Bracket

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh it up...



For more Bobby Knight clips, check out Gate 21’s videos over on the right sidebar... (yeah, that’s right, over there >>>>)

-- Go Figure …SIG%20-%20Lawvol%20(Small) McAlisters%20-%20Crossout

Image Courtesy of: LOL Jocks
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