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Here's my ballot for this week's CBS Sports BlogPoll Top 25 hosted by -- as you might imagine -- CBS Sports.

Week 15

Through 6 December 2009

Buy Bactrim Without Prescription, Ahhh, 2009 college football regular season, we barely knew ye.  Yes friend and neighbors, here we are at the end of the regular season.  Thus, here is my final ballot for the 2009 regular season, the last ballot until after the completion of bowl season.  While I am sure some will disagree with some of my rankings, they are what they are: little more than my subjective assessment on the powers of college football.  Most of these should be fairly obvious.  Either way, here is is:

My Ballot for the Week

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama --
2 Cincinnati 3
3 Texas --
4 TCU --
5 Ohio State 1
6 Boise State 1
7 Penn State 1
8 Oregon 1
9 Brigham Young 1
10 Virginia Tech 1
11 Georgia Tech 4
12 LSU --
13 Florida 11
14 Miami (Florida) 3
15 Wisconsin 4
16 Oklahoma State 4
17 Nebraska 4
18 Iowa 3
19 Stanford 4
20 Utah 4
21 Pittsburgh 5
22 Central Michigan NR
23 West Virginia NR
24 Houston 6
25 East Carolina NR
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Southern Cal (#14), California (#22), Clemson (#25).

Explanations after the jump...

Comments, Explanations, and Excuses

Here are the high-points of the week's changes:

bullet Long-on-Horn Short on Strength:

I was completely underwhelmed by the Texas Longhorns (3) last second victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers (17) in the Big XII Championship game.  On paper, Texas out-matched Nebraska at every position except on the defensive line.  Nebraska, on the other hand demonstrated their lack of a productive offense in spades going the better part of two quarters without a first down.  Despite this, Texas was forced to kick a field goal with one second remaining on the game (which was only possible due to back to back penalties by the Cornhuskers in the final minute of the game).  Texas got the three points courtesy of their kicker and walked out of the Jerry Dome with a one-point victory.

What they did not do was play like a team deserving of a shot at the BCS Championship.

To Nebraska’s credit, they played their hearts out and did everything they could to win.  In my estimation, they earned the win but were simply unlucky when the clock ran out.

Now, I know that the Cincinnati Bearcats (2) defeated the Pittsburgh Panthers (21) by only a single point in the shooting match that was the final game of the Bearcats’ regular season, but I simply was more impressed with their performance and the tenacity of their team.  Furthermore, in my opinion Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly did a better job of coaching his team on gameday than did Texas’ Mack Brown, which really matters when it is all on the line.

For these reasons, I humbly submit that the Bearcats have earned the number 2 spot.

bullet Turning Gators into Gator Bait:

I had picked the Alabama Crimson Tide (1) to defeat the Florida Gators (13) in the SEC Championship Game, but I did not expect the Tide to annihilate the Gators from top to bottom.  Needless to say, I was impressed with the performance of Nick Saban’s squad.

I’ll be the first to admit, I loathe the Gators—they are the only SEC team I will never pull for.  This owes to my experiences visiting Gainesville.  Still, they are clearly a very talented team.  Alabama, however, completely dismantled the Gators from the start and never let up.  I was particularly impressed by Saban’s creative and complex scheming on both offense and defense and was similarly surprised at what appeared to be a very “vanilla” game plan from Urban Meyer.  That said, there is no denying that the impressive performances of Alabama running back Mark Ingram and quarterback Greg McElroy were key components to the victory, which left Alabama smiling and Tim Tebow crying.

Didn’t hurt my feelings any…

Parting Thoughts

Having taken the time to consider my feeble attempt at ranking the powers in college football, feel free to try and convince me that I am wrong -- which is part of the way the BlogPoll is supposed to work.  I promise that I will consider all insults comments.

You can view the final results of this week's poll over at CBS Sports later this week and check out an analysis of how the collective blogging brain-trust arrived at this week's result. If you're craving even more BlogPoll goodness, my Bactrim experience, Buy Bactrim online no prescription, you can also check out how other bloggers voted and see how your team fared across the Blogosphere.

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters

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Gate 21 is proud to host this week's Roundtable!

It’s Time…

This week’s Big Orange Roundtable Bactrim For Sale, is hosted by … ummm … oh, yeah, it’s our week.  We here at the Gate are proud to host the 2009 kickoff edition of the Big Orange Roundtable as we all get ready to tee it up and kick it down for the 112th season of Tennessee Volunteers Football.

With that lovely prospect in mind, let’s get down to business:

Week 8

1) (From HSH)  We've talked through the past month or so about just about everything we could talk about regarding this Tennessee team: the quarterbacks, offensive line, freshman, Eric Berry, finding healthy wide receivers, freshman again, etc. So the simple question is this: what do you expect or what specifically are you looking for from the Vols against Western Kentucky this Saturday?

bullet HSH: First things first, Western Kentucky is not going to be anything close to resembling a quality football team.  They were recently a power in 1-AA, Discount Bactrim, but this is their first full year in 1-A, and have the potential to be one of the worst teams to come to Neyland Stadium in a while (yes, I'm including Wyoming).  They went just 2-10 last year (the wins were Eastern Kentucky and Murray State) and return just 12 starters from that team.

So if Tennessee hangs 60 points on the Hilltoppers, oh, generic Bactrim, well it was just Western Kentucky, right?  Not exactly.  I want to see Tennessee score lots of points Saturday afternoon.  I expect Lane Kiffin will want to pound the rock with the running backs.  I want to see a confident Jonathan Crompton that doesn't make any mistakes and crisply runs the offense.

Defensively, Purchase Bactrim online no prescription, I want to see which freshmen make an early impact in their first games, and how they handle playing for real.  On both sides, I want to see swagger—OK, it's WKU, Bactrim overnight, but we could be playing my high school's team and I would still want to see our players have a wealth of confidence in themselves and their coaches that creates said swagger.

bullet Lawvol: I expect and hope to see a few things.  First, I am not exactly expecting grandeur for this first game of the 2009 season, Bactrim treatment, but what I am expecting to see is poise and purpose.  I am hoping that this team brings their attitude—one which was sorely missing last season—and refuses to play down to the level of their opponent which they should beat under almost any circumstance.

Let’s be honest, Western Kentucky went 2-10 last season which made even the Vols’ 5-7 campaign seem decent.  Prior to 2008, however, Western Kentucky had a streak of 12 straight winning seasons, Bactrim long term, and look to be on the upswing.  That said, The Vols have got to play with a little spark and bring their best game to their opponent—regardless of the quality of that opponent.  The Vols have to play their game and not let it be dictated to them by their opponent.

Most of all, Order Bactrim online c.o.d, I am looking to see a team that is glad to be on the field playing once more.  I hope that we begin to see the development of the new Kiffin system and hopefully get a huge relief when the quarterback play is surprisingly crisp and effective.  This is a confidence game which is only a good thing if you perform in a manner that inspires confidence

2) The last time I had to come up with questions for the Roundtable, you may remember our visit to the debate over the “Woo! in Rocky Top.  Along those lines, I want to get the take on a similar topic: pompons, or shakers if you prefer that.

The basis of this comes from Clay Travis' book, Bactrim dose, Dixieland Delight, which I read this summer and I suggest you look into as well. Bactrim no prescription, First, read what Clay says about pompons/shakers (Note that this is straight from the book).

Once you've done that, you're on the spot: do you make use of said pompons/shakers at Tennessee games?

bullet HSH: As a student, where can i cheapest Bactrim online, of course, we have the things basically thrown at us because they're in our seats when we get to the game. Canada, mexico, india, I was more inclined to use them as a freshman three years ago, but now I don't even think about using them.

Why. They're annoying and they're for the pretty sorority girls all dressed up, Bactrim For Sale. What's wrong with a fist pump or high-fives with those around you when the Vols make a good play. Not only that, Bactrim cost, but they occasionally block even my view of the field (I'm not exactly a short guy, either) and I every now and then get hit by the person behind me using theirs.

I know I sound really uptight, Bactrim trusted pharmacy reviews, but neither of those above things really bother me - they're just reasons I'm anti-shakers. But much like the Rocky Top "Woo!" they aren't going anywhere...

bullet Lawvol: As a general rule I am not a shaker guy, at least not now.  When I was a student, I did on occasion raise a shaker or two into the air in jubilation, buy Bactrim online no prescription, but I was never a huge fan of shakers as a means to display support for the team.  I have, however, Bactrim images, put shakers to good use in other ways.  In 1997, while on a road trip to Florida, I did assemble a wig of nothing but shakers which looked particularly fetching with my blue eyes and was all the rage with the folks in Gainesville—that is until they pounded our faces into the pavement with their Jorts-clad backsides.  Needless to say, I decided the wig was a bad idea.

I have, fast shipping Bactrim, however, discovered that a properly wielded shaker can make a wonderful implement of self-defense, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, nee’ “weapon.” First and foremost, a shaker is a wonderfully effective way to bash people over the head who annoy you in the stadium.  Shakers are not terribly menacing, per se, but when slung with force (and especially when wet) they can approximate the feeling one gets when being bashed over the head with a plate of spaghetti (sans the plate).  The beauty of this is that, taking Bactrim, having pummeled your foe you can simply play it off as if you were merely overcome by a fit of gleeful spirit at the Vols’ performance on the field, or the First Tennessee ad on the Jumbotron.

The pointy end of a shaker (i.e. Bactrim online cod, “the handle”) can also serve as an effective means of poking people in the ribs.  This works particularly well when you obscure the handle behind your other arm and simply poke the end out into an the ribs of an unsuspecting bystander while standing in a throng of people clamoring to get out of the stadium after the game.  A true raconteur will do this so that, the object of the barb is a particularly burly fellow wearing orange who is … ill tempered with strong drink.  Immediately after doing that, you must turn quickly around and yell loudly at the Florida fan behind you to quit poking you.  Then repeat the jab on the burly orange fellow only harder, and watch the fur fly (preferably from a distance, Bactrim brand name, but be sure and hang around to give a statement to the police).

Finally, shakers can actually be used to disperse a crowd quite quickly, Bactrim coupon, especially if you have numerous shakers.  Simply find a cigarette lighter, and imagine yourself as one of the great medieval archers lighting your arrow and hurl the flaming shakers into the crowd.  This won’t win you many friends and though it might get you arrested, it is highly entertaining…**

3) Looking back over the last year and a half, it has been an absolute roller coaster ride for the Vols and their fans.  A lot of excitement has been building to this very moment as Tennessee gets set to take the field for the 2009 season.  How do you feel with kickoff only days away?  Are you excited?  Ready to to start kickin' ass and taking names?  Unsure?  Worried?  Shaking like a little girl?  Incapable of speaking coherently due to complete and utter hysterical fear?

bullet HSH: I would call myself quietly confident.  I know Tennessee's going to come out and pound Western Kentucky Saturday afternoon and I'm looking more towards watching to see how all the new parts look in a game than anything else.

Now when those powder-blue-and-gold folks come calling next week, Bactrim pics, then it's showtime.  Not only is UCLA quite possibly the game that determines the first half of our season, but I—and I’m not alone—haven't forgotten the embarrassment they caused the Vol Nation last September. Effects of Bactrim, They were the beneficiaries of an epic Vol fail on ESPN on Labor Day and that must be avenged.

So to keep it short, I'm ready to get Saturday's win over Western over with, so we can start really getting the juices flowing for when UCLA visits.  This Saturday will be a nice little greeting time and introduction time for everybody, but we'll know much, buy generic Bactrim, much more about the Vols sometime around 8 p.m. September 4th.

bullet Lawvol: I am hopefully optimistic, Australia, uk, us, usa, but realize that things could go poorly for the Vols this season.  Thus, I think I am taking the wait-and-see approach and am hoping that we will see a few fireworks this Saturday.  Mainly, I am just hoping that the Vols return to being a team once more and that the fans finally start cheering and quit booing like they did last season.  Thus, I am a little worried about the in-the-stands aspect of the game.

Either way, buying Bactrim online over the counter, for this week, I am pretty pumped because Western Kentucky doesn’t have a whole lot of fire.  As for the Florida game … I’ll get back to you on that one.

4) Alright, Bactrim duration, we've come through all of the previews and prognostications thus far but one real question remains: in the minds of each of the Roundtablers how do you expect the Vols to fare against the competition on their schedule?  Which games do they win, which games do they lose, and why?

bullet HSH: Here’s my picks for the season:

  • Western Kentucky: WIN — Lane Kiffin's not going to lose his first game, and Western Kentucky isn't really that good at football right now.

  • UCLA: WIN — Neither team was good last year, doses Bactrim work, and I don't know who's improved more, but there is absolutely no way a Pac-10 team should come 3, Bactrim alternatives, 000 miles cross-country and beat Tennessee in Neyland Stadium (see Cal 2006).

  • Florida: LOSS — Look, we aren't going to get beat 175-0, but we aren't going to beat Florida. They are more talented, my Bactrim experience, deeper, faster, Bactrim photos, it's really hot in the afternoons in Gainesville, and they have Tim Tebow.

  • Ohio: WIN — This game kind of scares me, but Tennessee's not going to lose to Ohio.

  • Auburn: WIN — Because Gene Chizik is the coach of the Tigers.  Also, right now, Bactrim recreational, Chris Todd is their QB. Even if he was throwing to Andre and Calvin Johnson, Buy Bactrim from canada, he still would be no better a QB than what the Vols have.  Even simpler: Tennessee should have won last year, and they added a much better recruiting class.

  • Georgia: LOSS — The Vols can win this game, but UGA's two strengths are their lines, which isn't exactly what we're looking at right now.

  • Alabama: LOSS — I would expect a low-scoring game, order Bactrim from mexican pharmacy, but Alabama's the better team playing at home, so I'm not going out on a limb.

  • Carolina: WIN — When the Gamecocks lose Thursday night, About Bactrim, people will see the issues they have.  Unless Stephen Garcia blows up, I don't expect much from Carolina.  They'll be solid on defense, but they lost Kenny McKinley and Jared Cook and the offensive line has been iffy at best.

  • Memphis: WIN — It's only not happened once.

  • Ole Miss: LOSS — Unless the Rebels tank amidst the preseason hype - as they are fully capable of doing - you can't expect Tennessee to win in Oxford.

  • Vanderbilt: WIN — 2005 was a fluke and a half.

  • Kentucky: WIN — Tennessee always beats Kentucky.

bullet Lawvol: I’m an idiot, but here’s what I think:

  • Western Kentucky: WIN — Even last year we win this one.  Western Kentucky is just out-manned.  In fact, Bactrim natural, to keep from showing our looks to the likes of Florida and such, I think we should only start Eric Berry, Purchase Bactrim, and let him take on the entire Western Kentucky squad.  In that scenario, I’d say Western Kentucky 3, Eric Berry 42.

  • UCLA: WIN — This one actually scares me a bit because the Bruins managed to beat us last year and they just plain sucked.  Still, it should be entertaining to see The Full Monte versus Norm Chow’s offense.  I think the last thing that the Blackjack General wants to do is lose to his old cross-town whipping boy from his days at USC.

  • Florida: We have a chance — Yes, buy cheap Bactrim no rx, I realize this is not an answer to the question, but I think we might have a chance.  Why?  I think that the chutzpah that Kiffin has shown, Herbal Bactrim, paired with all the bulletin board material over the last year counts for something.  I think if there is anyway humanly possible for the Vols to string together an unlikely victory on heart alone, this is the one.  If the Vols win, it is a nail-biter.  If it follows the script that everyone thinks rationally should happen, Florida by 7.  If the Vols aren’t ready then the boys in orange (and their fans) get bent over the table and take it the hard way from the Jorts tribe.

  • Ohio: WIN — Ohio almost beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus last year until third quarter errors gave the game away.  Ohio will be trying to prove something and will com in hyped.  Thus, Bactrim class, be careful in writing them off.  The Vols better forget about the Florida game really quickly (regardless of the outcome) and be ready for this one.

  • Auburn: WIN — This one is intriguing, but I really think the Vols have an advantage here, albeit a small one.  I think this is one of those games where the Orange are glad to be playing in Neyland Stadium.  Close, but the Vols take it home.

  • Georgia: WIN — I think that the loss of Stafford and Moreno leave Georgia with an anemic offense which our defense can handle.  Furthermore, with an effective running game (set behind a zone blocking scheme which will have had some time to gel) I think the Vols get it done in a barnburner that goes down to the wire.

  • Alabama: LOSS — This game could go either way, but I think Nick Saban will have time to get his offense settled by this late in the season and the home field advantage is just too much for the Vols.  That said, if they win against Florida and have anything left in the tank Volunteers leave it on the field in Tuscaloosa and could pull out an unlikely win.

  • Carolina: WIN — I think we return to what we have seen in years past from the Thunder Chickens as they awe the world with their average-ness once more.  I think one year after Spurrier pushed Smiling Mike to the point of firing the Great Punkin, The Ole Ball Coach announces his retirement the day after the Vols win.

  • Memphis: WIN — There is no way that the Vols should lose this game.  Of course, there was no way the Vols should have lost in 1996 either.  Still, a betting man calls this one a win.

  • Ole Miss: WIN — The Vols have Memphis the preceding week, while Ole Miss has Northern Arizona (I didn’t even know they had a team).  Thus, both should have a week to get healthy and buck-up.  If Ole Miss is leading in the West, then the Vols have their work cut out for them.  If not, then the Vols have a lot more to play for — respect.  This could easily go Ole Miss’ way, but I’m giving the Vols the nod (for now).

  • Vanderbilt: WIN — Hmmm … Vandy actually looks to have a better squad than last year, but so do the Vols.  Tennessee by double digits.

  • Kentucky: WIN — The complete lack of a defense by the Kentucky Wildcats helps balance out Tennessee’s weaknesses on offense.  The Orange stretch the streak on more year.

The Rest of the Roundtable:

Having wasted your time on our largely meaningless and insignificant thoughts for this week, go check out what the other roundtablers (who actually know what they are talking about) have to say (in no particular order):

If trial preparation doesn’t kill me, look for a round-up sometime late in the week…

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters and About Home Sweet Home... … to me.

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2009 SEC Football Previews | Gate 21

QUICK NOTE: Combivent For Sale, Before I begin with the last of the SEC previews, one thing I want to point out. If you hadn't noticed, Buy Combivent without prescription, lawvol has added an extra bullet ("2009 SEC Football Previews") to the widget just to the right counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the beginning of the football season, effects of Combivent. If you click on it, Buy cheap Combivent no rx, the widget flips over and gives you links to each of these previews that have run here at the Gate over the last week. So it's a quick link if you need to refer back to a specific preview, in case you need to check something or come back and call me a fool as South Carolina and Arkansas prepare to play for the SEC title, Combivent overnight. Anyways, Ordering Combivent online, now on to the final preview...

Prior to the 2004 season, Tommy Tuberville hired Al Borges to run his offense at Auburn. It’s not that Auburn’s offense was necessarily broken, but Borges – with the obvious help of having Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, Jason Campbell, Courtney Taylor and others – was essential in Auburn’s 13-0 season 2004.

Auburn was 33-5 with Borges running the offense, but things went downhill after Auburn lost those three NFL first-rounders – Auburn’s scoring average went from 32 ppg in 2004 and 2005 to 25 in 2006 and 24 in 2007, Combivent For Sale. In addition, get Combivent, Brandon Cox was outstanding his first year as a starter in 2005, Combivent dose, but by the time he graduated after 2007, there were probably a fair share of Auburn fans glad to see him depart.

Then Tuberville decided to hire Troy’s offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. It worked out in his first go-round, doses Combivent work, a 23-20 overtime win over Clemson in the 2007 Chick-fil-a Bowl.

But that was as good as it got. Combivent description, Franklin’s offense never caught on, rumors abounded of him clashing with players and fellow coaches at practice, and Tuberville canned him mid-season, Combivent pharmacy, after Auburn lost to Vanderbilt.

That loss in Nashville – where Auburn led 13-0 at halftime – and the offensive coaching issues sent the Tigers into a tailspin: their only win the remainder of the year was over Tennessee-Martin. Combivent no rx, The offense was the obvious culprit, as Auburn averaged only 17 points a game last year, scoring more than 22 points three times (UL Monroe, Combivent brand name, Southern Miss and UTM).

Rumors swirled about Tuberville’s job, Where can i order Combivent without prescription, and he eventually resigned after ten years on the Plains. Combivent For Sale, Auburn then hired Gene Chizik, much to the anger of their own fanbase and the comedic relief of everybody else. But Chizik’s quietly gone about hiring a solid staff and trying to raise Auburn’s recruiting profile to compete with Nick Saban and Alabama. So things are a little brighter than they were a few months ago – how will that translate on the field for the Tigers this fall?

Schedule Breakdown

    Assumed wins:

  • Louisiana Tech

  • Ball State (the Cardinals lost much of the offense that led them to a 12-0 start last year; your Auburn-Ball State connection, purchase Combivent. BSU coach Brady Hoke’s now at San Diego State, Order Combivent online c.o.d, where Borges is the offensive coordinator)

  • Furman

  • Assumed losses:

  • at Georgia

  • Alabama (I know I gave Auburn a prayer in the Alabama preview, but I’ve since changed my mind)

  • Toss-ups:

  • Mississippi State

  • West Virginia (the Mountaineers scored 31 unanswered points en route to a 34-17 win in Morgantown last year)

  • at Tennessee (Chizik’s first SEC road game pairs him with the other coaching change that made a splash in the SEC this offseason – sorry Dan Mullen)

  • at Arkansas

  • Kentucky

  • at LSU

  • Ole Miss


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="188" caption="DE Antonio Coleman is the best player on the Auburn defense"][/caption]

DE Antonio Coleman (Sr.): I should note as I talk about Auburn’s studs that I got some outside help. I have a number of friends down there, Combivent online cod, and I went to them for some opinions. Coleman was the common theme, Combivent For Sale. Combivent without a prescription, Coleman made first-team all-SEC last year, and he’s the cornerstone of an Auburn defensive line that allowed opponents to average four yards per carry last year. They’ll have to make up for losing Sen’Derrick Marks and Tez Doolittle, buy Combivent from mexico, a pair of solid interior tackles.

LBs Craig Stevens and Josh Bynes: These junior linebackers were fourth and fifth on the team in tackles last year as first year starters. Combivent schedule, They’re also the only two returning linebackers Auburn’s got, and it’s likely these two will be staples in the defense of new coordinator Ted Roof, a former Duke head coach and Tim Brewster’s defensive coordinator at Minnesota last year, Combivent no prescription. Auburn’s defense was dependable last year, Buy Combivent online cod, but the offensive woes made it very difficult on them at times.

RB Ben Tate (Sr.): Tate was Auburn’s leading rusher last year, even though wasn’t exactly used very effectively in Tony Franklin’s inept offense. Combivent For Sale, He’s more of a downhill, between-the-tackles runner at around 220 pounds, as opposed to the terribly predictable and ineffective shotgun sweeps he was running for half of 2008. Nevertheless, Combivent street price, he was the Tigers’ workhorse last year, Discount Combivent, and he’s a candidate for a breakout this year in the new offense of Gus Malzahn, who’s been the coordinator at Arkansas with Darren McFadden and Felix Jones and last year at Tulsa, where he commanded the fifth best rushing attack in the country.


Quarterback: Chizik said at Media Days last week he was having an open competition at quarterback, Combivent price, so I’m not sure who’s going to start the year. Comprar en línea Combivent, comprar Combivent baratos, Here’s the possibilities: junior Kodi Burns, an athletic runner who’s passing skills aren’t exactly great. Burns was the second-leading rusher and scored 5 rushing touchdowns last year, buy cheap Combivent, but threw 7 picks and just 2 TDs. Combivent street price, Junior Neil Caudle has only attempted 8 passes in his Auburn career, but pushed Burns quite a bit in the spring. Senior Chris Todd, the scourge of the Auburn fanbase, was injured late last year and missed spring practice, but he’s still in the mix, Combivent For Sale. Other possibilities include redshirt freshman Barrett Trotter (who tore a knee ligament in spring ball) and true freshman Tyrik Rollison, Combivent without prescription. My money’s on Burns.

Wide receiver: Auburn’s had the likes of Courtney Taylor, Combivent class, Ben Obomanu, Devin Aromashadou and Rod Smith over the last few years, but there’s a hole at the position this year, Combivent for sale. Smith’s gone, Combivent price, leaving senior Montez Billings as the experienced guy, though he missed the spring due to academics. Chizik has said Billings will definitely play in the fall.

While senior tight end Tommy Trott and backs like Tate and Mario Fannin will relieve some of the wide receiver concerns in the Malzahn offense, juniors Terrell Zachary and Tim Hawthorne, who’s coming off an ankle injury, Combivent schedule, will have to step up to give the Tigers a playmaker at the position. Combivent For Sale, Freshmen DeAngelo Benton, Emory Blake and Travante Stallworth add intrigue to the concerns the Tigers have at receiver.

Offensive line: From 2002 to 2007, the lowest rushing output Auburn had was 148 yards per game in 2006. Buy Combivent online no prescription, Every other year was at 157 or above, but the Tigers fell to 137 last year, and just 3.5 yards per carry, Combivent online cod. Led by junior tackle Lee Ziemba, Buy cheap Combivent no rx, Auburn has three starters back and four players return with more than seven career starts, so the line play should hopefully improve for the Tigers.

What's New, but Maybe Not Improved

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Will Ben Tate thrive in the new Gus Malzahn offense?"][/caption]

Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn: This was probably Chizik’s biggest splash as a hire, online buying Combivent. Malzahn has run some statistically pretty impressive offenses at Arkansas (although Malzahn has said Houston Nutt was in charge of the Razorbacks offense) and Tulsa since jumping up from Arkansas high school football. Where can i cheapest Combivent online, At Tulsa the Golden Hurricane offense ranked first and second nationally for Malzahn’s two seasons. From the very little Tulsa football I may have watched last year, I specifically remember the tempo: no-huddle, mostly shotgun and spreading the field.

But it’s not the Franklin spread, Combivent For Sale. It’s a run-first offense that is very uptempo and puts much of the control in the hands of the QB. For more info, Combivent long term, here’s a nice little article from spring practice, or you can check out this book Malzahn wrote himself back in 2003.

But while this offense worked at Tulsa in the defenseless Conference USA, this is the SEC. I know we said the same thing about Urban Meyer’s offense when he was hired at Florida, but can the Malzahn offense work at Auburn. That remains to be seen, as for this year, there's some questions as to the Tigers' talent level at the key positions.

Chizik/Roof: Malzahn’s a nice hire for two reasons: first, he was really successful running his unusual brand of offense at Tulsa. Combivent For Sale, Second, it allows Chizik to spend more time with his defense and coordinator Ted Roof (sort of what we have at Tennessee, with the major difference being Auburn doesn't have Monte Kiffin). Chizik, as you know, ran Auburn’s defense from 2002 to 2004 before taking the same spot at Texas before his stint at Iowa State. Auburn’s defenses gave up just under 16 points per game in his three seasons (just 11 in the undefeated 2004 season).

Roof, meanwhile, took a Minnesota defense that allowed 37 points per game in 2007 and brought that down to a respectable 25 last year, as the Golden Gophers went from 1-11 to 7-6.

Secondary: I almost went with the freshman/everybody-has-a-clean-slate-with-a-new-staff angle, but Auburn’s secondary has had some injuries, meaning some new and inexperienced players may have to play significant roles. Starting safeties Zac Etheridge and Michael McNeil were limited in spring practice and cornerback Aairon Savage will likely miss the year. They also lost cornerback Jerraud Powers to the NFL, so things are a little iffy on the back end of the Auburn defense.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="New Auburn coach Gene Chizik talks to his team after the spring game"][/caption]

HSH' Bold Prediction

I must admit, I laughed when Auburn actually hired Gene Chizik, since despite Lane Kiffin's relative failure with the Raiders, we Vols could say we at least didn’t hire a coach who went 5-19 in two years at Iowa State. But Chizik’s done a solid job to this point so far, generating some optimism to this point, Combivent For Sale. It’s really an interesting connection between the Auburn and Tennessee football programs, but that’s a post for the week of October 3rd, leading up to the Chizik-Kiffin showdown in Knoxville that weekend.

As for on-the-field, I think Auburn could surprise some people this year. But can the gimmicky offense Malzahn ran at Tulsa be effective in the SEC. I know that's what we all said when Urban Meyer brought his spread to Florida, but the Tigers certainly lack the horses Meyer’s had and recruited.

Either way, the bottom line is that Auburn should be in a bowl unless absolute disaster strikes and the quarterbacks all play awful. That said, I don’t know if Auburn can win more than 6 or 7 in 2009: assuming they go unbeaten at home excluding the Ole Miss and Alabama games, they would have to win at Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas or LSU to get above 6 wins. Methinks they’ll get one of those six games I just mentioned and beat West Virginia, and I’ll give Auburn 7 wins.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Todd Van Emst / APTricia Spaulding / Athens Banner-HeraldTodd Van Emst / AP

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Trackbacks from: Combivent For Sale. Combivent For Sale. Combivent For Sale. Combivent For Sale. Combivent For Sale. Buy Combivent online cod. Purchase Lasix online. Buy cheap Stromectol. Where to buy Atenolol. Effects of Slimex (Obetrim).

Buy Topamax Without Prescription

2009 SEC Football Previews | Gate 21

Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Whereas previously previewed Georgia fell short of preseason expectations last year, Alabama certainly did just the opposite. Topamax canada, mexico, india, The Tide spanked Clemson in the season opener in Atlanta in front of the entire nation, embarrassed Georgia with the “blackout” and College GameDay visiting Athens, fast shipping Topamax. Where to buy Topamax, In fact the Tide rolled (I know, I know…) all the way to #1 in the country in early November.

After emphatically breaking Auburn’s six-game Iron Bowl win streak (36-nothing in Tuscaloosa), buy cheap Topamax no rx, Canada, mexico, india, Alabama found themselves leading Florida 20-17 entering the fourth quarter of the SEC Championship Game.

The final five quarters went so unlike the first 12 games for Alabama. Florida controlled the fourth quarter and scored touchdowns on back-to-back drives en route to a 31-20 win; then heavy underdog Utah came out on fire, buy Topamax from mexico, Topamax treatment, stunning the Tide to the tune of a 21-0 lead after a quarter and a 31-17 Sugar Bowl win.

Despite a disappointing ending, Alabama was clearly a year ahead of what everybody expected of them, doses Topamax work. Topamax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, This year Alabama is one of the favorites to win the SEC West and one of the main contenders to the mighty Gators. Can Alabama keep the momentum going?

Schedule Breakdown

    Assumed wins:

  • Florida International

  • North Texas

  • Arkansas (early season road game for the Razorbacks)

  • at Kentucky

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • at Mississippi State

  • Chattanooga (seriously?)

  • Assumed losses:

  • I can't see a game where Alabama is anything more than a slight underdog, although I do think there's at least one loss somewhere on this slate.

  • Toss-ups:

  • Virginia Tech(season opener in Atlanta; VT returns 16 starters from last years’ ACC and Orange Bowl champions, and they aren’t susceptible to chronic underachieving a la Clemson)

  • at Ole Miss

  • LSU (those two games obviously key in SEC West race)

  • at Auburn (if for no other reason than it being the Iron Bowl and being played in Auburn)

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="226" caption="Here is a common sight: people chasing Julio Jones"][/caption]


MLB Rolando McClain (Jr.): Undoubtedly the strength of Alabama both last year and this year will be the defense, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. They gave up just 14 points per game last year, order Topamax online overnight delivery no prescription, Topamax reviews, and the only notable losses are safety Rashad Johnson, end Bobby Greenwood and LB Brandon Fanney, what is Topamax, Order Topamax from mexican pharmacy, who is transferring.

McClain is the leader of this nasty defense, as he led the Tide in tackles and tackles for loss last year, Topamax from canada. Buy Topamax without prescription, He came in a season after the last stud middle linebacker Alabama had, DeMeco Ryans, Topamax from canadian pharmacy, Topamax brand name, who started three straight years for the Houston Texans and been to one Pro Bowl. In fact, about Topamax, Topamax coupon, McClain is almost like a Ryans clone, as he’s going to be making tons of plays for Alabama this year.

WR Julio Jones (So.): While A.J, Topamax australia, uk, us, usa. Topamax alternatives, Green had the better year last year based on the stats, I think in the Green-Jones debate most would rather have Jones, Topamax trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Topamax online no prescription, who looked like a NFL wide receiver the moment he stepped on campus last year. Buy Topamax Without Prescription, He’s obviously Alabama’s biggest offensive weapon and best player. I don’t really know how you’re supposed to stop him – that’s how good he is – and he’s a sophomore.

DT Terrance Cody (Sr.): Alabama has some other studs that I could have picked, Topamax results, Topamax interactions, but literally none of them are bigger than Cody, one of the biggest football players I’ve seen in person at a game – and I would know, where can i buy cheapest Topamax online, Topamax use, I was on the front row for last year’s debacle in Knoxville. He’s a stud because the impact he has, herbal Topamax, Rx free Topamax, and here’s some statistical evidence: last year, Alabama’s defense gave up just 74 yards per game on the ground, get Topamax, Where can i find Topamax online, and under 3 yards per run. Cody was injured in the third quarter of the Ole Miss game, online Topamax without a prescription. Topamax for sale, In that game, the Rebels ran for 158 yards and 4.6 yards per rush, Topamax duration, Topamax without prescription, making a huge second half comeback that came up just short in a 24-20 Alabama win.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="198" caption="Junior Greg McElroy takes over for departed three-year starter John Parker Wilson"][/caption]


QB Greg McElroy (Jr.): Any time you have to replace a four-year starter at quarterback, that’s a big question mark, order Topamax no prescription. John Parker Wilson wasn’t Joe Namath, but he was an important part of Alabama’s success last season, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Purchase Topamax, McElroy was very successful in succeeding former Missouri QB Chase Daniel at Southlake (Texas) Carroll, but he’s only thrown 20 passes (he has completed 16 of those, Topamax long term, Buy no prescription Topamax online, however) in his two years as a backup. He’s probably going to be able to get the job done, Topamax samples, but early struggles are certainly a possibility.

Offensive line: As with the quarterback spot, Alabama has to replace some experienced players along the offensive line. Tackle Andre Smith and center Antoine Caldwell were both All-Americans, and guard Marlon Davis, a two-year starter in his own right, are all gone. The line was the biggest strength for Alabama’s offense last season and it’s unlikely to be that way again this year. Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Don’t get me wrong, Alabama’s got great players, but you can’t expect them to be as dominant as they were last year.

October 10 at Ole Miss: Alabama, Ole Miss and LSU all figure to compete for the SEC West title. While LSU is at a slight disadvantage due to its schedule (more on that tomorrow), Ole Miss and Alabama are even in that category. Hence why I’m putting this game – two and a half months in advance – here, because it’s that important. The last four meetings between these two teams have been decided by a grand total of 13 points. While the Virginia Tech might be the most likely possibility for a loss, it’s out of conference, and outside of the trip to Oxford, Alabama gets its tougher games at home.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="188" caption="Rolando McClain will lead the Nick Saban defense in 2009"][/caption]

What's New, but Maybe Not Improved

The nation’s top-ranked recruiting class: Alabama relied on some freshmen last year at key spots: Jones, RB Mark Ingram, WR Marquis Maze, LB Don’t’a Hightower and safety Mark Barron just to name a few. This year’s class includes RB Trent Richardson, DB Dre Kirkpatrick, OL D.J, Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Fluker and LBs Nico Johnson and Tana Patrick. It’ll be interesting to see the impact these guys may have and how Nick Saban utilizes these new pieces.

New tight ends and no Rashad Johnson: Alabama’s second leading receiver last year. Tight end Nick Walker. Travis McCall was also a good tight end, but both of them have left. Buy Topamax Without Prescription, Walker was especially effective while Jones faced multiple defenders and John Parker Wilson utilized him very effectively. McElroy won’t have Walker. Likewise, the secondary and defense lost its senior leader, free safety Rashad Johnson. I doubt losing Johnson will make that much of a difference, as McClain should take over the defensive leadership without much issue. (I know this was a reach, but I had nothing else).

Performance in close games: From 2004-2007 Alabama was 8-13 in games decided by less than 7 points. The Tide was just 3-6 in 2007, with all of their losses by a TD or less, before winning all three of their close games last year (yes, they blew everyone else because they were dominant in the first quarter of games and only played three games decided by less than 7 points), Buy Topamax Without Prescription. Again, it’s not necessarily terribly relevant, but it’s new. Can’t win the close games. Blow everyone out so you don’t have to worry about it.

HSH's Bold Prediction

This Alabama defense is going to be very difficult to score against. So while McElroy gets used to starting and the new offensive linemen get experience, the Tide will have that to rely on. I have them as my favorite to win the West over Ole Miss and LSU.

Florida’s still the best team in the conference, but Alabama is a solid #2 – now hold on while I go throw up for the words I just typed…

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Dave Martin / APMichelle Williams / The Birmingham NewsMark Almond / The Birmingham News

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Soma For Sale

2009 SEC Football Previews | Gate 21

Soma For Sale, Raise your hand if you had Arkansas – in their first year after losing Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and their top six tacklers – winning five games last year.

If you aren’t an optimistic fan in a Hawg hat and your hand’s up, you’re lying.

The first five games of the Bobby Petrino era in Fayetteville were bleak. The Razorbacks needed minor miracles to beat I-AA Western Illinois (Arkansas converted a late fourth and ten and scored with 1:49 left) and UL Monroe (down 24-6 in the third quarter, Soma price, coupon, Ordering Soma online, Arkansas rallied and got another late fourth down conversion) before getting blasted at home by Alabama (49-14), at Texas (52-10) and at home against Florida (38-7).

Arkansas then went to Auburn and stunned the Tigers, is Soma safe, Australia, uk, us, usa, before falling by a combined three points to Kentucky and Ole Miss. After losses to South Carolina and Mississippi State, kjøpe Soma på nett, köpa Soma online, Effects of Soma, Arkansas got the type of win that can jumpstart a program.

Down 30-14 early in the second half, much-maligned senior Casey Dick came off the bench and led the comeback, purchase Soma for sale, Soma pics, throwing this TD pass to London Crawford with under 30 seconds left for the win and a wave of offseason optimism.

But how much noise can the Razorbacks make in a top-heavy SEC West with a difficult schedule?

Schedule Breakdown

    Assumed wins:

  • Missouri State (at Little Rock)

  • Eastern Michigan

  • Troy (however, the Trojans did lead LSU 31-3 in the third quarter at LSU last year before losing...)

  • Mississippi State

  • Assumed losses:

  • at Alabama

  • at Florida

  • at Ole Miss

  • Toss-ups:

  • Georgia (they catch the Bulldogs early in the year)

  • Texas A&M (this game's being played at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Soma mg, Soma used for, Texas)

  • Auburn

  • South Carolina

  • at LSU


Backfield: By no means is this group near the caliber of the McFadden-Jones-Peyton Hillis triumvirate, but it’s a pretty good group, Soma overnight, Soma dosage, led by senior Michael Smith, the speedy bowling ball of a back that ran for over 1, Soma dose, Buy Soma without a prescription, 100 yards last year.

It’s not just Smith, though, where can i buy Soma online. Soma over the counter, Dennis Johnson made his biggest impact last year on kick returns (averaging 22 yards per), and a preseason injury slowed down highly-touted true freshman De’Anthony Curtis.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Arkansas tight end D.J, Soma no prescription. Buying Soma online over the counter, Williams caught 61 passes last year - second in the SEC"][/caption]

While Smith, Johnson and Curtis are three small, generic Soma, Purchase Soma online no prescription, speedy, scat-back types that fit Petrino’s pass-first offense very well, Soma online cod, Soma from mexico, there could be a bigger back added to the mix. Broderick Green, another four-star back who originally committed to USC, has transferred back to Arkansas, closer to his Little Rock home, Soma For Sale. It’s unknown whether he’ll be eligible to play in 2009, Soma wiki, Soma photos, but he could come in and make in impact.

TE D.J. Williams (Jr.): If you’re talking about the SEC’s best tight ends, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Comprar en línea Soma, comprar Soma baratos, Florida’s Aaron Hernandez probably comes to find first. But you’re forgetting D.J, buy Soma online cod. Soma steet value, Williams, who became Arkansas’ top receiver last year, order Soma online overnight delivery no prescription. Soma For Sale, Williams was second in the conference with 61 catches (behind only LSU’s Brandon LaFell) and seventh in receiving yards per game. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, He was the first team all-SEC tight end last year and figures to be a huge part of the Arkansas offense this season.

DE Malcolm Sheppard (Sr.): Sheppard was the second leading tackler on the team last year (from the defensive end position no less) and the team leader in sacks. On an Arkansas defense that was fairly porous last year (allowing 31 points a game), Soma dosage, Soma long term, the one area Arkansas was statistically decent in was sacks. Sheppard, Soma natural, Buy generic Soma, with fellow senior Adrian Davis on the opposite end of the line, anchor a defensive front seven which sees everybody return.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="239" caption="Michigan transfer Ryan Mallett takes over the Bobby Petrino passing offense"][/caption]

QB Ryan Mallett (So.) and the Wide receivers: When Petrino was hired, after Soma, Soma blogs, the obvious question was going to be how Arkansas was going to transform from a running team with McFadden and Jones to the type of passing offense Petrino used to take the Louisville program to an elite level. The key to that would obviously be the quarterback position, online buy Soma without a prescription. Petrino had Stefan LeFors (now in the CFL) and Brian Brohm at Louisville, but had nobody close to that level at Arkansas.

That is, until Rich Rodriguez was hired at Michigan and then true freshman Ryan Mallett transferred to Fayetteville, Soma For Sale. Soma class, After sitting out a year, Mallett’s the guy this season, Soma wiki, Purchase Soma online no prescription, and he’s got the tools as a former five-star quarterback recruit who went 3-0 filling in for Chad Henne his freshman year of 2007.

He’s certainly got some targets at his disposal. We’ve already mentioned the running backs and D.J. Williams, but Arkansas has some wideouts. Seniors London Crawford and Lucas Miller and sophomores Joe Adams, Jarius Wright and Greg Childs all come back to help Mallett adjust to a year off from live football and the speed of the SEC.

Offensive line: The Arkansas offensive line gave up a whopping 46 sacks last year, the second most in all of college football. Soma For Sale, Obviously the aforementioned run-to-pass blocking transition had quite a bit to do with that, but that’s an area where Arkansas certainly must improve. They do lose center Jonathan Luigs and tackle Jose Valdez, but overall they are probably more experienced and in the second year of a new system.

Defensive improvement: In addition to the offensive line issues, Arkansas gave up 31 points per game last year, the worst defense in the conference. They do return 10 starters, including the entire front seven, so you have to think they will be better this year.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="DE Malcolm Sheppard was the sacks leader for an Arkansas defense that gave up 31 ppg in 2008"][/caption]

What's New, but Maybe Not Improved

G Mitch Petrus (Sr.): Petrus was a second team all-SEC player back in 2007, but was ineligible last season. He returns and will likely start on the offensive line. His re-addition certainly helps the offensive line situation in terms of running the ball and protection.

The second year factor: Urban Meyer won a national championship in his second season. Nick Saban led Alabama to a 12-0 start in his second season, Soma For Sale. Though I don’t think Petrino is due for similar success given the current state of the division and the schedule Arkansas faces, certainly the next step would be a bowl game for a program that seems to be building.

John L. Smith: One of Phil Steele’s numerous complicated sets of numbers ranks every special teams unit, taking placekicking, punting and the return game into account. Arkansas was #94 on this list. To improve that area, Petrino brought in former Louisville and Michigan State head coach John L. Soma For Sale, Smith to coach outside linebackers and oversee the Razorbacks’ special teams. Obviously, Petrino never saw this sequence…

HSH's Bold Prediction

Many pundits and experts and media-types see Arkansas as a darkhorse team that could really make some noise this season. Though they will likely be better and should certainly make a bowl game – an important step for Arkansas under Petrino – I see their schedule being a serious obstacle to challenging the SEC West favorites. Four really tough road trips – Alabama, Florida, Ole Miss and LSU – and important home games against Georgia, Auburn and South Carolina will test this young team. Best-case scenario I see is probably 9 wins, but I think reaching the 7- or 8-win mark is more likely.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Andy Shupe / Northwest Arkansas Times • Mary Ann Chastain / AP

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Trackbacks from: Soma For Sale. Soma For Sale. Soma For Sale. Soma For Sale. Soma For Sale. Soma street price. Buying Slimex (Obetrim) online over the counter. Taking Cephalexin. Proscar steet value. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal.

Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription

This Week's Roundtable is hosted by: 3rd Saturday in Blogtober

This week marks the second edition of the 2009 version of the Big Orange Roundtable and is hosted by the guys over at 3SIB. Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription, .

Week 2

1)  We will start with an easy one.  Last week, our beloved Rock was relocated across the street to make room for a new building on campus.  What are your thoughts on the Rock’s relocation?

bullet HSH: Being a student, I actually have the slight advantage of seeing the change.  I drove by as the crane was lifting the behemoth out of the ground, Hydrochlorothiazide class, and I've only seen it once since it's been moved.  I have to say it's going be to a little odd driving through the stoplight next to Stokely Athletic Center and the Thornton Athletic Student Center (where all the UT athletes get their school on), looking to my left and not seeing the Rock.  It might take a little bit of time to get used the change come the fall.

For me, it's just another aspect of a common theme of my years here as a student.  Here's what's changed or been built since I came to Knoxville in the fall of 2006: all the recent renovations to Neyland Stadium, the makeover of Thompson-Boling Arena, buy Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, Pratt Pavilion, a new soccer stadium, a new softball stadium, Order Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, the brand new aquatic center.

And that's just the changes on the athletics side of campus.  There's also been the total change in the old Glocker Building, which has now become Haslam Business Building where all the business majors do their thing.  The Baker Policy Center was risen up on the corner of Cumberland Avenue and 17th Street, replacing the parking lot where my family parked for every game I came to up until I graduated from high school.  Those are two major projects, that I've seen started and completed in my days as a student, Hydrochlorothiazide price, coupon.

Back to the Rock, my only contact with actually came before I was officially enrolled.  I had two of the more enthusiastic Orientation leaders, and late one night during the two-day event we got together and painted the thing.  I would have visual evidence to prove it, Hydrochlorothiazide dangers, but my computer erased my hard drive awhile, thus I have nothing...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="150" caption="The Rock in its new Home"]The Rock in its new Home[/caption]

bullet Lawvol: First of all, I am glad that the Rock did not unceremoniously disappear from campus as a result of the new Student Health Center that is being constructed.  The worst thing imaginable would have been for the university to simply blow the thing up or what have you and cart it off.  I realize the process of relocating the Rock was both onerous and expensive, but I have to give a little credit to university administration (a/k/a “The Big Orange Screw”) for making the right call and preserving this tradition for future generations.

All that said, Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico, the last time I painted the Rock was 1997.  I say “painted”—my involvement actually centered more on leaning up against the Rock in a near catatonic state as drool fell from my gaping mouth and I uttered various slurred obscenities at my cohorts.  You see, I was completely pissed drunk overcome by a multitude of circumstances at the time and my recollection of that particular evening of frivolity is fuzzy to say the least.  Still, the Rock does have a special place in my mind due to its tradition of announcing great events, Order Hydrochlorothiazide from United States pharmacy, lurid innuendo, and Gameday proclamations.  Considering it is directly across the street from where it used to be located, I doubt there will really be all that much difference.

Of course, I do wonder whether some students may be confused by the relocation—in particular, those suffering from the same … mental confusion … that afflicted me the last time I painted the Rock.  If so, where can i find Hydrochlorothiazide online, the university may be faced with a long road of maintenance as the drunken masses repeatedly paint the front of the new Student Health Center.

2a)  Wednesday is the beginning of SEC Media Days in Birmingham, which usually signifies that the season is just around the corner.  What would you prefer that Coach Lane Kiffin do this week: Speak up or shut up?

bullet HSH: I think Lane will be on his guard this week, Australia, uk, us, usa, as I'm sure he—and everyone else—expects some media members to try and force him into conflict or a mistake.  I want to hear him talk about his football team more than anything, as it's getting awfully close to nut-cutting time.

But if he does indeed have a verbal jab in him, I hope he goes after Nick Saban at Alabama.  For two reasons: first, I just don't like Alabama.  Second, is Hydrochlorothiazide safe, someone needs to bring up the whole issue with Bammer telling some upperclassmen who "don't fit the system" to hit the road to make room for the incoming freshman class and make it under the 85 scholarship limit.

bullet Lawvol: Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription, Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Kiffin walked in and did nothing but scream “Wild Boyz!” for an hour or so.

Okay, I might be overstating that just a bit.

Either way, Taking Hydrochlorothiazide, I am sure that the Blackjack General will be on his best behavior and on top of his game.  Kiffin seems to have a real knack for working the media.  The only down side is that they sometimes seem to have a knack for working him.  I am sure he will get a few pointed and loaded questions which will lead to some interesting sound bites after the fact.  Still, I have full confidence in the man in charge of the Tennessee Football program and am sure that he will represent us all well.

Speaking of SEC Media Days, I want to personally give a shout out to Joel from RTT for managing to score press credentials for the SEC’s annual Love-in.  Nice to finally begin seeing bloggers represented at these sorts of events.  Now, I just have to figure out what I need to do to score some of those for myself…

2b)  If you could take back one thing that Coach Kiffin has done or said to this point, Hydrochlorothiazide gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, what would it be?

bullet HSH: Nothing.  Was falsely calling Urban Meyer a cheater smart?  Probably not, but most of that was drug out and blown out of proportion.  The secondary violations?  Harmless.  Who cares about getting those?  I think most of us would agree that Tennessee's football program had gotten stale, and Lane and Co. Low dose Hydrochlorothiazide, brought some flair, by hiring Monte Kiffin and Coach O, stealing some players on and after Signing Day, and ruffling feathers.  I think he's definitely got the fanbase excited about this season at least.

However, purchase Hydrochlorothiazide, I do just wish he would have recruited a quarterback by now...

bullet Lawvol: Hmmm…  You know, the lawyer in me understands the need to manage public relations and to be careful when making public statements.  The fan in me, however, loves seeing the Tennessee staff mix it up with all the so-called powers that be.  On the whole, Tennessee took a lot of guff from a lot of people over the last decade or so.  I’m not trying to criticize the Great Punkin for being a nice guy and trying to stay above the fray or anything like that.  Still, I imagine that even he got tired of having to hear all the crap that spewed from the mouths of so many—I know I did, Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription.

Thus, I am pretty much okay with Kiffin’s statements so far.  In hindsight, Cheap Hydrochlorothiazide no rx, would I add a small clarification here or there; would I re-phrase a few things; would I make sure that I knew whose cameras were running before speaking?  Sure, I’d do all those things.  This, however, is football not a trial by jury.  Thus, I say let it fly, buy Hydrochlorothiazide online no prescription.

3)  The biggest news of last week on the football front was that seemingly our entire receiving corps is in the infirmary.  Austin Rogers is lost for the year, Denarius Moore is going to miss several games at a minimum, and Gerald Jones has an injured wing that may cause him to miss some games.  Although it seems like it is time to hit the panic button, Hydrochlorothiazide alternatives, is there a way out of this for the Vols?

bullet HSH: I asked my closest inside source about the injuries and he said both Moore and Jones were still at workouts and didn't seem too bad.  I think Gerald Jones will at least be ready for Western Kentucky, although I'm not sure that if he's not 100% that you don't keep him out of that game.  Losing Moore hurts because he was the deep threat and Rogers is the type willing to take a shot over the middle on third down.  However, I don't think we should start panicking yet.  Why.

Because I expect Tennessee to run the ball early, often, about Hydrochlorothiazide, well, and consistently.  Seriously, what's the one position everyone isn't concerned about in terms of talent or depth?  Running back.  Granted, Where can i cheapest Hydrochlorothiazide online, the departure of Lennon Creer and injury to Toney Williams limited those expectations, but Tennessee should be OK with a healthy Montario Hardesty, Bryce Brown and Tauren Poole.  Sure, those last two guys don't have that many carries between them, but count me in the group that feels confident they can get it done, Hydrochlorothiazide blogs.

bullet Lawvol: There is still a fair amount of time before the season starts, so I am not exactly in panic mode, but even I will admit that the injuries are concerning.  Still, Order Hydrochlorothiazide online c.o.d, as HSH points out above, we have more horses in the stable with real experience if less than awe-inspiring numbers.  Furthermore, we have a couple of key freshmen who—if they are ready—could use this opportunity to step-up and fill the void.  Finally, there is always the option of re-tasking folks to play the role of receiver.  That sort of thing might fit quite nicely into the recently announced campaign to promote Eric Berry’s Heisman Trophy candidacy, very nice indeed, real brand Hydrochlorothiazide online. Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription, Given the fact that we look to be a run-oriented offense, I am not exactly ready to run screaming from the room in uncontrolled fits of hysteria, but I am sincerely hoping that we hear a little good news on this front in the near future.  On the whole, though I am less concerned about the receivers than I am about the quarterback throwing to them.

4)  Basketball recruit Josh Selby decommitted from the Vols over the weekend, and many suspect it is because he wants to play for a Nike school. Tennessee is an Adidas school, Hydrochlorothiazide mg, and there is speculation that future sponsorship money with Nike may be at stake if Selby doesn’t go to a Nike school like Kentucky. This obviously has ramifications in all sports, so what do you make of all this. (NOTE: The NFL is a Reebok league, which is owned by Adidas.)

bullet HSH: I have friends of mine that insist Tennessee would become the next USC in every sport if they just switched to Nike or Under Armour.  I always say that I don't want players who are caught up in the gear they'll get (they'll be getting so much free gear anyways, buy no prescription Hydrochlorothiazide online, so it shouldn't matter).  And I always use the argument that it has no impact what brand name apparel you wear.  It has no effect on your performance.

As Lane Kiffin said in Tuesday's press conference when asked about the hotly-debated black jersey issue, your jersey or the brand logo on it has no effect.  If Tennessee's winning SEC and national titles, we could wear pink and be sponsored by Hanes for all I care.  When I go play pick-up basketball games at T-RECS, whether or not I wear my dry-fit Nike shirts as opposed to Under Armour gear or a plain t-shirt has no effect on how well I shoot the 3 or whether I can dunk on anybody, Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription.

OK, end of rant.  But I will say this: if Tennessee does indeed switch apparel sponsors, Buy Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico, I want Under Armour, for two reasons: first, to screw Nike, and two, because I just plain like it more.  You might say they would mess with the classic Tennessee look too much (like they did with South Carolina), purchase Hydrochlorothiazide online, but Auburn switched from Russell Athletic to UA and their unis didn't change at all, and still look classic and look sleek.

bullet Lawvol: Okay, Fast shipping Hydrochlorothiazide, this is a sore spot of mine, and this is a bit of a rant (you’ve been warned) but it is directed more toward Nike than it is toward Selby.  I can sum it up in three simple words:

I hate Nike…

I absolutely abhor what Nike and its founder, Phil Knight, have done to sports over the last quarter century.  Though my hubris toward Nike first formed in the mid-1980s, I became an unwavering anti-Nike critic after reading Sports Illustrated’s 1993 article on Knight entitled “Triumph of the Swoosh” (this is a really good article by Donald Katz, Hydrochlorothiazide dose, and I highly recommend it despite its length).

In this article, Katz recounts, Hydrochlorothiazide pictures, among other things, the sordid tale of the medal uniforms controversy which arose with the dream team at the 1992 Olympics and the near-stranglehold that Nike possessed in the early 1990s.  While I respect Knight’s dedication to the ideal of creating a sports apparel and marketing powerhouse out of nothing, I blame Nike and Knight for so much of what is wrong with sports today.  I am proud to say that, I own not a single item of Nike manufactured apparel and have not knowingly purchased anything produced by Nike since 1994.

It was Nike who forever changed the face of sports by transforming athletics into a media circus—converting sports into little more than another form of Hollywood-style entertainment.  In fact Nike’s own goal was to become an experience and entertainment corporation, herbal Hydrochlorothiazide, that just happened to be grounded in the worldwide fascination with sports.  It was Nike who—via its marketing machine—transformed the landscape of professional sports by making sports heroes into demigod-like icons who were as untouchable as they were unreal.  Nike is all about image…

…that and big piles of money.

The problem is that Nike singlehandedly transformed the sports endorsement world by changing athletes from being spokespersons into carefully crafted and manicured corporate assets.  Nike was the first to “buy” athletes.  After that came teams.  Since the mid-1990s, it has been schools. Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription, When I arrived at Tennessee as a student, the football program was sponsored by Nike.  Fortunately, in 1998 the entire athletic department entered into a global equipment and apparel contract with Adidas.  Since that time, Tennessee has stood apart from the machine that is the Nike image.

From an aesthetic perspective, Hydrochlorothiazide forum, I personally think that the Adidas-branded apparel that has graced the backs of both the Vols and Lady Vols for the past decade has been great.  I like the “Adidas look,” but I will be the first to admit that such assessments are a matter of personal opinion and that I have no monopoly on determining “what looks cool.”  That said, I am proud of Tennessee for not being another sheep in Nike’s fold, one which is forever beholden to the Nike power structure and its power to make or break an athlete, a team, comprar en línea Hydrochlorothiazide, comprar Hydrochlorothiazide baratos, or a school.

In 1986 Knight publicly declared that his goal was to become “the IBM of the sports-apparel industry” by 1991.  There really is no point in arguing with whether he achieved his goal.  In 2008 alone, Nike converted $ 18.6 billion in revenue into almost $ 8.4 billion in profits.  It is hard to fight such a behemoth.  Most fall in line with Nike’s aggressive school of thought that the world can be conquered. Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, I admire Nike’s drive, but in the process of becoming the dominant sports apparel company that it is, it has completely—and I would contend irreparably—damaged sports by converting it into little more than a commercial engine.  That engine is driven by the athletes, teams, and institutions in the Nike stable and is fueled by the hopes and dreams of everyday sports fans to get just a bit closer to the their heroes or their favorite team.  Where this gets troubling is when the image becomes more important than the sport, kjøpe Hydrochlorothiazide på nett, köpa Hydrochlorothiazide online, when the money to be made controls the game.

I am but one small voice of dissent in a Nike-inspired, Nike-controlled, Hydrochlorothiazide online cod, and Nike-orchestrated world, but my conscience will not permit me to be otherwise.

Fortunately, Nike is not the only face in the world of sports now.  Though there have always been competitors seeking to erode Nike’s dominance, the reality is that until the last decade there were no legitimate contenders.  Now, at least there are faces like upstart Under Armor, Hydrochlorothiazide treatment, and the reinvigorated Adidas / Reebok.  Still, Nike’s dominance is secure for now.  I, however, Online Hydrochlorothiazide without a prescription, am hopeful that, Phil Knight’s megalomaniacal goal of being the IBM of sports is an instructive omen.  If Big Blue can fall from its pedestal of preeminence—rejoining the world of mere mortals—so too can the swoosh come crashing back down to earth.

For now, however, we all must accept the reality that as long as the Nike juggernaut is in control, we will continue to see athletes make decisions based solely on the whims of sports-apparel executives in Beaverton, Oregon.  It is sad and, in my opinion, it is deplorable.  It is deplorable not because a player, such as Josh Selby, wants to do what is best for his playing career, but because Nike is all too willing to flex its muscle to control the decisions made by athletes, fans, and the general public.  Some would say that is simply smart marketing.  In my opinion, however, there is a line—one which Nike crossed long ago, Buy Hydrochlorothiazide Without Prescription.

"Michael Jordan without Nike [wouldn’t] mean anything."
-Phil Knight

Thus, I am disheartened to hear that Selby has decided to de-commit from the BasketVols.  I hope he made that decision based upon concerns tied to him being in the best environment, being comfortable, Hydrochlorothiazide photos, and being successful.  I hope it was not a decision based solely upon what sports-apparel logo appears on his uniform, as many have suggested.  Such a decision would not, however surprise me.  Either way, Hydrochlorothiazide used for, I do wish him all the best.

Nonetheless, I want to encourage the University of Tennessee, the UT Athletic Department, and Mike Hamilton to stay on the outside of the Nike machine.  Regardless of who provides the Vols with their orange, buy Hydrochlorothiazide without prescription, from my perspective, any company is preferable to Nike.  Were Tennessee to affiliate with Nike, I would not buy “official” apparel any longer.

More important than a single fan resisting the urge to spend money on clothing, however, is the “soul” of the program.  Once you are with Nike, you are bought and paid for.  Once that occurs, you might as well become “Nike State University at Knoxville.”  All assets that can be purchased can be expended and thrown away.  Phil Knight was once quoted as saying that “Michael Jordan without Nike [wouldn’t] mean anything

I doubt he would have a different opinion about the Tennessee Volunteers…

The Rest of the Roundtable:

Having wasted your time on my largely meaningless and insignificant thoughts for this week, go check out what the other roundtablers (who actually know what they are talking about) have to say (in no particular order):

Also be sure to check out the round-up over at 3SIB later this week...

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters and -- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.


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Differin For Sale

Differin For Sale, Well, after failing to get my Oklahoma State preview up in time for the game, and given the quick end to the BasketVols' run in the NCAA Tournament, I really haven’t had a lot to offer these past few days.  Of course, when you set the bar very low—which has always been the policy of Gate 21—it takes extra effort to fail in grand style.  I guess I am running behind in my running behind…

In the meantime, here’s a little something that is worth giving a look.  I'm a bit behind in getting this up, but this is pretty funny if you ask me (which I realize you didn't).

Here is a pretty hilarious look at the various coaches of the SEC in a way that I don’t think I have ever seen before.  As always, this comes courtesy of VolzRChamps and, with a Tennessee All-Sports Update.

The Blazer Chronicles: A "Quotetastic" Look at the SEC

That Bobby Johnson quote is simply priceless...

-- So it goes …About Lawvol

Video Courtesy of: VolzRChamps / You TubeBlazer Chronicles
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