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The Screamin’ Ends…

A Little Good News from ESPN 1050 in New York …

The reign of terror is over on sports-talk radio — the powers that be have seen fit to cancel the Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN Radio.


I suppose that this decision is due — largely — to the fact that, after the first three days that “Screamin’ A.” Smith was on the radio, the average listenership for the show was 9 listeners which included:

  • Screamin’ A’s” Mother (Yell-onda A. Smith) who just had to listen to her baby boy;
  • Stephen A. himself, while he was broadcasting the show and eating Cheese Doodles because: “Quite Frankly, that guy just sounds soooooo GOOD!“;
  • John Adams of the Knoxville Snooze Slantinel who really loved the in-depth analysis and thoughtful observations on the show;
  • A Jihadist Army Leader in Afghanistan, who actually believed that “Screamin’ A.” was the voice of his commander sending orders to him in the field;
  • Michael Vick, because he could only get one radio channel inside da’ Big House;
  • A malfunctioning satellite launched by NASA in the mid-1980’s, which mistook the broadcast for the radioactive waves which follow the birth of a new star; and
  • 3 random people across the country who had wandered off from their radio before the show came on, and forgot to turn the thing off.

Good call by ESPN and ESPN Radio — “Screamin’ A.” while not dislikable, remains one of the most annoying figures in sports broadcasting.

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Image Courtesy of: ESPN

The Voice of College Sports…

I recently read a little observational piece over at Get the Picture! about legendary Georgia Bulldogs radio broadcaster Larry Munson. This article mainly referred to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution which mentioned that, due to health problems, Munson will not be attending the Atlanta Sports Awards Gala.

Larry Munson in Sanford Stadium

That brought back some memories …

Now — obviously — I am not really a Georgia fan, but I have a great deal of respect for Munson, not so much for his style or delivery, but because of what he represents. Munson, along with Mississippi State’s Jack Cristil, the Tarhead U’s Woody Durham, Duke’s Bob Harris, and Gene Deckerhoff of FSU represent the last of the great southern college radio announcers. I’m sure there may be a few more scattered across the country, but there can’t be too many more. They are, sadly, a group which is fading farther and farther into the past every year. I know that time presses on – that is hardly a revelation. The fact that millions of broadband denizens congregate in this place known as the blogsphere — a place which did not even exist a few short years ago — is testament to that. While I embrace the advance of technology and progress, along the way we do lose real tangible pieces of the past which are truly golden.

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