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2009 Big Orange Roundtable: Week 6

This Week’s Roundtable is hosted by:

Rocky Top Talk

This week’s Big Orange Roundtable is hosted by Rocky Top Talk and serves up another installment of questions burning in the minds of the orange-clad denizens who follow the Tennessee Volunteers.

In the interest of full disclosure, HSH sent me his responses to this week’s questions earlier in the week.  In theory, I was then supposed assemble a post including my answers along with his.  In theory, this sounds simple … in theory.  Reality is quite a different matter.  I have been woefully unreliable in terms of my posting of late due to my “real life,” and more specifically, my “real job.”

Thus, as a result of me being completely backed-up in preparation for an upcoming trial (a/k/a “evidence manipulation conference”) I am yet again forced to punt—at least for the moment.  This is particularly annoying considering how great the questions are this week.  Thus, for now the only answers I have to offer are those from HSH—which is probably a good thing considering that he actually knows what he’s talking about.  I will try to add in my responses later, if possible.  Until then, however, here are HSH’s thoughts for the week:

Week 6

1) Which newcomer do you expect to play the most total snaps for the Vols this fall?

bullet HSH: Well, by the looks of things, we know for sure it won’t be Bryce Brown, though he may be the best talent of the freshmen.

Though I have trouble remembering him actually being a freshman, it almost has to be Montori Hughes at defensive tackle, simply because of the lack of depth at defensive tackle and the sore, wobbly knees of senior end-turned-tackle Wes Brown.  With Brown’s knees, its almost more a question of when as opposed to if they’re going to take him out of action.  I have to take this moment to say his never-quit attitude and what he’s been saying about his situation has him rapidly climbing up my favorite 2009 Vols.

Back to Hughes, I said he doesn’t seem like a freshman because of three things: first, he’s obviously from the 2008 class out of Siegel High School in middle Tennessee, but didn’t qualify.  Secondly, he enrolled in January, so he was in for the spring, so it’s like he’s been at UT for longer than the other freshman.  Finally, it’s because he’s a very large man.  Either way, it’s clear he’s moved up to the third tackle spot, behind Williams and Brown and ahead of Victor Thomas, Rae Sykes and Marlon Walls.

But given the situation at defensive tackle behind Big Dan Williams, Hughes has to be the freshman who will see the most action.

As for the “true” freshman with the most impact, I’ll say receiver Marsalis Teague.  I went to last Thursday’s practice and last Saturday’s scrimmage, and Teague had some impressive plays.  I think Gerald Jones and Brandon Warren will be the top 2 wideouts, but Teague is my third (and Quintin Hancock fourth), given the injury to Denarius Moore.  Also, Teague seems like more a pure receiver than Nu’Keese Richardson in my opinion.

bullet Lawvol: (Long thoughtful pause followed by a longer, yet less thoughtful, sucking sound…)

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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 7

Check out the Full Poll Results at Garnet and Black Attack

SEC Power Poll | Gate 21

Week 7

Through 12 October 2008

Here’s my ballot for this week’s SEC Power Poll, along with an feeble attempt at explaining why I’m such a moron…

In all its radiant glory:






Well, considering that I have the Alabama Crimson Tide at No. 1 in my BlogPoll Ballot, it stands to reason that they will also be No. 1 in my Power Poll Ballot.

Well, it makes sense to me…



The Florida Gators absolutely dismantled the Bayou Bengals this past weekend, in precisely the way I did not predict. Shows what I know. That was not the same Florida team that beat Tennessee — The Gators look tough again.



Well, the Georgia Bulldogs handled the Vols without much difficulty this weekend — not that doing that is really something special at present. The Dawgs looked tough, but very sloppy. If they could just maintain their focus, they could be terrors.


POLL-Down 2

The Vanderbilt Commodores went out this past weekend and laid an egg. They are really going to wish they had taken care of business versus the Cowbell Clan — wins will not come easily from this point forward. Still, they are tied for the lead in the East.


POLL-Down 3

The LSU Tigers pretty much get this spot by default, since there is a huge drop-off after No. 5. After losing so convincingly this weekend versus the Gators, I wonder: is this all part of some bizarre plan on the part of “The Hat?” Well, at least the Golden Band from Tigerland won the Indiana Jones contest…



The South Carolina Gamecocks beat Kentucky on Saturday. Then arch-rival Clemson canned their coach on Monday. To top it off, it’s after 1:00am on Tuesday morning, and no one on scholarship has gotten arrested yet. Yep, it’s a pretty good week to be in Columbia.

Of course next week looks like back to “suck” as those other Tigers come to town.


POLL-Down 1

The Kentucky Wildcats have no excuse for losing to the Gamecocks. At least now they get to make up for it by pounding on Arkansas.


POLL-Down 1

I had the Auburn Tigers as my pick to win the West. The Tigers’ loss to Arkansas the week after dropping a game to Vandy makes me think that I could, just possibly, be wrong.

Apparently, Auburn has yet to figure out that you have to score points to win games.


The Ole Miss Rebels have been playing well but have struggled to find consistency. This week, however, I think they will find it — by losing to Alabama.

Still, the Rebs are far better than last year.



How the Mississippi State Bulldogs managed to beat Vanderbilt is beyond me. Still, a nice win for Coach Sly. Given the way things have been going, they have a decent shot at picking up another in Knoxville this week.

A decade ago, the Bulldogs played the Vols for the SEC Championship — how things have changed.



After the Arkansas Razorbacks beat Auburn this past weekend, Bobby Petrino has decided to leave while on top, and will be taking the Clemson job. Considering they will be changing the name of the state to “South Petrinolina” and he will be referred to as “Lord and Emperor,” do you blame him?


POLL-Down 1

Oh my! I never thought I would see the day. Despite strong improvement at Quarterback, the Tennessee Volunteers still fell short against the Dawgs. At most I see the Big Orange winning 1, maybe 2, conference games and finishing with (at best) a 5-7 record.

Lose to Miss. State this weekend, and it looks more like 3-9.

The Rest of the Power Poll

Now that you have wasted your time looking at my ballot, go check out what everybody else is saying over at Garnet and Black Attack. I’ll try to link or post the final poll results once it is released later in the week.

– Go Figure …Email lawvol

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