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This Week's Roundtable is hosted by:

Rocky Top Talk

This week’s Big Orange Roundtable is hosted by Rocky Top Talk and serves up another installment of questions burning in the minds of the orange-clad denizens who follow the Tennessee Volunteers.

Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, In the interest of full disclosure, HSH sent me his responses to this week’s questions earlier in the week.  In theory, I was then supposed assemble a post including my answers along with his.  In theory, this sounds simple … in theory.  Reality is quite a different matter.  I have been woefully unreliable in terms of my posting of late due to my “real life,” and more specifically, my “real job.”

Thus, as a result of me being completely backed-up in preparation for an upcoming trial (a/k/a “evidence manipulation conference”) I am yet again forced to punt—at least for the moment.  This is particularly annoying considering how great the questions are this week.  Thus, for now the only answers I have to offer are those from HSH—which is probably a good thing considering that he actually knows what he’s talking about.  I will try to add in my responses later, if possible.  Until then, however, here are HSH’s thoughts for the week:

Week 6

1) Which newcomer do you expect to play the most total snaps for the Vols this fall?

bullet HSH: Well, by the looks of things, we know for sure it won't be Bryce Brown, though he may be the best talent of the freshmen.

Though I have trouble remembering him actually being a freshman, it almost has to be Montori Hughes at defensive tackle, simply because of the lack of depth at defensive tackle and the sore, wobbly knees of senior end-turned-tackle Wes Brown.  With Brown's knees, its almost more a question of when as opposed to if they're going to take him out of action.  I have to take this moment to say his never-quit attitude and what he's been saying about his situation has him rapidly climbing up my favorite 2009 Vols.

Back to Hughes, I said he doesn't seem like a freshman because of three things: first, he's obviously from the 2008 class out of Siegel High School in middle Tennessee, but didn't qualify.  Secondly, he enrolled in January, so he was in for the spring, so it's like he's been at UT for longer than the other freshman.  Finally, it's because he's a very large man.  Either way, it's clear he's moved up to the third tackle spot, behind Williams and Brown and ahead of Victor Thomas, Rae Sykes and Marlon Walls.

But given the situation at defensive tackle behind Big Dan Williams, Hughes has to be the freshman who will see the most action.

As for the "true" freshman with the most impact, I'll say receiver Marsalis Teague.  I went to last Thursday's practice and last Saturday's scrimmage, and Teague had some impressive plays.  I think Gerald Jones and Brandon Warren will be the top 2 wideouts, but Teague is my third (and Quintin Hancock fourth), given the injury to Denarius Moore.  Also, Teague seems like more a pure receiver than Nu'Keese Richardson in my opinion.

bullet Lawvol: (Long thoughtful pause followed by a longer, yet less thoughtful, sucking sound…)

2) Assuming we all believe Gerald Jones is going to lead the team in receptions again this season, who will finish second?

bullet HSH: I somewhat addressed Tennessee's receivers in the previous question, and I'll go with who I said was the second receiver there: Brandon Warren.  As I said, from last Thursday and last Saturday, my reaction to see #1 running routes and catching passes was one of amazement.  In other words, I was surprised how he was a "tight end" last year and how he caught maybe 10 passes last year.  He easily passes the eye test as a wide receiver.

One final thought: Jones led UT with 30 catches last year and Lucas Taylor led the Vols in yards.  Taylor caught 26 passes.  Who was third?  Arian Foster with 19.  Josh Briscoe and Austin Rogers were the next wide receivers, with both catching 14.  All that is to say again how ineffective the quarterbacks were last year.  Hopefully the second and third leading receivers this year have more catches—which you think has to happen, right?

bullet Lawvol: Objection!  Leading, calls for speculation, and assumes facts not in evidence… (sorry, it's just a habit)

3) If Tim Tebow and Eric Berry are the two best players in the SEC, who's third?

bullet HSH: Give me Brandon Spikes, Florida's middle linebacker, who turned down a boatload of money from an NFL team to stay and try to win another national championship (vomit).

I've seen Terrance Cody and Rolando McClain, but I'll take Spikes, the leader and best player on the league's top defense.  Oh, and also this amusing celebration of a pick-six against LSU last year, and his best Eric Berry impression.

Honorable mention: Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead, Cody and McClain on the Alabama defense, Georgia LB Rennie Curran (SEC's leading returner tackler), running back Charles Scott from LSU, the other 11 players on Florida's defense and a trio of wide receivers: Julio Jones (Alabama), A.J. Green (UGA) and Brandon LaFell (LSU).

bullet Lawvol: (Note the theme song to "the Smurfs" playing in the background…)

4) Generally speaking, which opposing SEC fanbase is your favorite to interact with, Imitrex trusted pharmacy reviews. No prescription Imitrex online, And which is your least favorite?

bullet HSH: I'll start with the least favorite, and that's Georgia.  I went to Athens for the 51-33 beatdown as a college freshman in 2006 and I got treated worse there than I did in trips to more vaunted venues in Gainesville (2007) and Tuscaloosa (2005 and 2007).

I got incessantly and constantly barked at, generic Imitrex, Imitrex use, which is fine but extremely annoying.  But even more so, my friends and I got cursed at because we had orange on.  They had no respect for me.  I had sorority girls looking great in red and black dresses dropping the F-bomb at me completely unprovoked.  The typical, Imitrex coupon, Buy no prescription Imitrex online, expected stuff—"Tennessee sucks," "Fulmer sucks, Imitrex natural, Imitrex for sale, " "nothing sucks like a Big Orange," the Gator Chomp, where can i buy Imitrex online, Imitrex pharmacy, Roll Tide, War Eagle, online buying Imitrex, Imitrex from canadian pharmacy, Pig Sooie, etc., herbal Imitrex, Buy Imitrex without prescription, etc.—doesn't bother me a bit.  But profanity?

I'm not saying I can't handle it, but c'mon.  If I'm doing some chatting too, buy Imitrex without a prescription, Real brand Imitrex online, that's one thing.  I don't get belligerent at visitors in Knoxville unless they provoke me—and even then, I'm not yelling at them to “eff” their school or “eff” themselves.  Some common courtesy would be nice.

Though I have a higher disdain for Florida and Alabama because they're our biggest rivals, Imitrex duration, Buy Imitrex online cod, Georgia will always be #3 on that list because of that trip to Athens.

As for the favorite, I would have to say Auburn, Imitrex maximum dosage, Imitrex class, because as I've said repeatedly I have friends there and I can't find any reason to really dislike them.  I haven't been to Baton Rouge (or Columbia or Fayetteville - been everywhere else), but I haven't had any issues with LSU fans when they've come to Knoxville and Atlanta.

But overall, online Imitrex without a prescription, Purchase Imitrex online, I don't know if I have a "favorite"—it's more of a feeling of indifference than a preference one way or another.

bullet Lawvol: This one I can actually answer, well, where to buy Imitrex, Purchase Imitrex for sale, sort of.  I have pretty much addressed this in the past on more than one occasion.  I was probably clearest in my article “The State of Hate: Football Rivalries at Tennessee,” which continues to be true for me today.

The Rest of the Roundtable:

Having wasted your time on our largely meaningless and insignificant thoughts for this week, order Imitrex from mexican pharmacy, Imitrex overnight, go check out what the other roundtablers (who actually know what they are talking about) have to say (in no particular order):

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters and About Home Sweet Home... … to me.

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Bactroban For Sale

2009 SEC Football Previews | Gate 21

Bactroban For Sale, We all remember how bad Tennessee’s 2008 season was, right. Well, Where to buy Bactroban, think about this for a moment: the Vols had the same SEC record as LSU.

It was a pretty rough year for LSU, coming off the 2007 national championship. The Tigers lost a number of players from that team, low dose Bactroban, the blow the Tigers felt the most was clearly at the quarterback spot. Purchase Bactroban online no prescription, Ryan Perrilloux, a slightly smaller version of JaMarcus Russell, earned MVP honors in the 2007 SEC title game, where can i buy cheapest Bactroban online, and was finally slated to take over as the guy for the Tigers.

Then he got suspended and kicked off the team. Bactroban street price, LSU was left with Andrew Hatch, a transfer from Harvard and Jarrett Lee. Hatch started the first three games before leaving against Auburn with a concussion, Bactroban For Sale. Lee came in and led LSU to a win in that game, Bactroban for sale, and things seemed well.

Lee struggled mightily, Buy Bactroban online cod, throwing 16 passes to other the team. Adding insult to injury, the other team obliged seven of those gifts and turned them into touchdowns, Bactroban cost. In addition to those issues, Bactroban from mexico, the LSU pass defense was the worst in the SEC in conference games. So LSU suffered some rather bad losses: by 30 points at Florida, home games to Georgia (52-38), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Alabama in overtime and Ole Miss (31-13), Order Bactroban from mexican pharmacy, and a blown 16-point halftime lead against Arkansas.

But as an underdog to Georgia Tech, true freshman QB Jordan Jefferson led the Tigers to a 38-3 rout, creating some confidence and momentum heading into this season, is Bactroban addictive, where the Tigers are poised to prove last year was simply a fluke.

Schedule Breakdown

    Assumed wins:

  • at Washington (normally I would be concerned about a cross-country trip to open the season, Purchase Bactroban, but the Huskies went 0-12 last year)

  • Vanderbilt (the Gerry DiNardo Bowl)

  • Louisiana-Lafayette

  • at Mississippi State

  • Tulane

  • Louisiana Tech

  • Assumed losses:

  • The odds aren’t great of LSU actually running the table, but I won’t go as far as to say there’s a game I can say they’ll lose for sure. Bactroban For Sale, In other words, they’re probably going to lose a game or two, but picking that now and being sure about it, I just can’t do that.

  • Toss-ups:

  • at Georgia

  • Florida

  • Auburn

  • at Alabama

  • at Ole Miss

  • Arkansas


HB Charles Scott (Sr.): Scott is a bowling ball of a running back who always seems to be bursting through the LSU offensive line on his way to a 50-plus yard touchdown. He ran for almost 1, Bactroban pictures,200 yards and scored 18 touchdowns in 2008, Online Bactroban without a prescription, despite LSU’s woes in the passing game. He might be the best back in the league.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Charles Scott is not an easy guy to tackle, as he has evidenced the last two seasons for the Bayou Bengals"][/caption]

And LSU always has depth at the running back spot, doses Bactroban work. The kind of depth where you occasionally lose track of who all they actually have. Online buying Bactroban, Keiland Williams is still there, though it seems he’s been in Baton Rouge the last decade. Richard Murphy is also back there, giving LSU one of better backfields in the conference.

WR Brandon LaFell (Sr.): Despite LSU’s passing inefficiencies, LaFell still almost had a 1,000-yard season last year and led the conference in receptions, Bactroban For Sale. He loses his partner in crime Demetrius Byrd, buy Bactroban from mexico, but LSU still has a studly group of receivers as they always do. Discount Bactroban, Helping LaFell are junior Terrance Toliver, senior Chris Mitchell, senior tight end Richard Dickson and true freshman Rueben Randle, order Bactroban from United States pharmacy, rated as the nation’s top receiver last year.

OT Ciron Black (Sr.): Black is a future NFL draft pick at tackle, Online buy Bactroban without a prescription, who’s been a second-team all-SEC player the last two years (I’m guessing he can thank former Alabama tackle Andre Smith for that). Black, along with guard Lyle Hitt and tackle Joseph Barksdale, where can i buy Bactroban online, will try to solidify an offensive line that’s lost Herman Johnson and Brett Helms, About Bactroban, both of whom were three-year starters.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Can Jordan Jefferson bring stability to the LSU offense?"][/caption]


QB Jordan Jefferson (So.): Jefferson was the offensive MVP of the Chick-fil-a Bowl rout of Georgia Tech in just his second start. Now some of the road games he’ll face in the SEC aren’t the Chick-fil-a Bowl against an ACC team, but if Jefferson simply takes care of the ball and makes some plays here and there with his feet, buying Bactroban online over the counter, LSU’s offense will be that much better than it was last year – heck, Taking Bactroban, they still averaged 31 points per game despite the interceptions and Lee’s ineptitude.

Offensive line: As I discussed when talking about Ciron Black, LSU has three offensive line starters back, but lose two pretty important players, buy generic Bactroban. Bactroban For Sale, LSU ran the ball for only (yes, only) 167 yards per game last year, as opposed to 214 in their championship season.

Defense: From 2002 to 2007, the highest points per game average from the LSU defense was just under 20 in 2007. When LSU won eleven or more games in 2003, Buy Bactroban without prescription, 2005 and 2006, they averages those years were 11, 14 and 12.6, buy no prescription Bactroban online, respectively. Purchase Bactroban online, Last year. 24 points per game.

In the previous three seasons before last year, LSU had given up 27 points or more 6 times combined (three a piece in 2005 and 2007), Bactroban from canadian pharmacy, and two of those games were triple overtime games and another went to one overtime. Bactroban coupon, Last year it happened six times: 51 to Florida, 52 to Georgia, 27 to Alabama in overtime, Bactroban price, and 31 each to Troy, Bactroban brand name, Ole Miss and Arkansas. I’m aware the 7 pick-sixes had something to do with that, but LSU’s defense was down a notch last year.

This year the Tigers return 7 starters and their top four and seven of their top nine tacklers, Bactroban For Sale. Most of the young secondary is back and the Tigers’ always have a stout defensive front, so I’m guessing improvement is likely.

What's New, Bactroban blogs, but Maybe Not Improved

Freshmen: LSU signed the nation’s top safety (Craig Loston), Buy Bactroban from canada, wide receiver (Rueben Randle) and dual-threat quarterback (Russell Shepherd). Loston and Shepherd were enrolled for spring camp and you have to think these three – and probably some other new faces – are going to make impacts for LSU this year. My guess is Randle, where can i cheapest Bactroban online, although if LSU’s pass defense continues to be in the bottom fourth of the SEC then it’ll be Loston.

John Chavis: As we all know Chavis spent 14 years in Knoxville leading the Vols’ defenses and is now at LSU. Bactroban forum, When LSU won the title in 2007, Bo Pelini was the coordinator. Bactroban For Sale, Last year, head coach Les Miles went with co-coordinators with Doug Mallory and Bradley Dale Peveto, who may have been responsible for the defensive problems. Chavis is certainly an upgrade over those two, Bactroban no rx, and he always had great defenses when he had talented players, Generic Bactroban, which he’ll have at LSU.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="I gotta admit, seeing this guy in LSU apparel is a little unusual, and I wish him best of luck"][/caption]

Harry Coleman (Sr.): Coleman actually was LSU’s leading tackler last year at strong safety, Bactroban australia, uk, us, usa. He moves to linebacker this year, and along with Kelvin Sheppard, Jacob Cutrera and Perry Riley, giving LSU four experienced and talented linebackers.

HSH's Bold Prediction

LSU had a bit of a rough year last year, but they still have some weapons at the skill positions and return most of a young defense that’s now going to be led by a coordinator who’s fielded solid SEC defenses consistently over the last 14 years. While I think Jefferson will be an upgrade at quarterback and freshman Russell Shepherd adds another dynamic to that position, it may be the line play.

I mentioned the offensive line, but the defensive line lost ends Tyson Jackson, Kirston Pittman and Tremaine Johnson and tackles Marlon Favorite and Ricky Jean-Francois. LSU only had 28 sacks last year, their lowest total since 2002. LSU is always good in the trenches, but there’s going to be some new players having to step up this year.

On top of all that, LSU’s schedule is one I absolutely do not envy, Bactroban For Sale. The Tigers have road games at both of their SEC West competitors in Alabama and Ole Miss, in addition to drawing both Florida and Georgia from the East. Those are four really tough games, and they temper my expectations as LSU’s chances in the West, as both the Tide and the Rebels have advantages in the scheduling department. Assuming they get one of those four and take care of business elsewhere, LSU winning 9 games seems like a solid choice.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Tony Gutierrez / APDale Zanine / US PresswireSteve Franz / LSU

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