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Tennessee BasketballSelby who?  Bruce bounced back by getting the Topamax For Sale, #3 PF, #7 player in the country to go with the #6, and #35 SGs in the country.  Billy Donovan's day just got so much worse.

I have the honor to be, the VolAmbassador | Gate 21

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The View From the Hill | Gate 21

Methotrexate For Sale, It's a rainy and stormy afternoon here in Knoxville, but Tyler Smith is brightening the day for Tennessee hoops.

Smith announced he's going to stay for his senior season. Obviously this is good news, purchase Methotrexate online, Where can i find Methotrexate online, because Tyler's the best player on Tennessee's team. Additionally, buy Methotrexate online no prescription, Methotrexate samples, Smith will be the fifth senior Vol for next year, alongside Wayne Chism, Methotrexate used for, Methotrexate images, J.P. Prince, where can i buy Methotrexate online, Purchase Methotrexate, Bobby Maze, and Josh Tabb (walk-on Quinn Cannington is also a senior), Methotrexate use. Methotrexate over the counter, A nice senior core for the Vols as they look to add a second SEC Title in four years. At this point, your way early SEC favorites have to be (in no particular order) Kentucky with the Jodie Meeks-Patrick Patterson combo and influx of studs, defending champs LSU with Tasmin Mitchell (who's been at LSU since Stromile Swift) and Marcus Thornton, and Tennessee.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="166" caption="Welcome back, Tyler"][/caption]

A couple of other notes: first, a shout-out to bosgap at Losers With Socks who called this 9 days ago, Methotrexate For Sale. Now I wouldn't say they were going too terribly far out on that limb, Methotrexate pharmacy, Online Methotrexate without a prescription, but kudos to those guys scooping this, adding another feather in their hat of breaking news well in advance.

Secondly, online buy Methotrexate without a prescription, Effects of Methotrexate, a shout-out of thanks and best wishes to Philip Jurick, who is transferring and thus providing a way for Tyler to come back by opening up a scholarship, buy Methotrexate without prescription. Doses Methotrexate work, I saw Jurick play a little bit at last year's Rocky Top League, and while I saw some promise, Methotrexate photos, Where can i cheapest Methotrexate online, I also saw a project of sorts. He showed some really positive inside defense but his offensive game was very lacking, Methotrexate coupon. Is Methotrexate safe, With Tyler's return and the addition of Kenny Hall to the Chism-Brian Williams-Emmanuel Negedu platoon, I highly doubt Jurick would have been able to break into the big-man rotation next year.

Speaking of the Rocky Top League, low dose Methotrexate, Buying Methotrexate online over the counter, last year I took upon myself the task of "covering" it using the start I started out with - "The View From The Hill." I went every night and took some video and some pictures and mental notes and observations, and I really enjoyed it, australia, uk, us, usa. Methotrexate For Sale, Unfortunately I won't be able to do that this year, as I won't be able to go every night and I'll miss the first week of it. Where can i buy cheapest Methotrexate online, That said, if you're in Knoxville on a Monday or Wednesday the next three weeks, Methotrexate forum, Buy Methotrexate online cod, do head over to Bearden High School and watch some games.

Sure, there's no air-conditioning and outside of the Tennessee players the other competitors are small college or high school players, Methotrexate trusted pharmacy reviews, Generic Methotrexate, but it's a cool experience. Of course it's glorified pick-up basketball with referees and clock, Methotrexate without prescription, Methotrexate long term, and the defense is highly lacking, but nowhere else will you get this close to the Vol players, Methotrexate cost. Buy Methotrexate from mexico, If you've got kids, I can almost guarantee you will get autographs from the entire team, kjøpe Methotrexate på nett, köpa Methotrexate online, Methotrexate dangers, as well as some other former Vols like everybody's favorite Dane Bradshaw, and a couple of my personal favorite former Vols Ron Slay and C.J, Methotrexate blogs. Methotrexate from canadian pharmacy, Watson.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part...IT'S FREE

-- About Home Sweet Home... .., Methotrexate reviews. Methotrexate australia, uk, us, usa, to me.

. Buy generic Methotrexate. Is Methotrexate addictive.

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The View From the Hill | Gate 21

Celexa For Sale, I think I've made my disdain for the University of Memphis Tigers basketball program pretty well-known. So when I got a text message from my dad last night in the middle of the Lakers-Nuggets game alerting me of the allegations against the Tigers, Celexa online cod, Get Celexa, I must admit I got a kick out of it.

The Tigers' best season, where they won 38 games and should have won a national championship (thank you Mario Chalmers), Celexa samples, Celexa photos, now apparently will be null-and-void.

That 66-62 loss to Tennessee, however, Celexa pictures. Celexa blogs, That won't change. So Memphis was cheating by using an ineligible player (allegedly Derrick Rose)...

...and they still lost to the Vols.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="What, canada, mexico, india. Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews, I had no idea Derrick Rose had someone else take his SAT..."][/caption]

That's what first came to my mind. I know Memphis won this past January, but I have to say that hearing this news brought me some joy, Celexa For Sale. In addition, Celexa without prescription, Ordering Celexa online, I have to wonder if and how this might help Tennessee in the recruitment of PG Joe Jackson, a highly-touted guard from Memphis' White Station High School, Celexa interactions. Celexa dose, The Vols have been in with Jackson for awhile, but this week's Benedict Arnold-like decommitment of Aaron Craft may have changed that situation, order Celexa online overnight delivery no prescription. Celexa reviews, I'm not sure how much more of a chance these allegations and the consequences help Tennessee because I don't see any future punishment from the NCAA, but who knows - only time will tell.

But I also must say I actually do feel just an inkling of pity for the city of Memphis (not Tiger hoops), buy Celexa from canada. Cheap Celexa, The city really did love their Tigers and loved John Calipari, and he not only left them, buy Celexa online cod, Buy Celexa without prescription, took some of their recruits, but now he's also partly responsible for the vacating of the school's best season in their fairly successful history, what is Celexa. Celexa For Sale, To say he didn't know about the fraud SAT score would be foolish if you ask me. Celexa steet value, And then again, how surprised should Memphis fans really be?

Add to all this the very likely possibility that Calipari bailed on the Tigers knowing that this was going to be revealed before too long, Celexa mg, Celexa wiki, and I can only imagine how Tiger fans feel about the guy now. Talk about a common bond between Vols and Tigers...

And of course the other beauty of all this is how this might effect Kentucky, Celexa gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Celexa duration, Now, I know that the report doesn't mention Calipari as doing anything wrong, Celexa dangers, Buy cheap Celexa, but this is the Marcus Camby/UMass situation all over again. That now of course means Cal has done this twice - left a program and had a Final Four appearance removed because of cheating.

Non-delusional Kentucky fans (wait, online Celexa without a prescription, No prescription Celexa online, is that possible?) will tell you that it isn't good for them (the others will say that they are invincible from the NCAA simply because they are the University of Kentucky), and there's now way this is positive for the Wildcats, low dose Celexa, Celexa no rx, because past history would only suggest that they are next. Also, generic Celexa, Effects of Celexa, not only will the media take a negative stance on Calipari (and therefore Kentucky), but you have to think the NCAA is going to be keeping an eye on Calipari and the UK program, order Celexa from United States pharmacy. Buy no prescription Celexa online, Add in that the university's president knew about this when hiring Cal, and and there can be no way all this helps or doesn't even effect Kentucky.

So all in all, rx free Celexa, Celexa natural, I would say it's not too bad of a situation from the Tennessee point of view.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: AP/ Daylife
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The View From the Hill | Gate 21

Premarin For Sale, As had been expected, Tennessee's Tyler Smith declared for the NBA Draft yesterday. As is the case with a number of others draft entrees, fast shipping Premarin, Premarin dose, Tyler hasn't hired an agent, so he's got until June 15 to come back.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="166" caption="Will #1 be back?"][/caption]

As the title of this post clearly states, is Premarin safe, Premarin brand name, I think Tyler Smith is going to be playing for Tennessee next year. I don't believe I'm in the minority in thinking that, buy Premarin online no prescription, About Premarin, either. Now, Premarin dosage, Rx free Premarin, I could be very wrong, because Tyler could go work out for one of these teams playing right now (that will have late first-round picks) and really impress them.

It's not that Tyler isn't a good player or not NBA material, Premarin from mexico. My Premarin experience, There are guys in the NBA who I see and wonder how they in the league (take Sean Marks, Mark Madsen, Premarin street price, Buy cheap Premarin, Brian Cardinal and Robert Swift, for example) in the first place, buy Premarin without a prescription. It's just that Tyler is a small forward in the NBA, and he's playing the power forward spot for Tennessee, Premarin For Sale. Buy cheap Premarin no rx, He showed he can knock down the outside shot when he's left open, but this season he faced quite a bit of traffic in the lane because teams sagged off the perimeter because we couldn't shoot threes and struggled with his shot, discount Premarin. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The Memphis game - against a long, athletic team - comes to mind.

So he can post up, is Premarin addictive, Premarin no rx, he can shoot it decently, but can he straight-up drive by an NBA 3-man, buy Premarin no prescription. Get Premarin, Can he hit the mid-range jumper?

There is his family situation with his son to think about as well, but I think Tyler's going to be a Vol next season, Premarin description. Order Premarin from United States pharmacy, He should have better shooters surrounding him, and we saw how good he can be when you put that around him (2007-08), Premarin photos. Premarin For Sale, And even if he does stay in the draft, it'd be cool to have the number of Tennessee NBA players doubled.

Speaking of which, mad props to C.J. Premarin wiki, Watson the last seven games of this season for Golden State. Watson, Premarin over the counter, Real brand Premarin online, one of my favorite Vols all-time and a guy who deserves more credit and appreciation than I think he gets, averaged 19 points and 6 assists in those games, purchase Premarin online. Purchase Premarin, He had 38 points, 7 rebounds, order Premarin no prescription, Buy Premarin from canada, and nine assists (he made 16-of-16 free throws too) in a win over the Jazz, and had 20 points, Premarin blogs, Buy Premarin online cod, 7 boards, 12 assists, purchase Premarin for sale, Generic Premarin, and three steals in the season finale against Phoenix.

For an avid fantasy basketball guy like myself (second place in my second year of it...boom!), those numbers are more impressive to me, cheap Premarin no rx. Buy no prescription Premarin online, If this was his chance to stake his claim to Golden State's starting PG position for next season, you can't say he didn't take advantage of it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="243" caption="The only VOL currently in the NBA, Premarin steet value, Where can i cheapest Premarin online, and one of my all-time faves"][/caption]

But back to the main point of this, expect to see Tyler back in orange next year - with what should be an improved team.

-- About Home Sweet Home... .., Premarin without prescription. Canada, mexico, india, to me.

Images Courtesy of: Ramin Rahimian / Reuters

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No Pass Out Checks | Gate21

Then I'm walking in Memphis
Walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale
Walking in Memphis
But do I really feel the way I feel

• “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn

Vermox For Sale, Well, it seems that Bruce Pearl will be staying in Knoxville for the foreseeable future, which is good.  The question, however, remains: What are we to make of this “Memphis Incident”?

For starters, I am greatly relieved that Bruce Almighty will still be wearing orange next season.  That is the good news, not that there is necessarily some “bad” news, but keeping Pearl on the sidelines in Knoxville is definitely very good.

That said, what exactly are we to take away from the brief and furious flirtation (so brief and furious that I never even got a chance to comment before it ended) with the notion that Coach Pearl might bolt to the Pyramid City to take the reins as head coach of the Memphis Tigers?  The real answer is probably “nothing.”  Still there are a few thoughts that jump out to me—random observations, I suppose—which seem relevant, if less than timely.

Bruce Pearl is Happy at Tennessee…

It seems to me that Bruce Pearl sent two messages yesterday.  The first is a very positive one, namely that he is happy as coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and has no desire to leave behind what he has begun.  Bruce Pearl likes it here.

Why do I say that?  Well first of all is the obvious: he is staying here.  More importantly, however, is the what he said in his public statement last night.  To me, it makes it clear that Pearl is truly happy to be at Tennessee.

I truly love my job, and I want it to be clear that I'm not interested in any other job.  There's no place in the country I'd rather be than the University of Tennessee.  My children are happy here in the Knoxville community—one is in high school, one is in middle school and two are currently attending the university.

My staff and I are building a consistent top-25 program and I'm honored and privileged to serve the greatest fans in the country. Tennessee has all the resources necessary to win championships, order Vermox online overnight delivery no prescription, Vermox natural, from our recently upgraded facilities to our ability to schedule.

It's great to be a Tennessee Vol!

Bruce Pearl commenting on rumors of him leaving Tennessee | UT

Now in the era of sports double-talk and lip service (See Bobby Petrino at any point in his career), it is rarely advisable to take public professions of loyalty at face value.  I understand that.  Still, Vermox pictures, Order Vermox online c.o.d, there are different degrees of lip service and there are different types of coaches.  Pearl’s statement was anything but tepid—it was largely unequivocal and pointed.  In other words, he could have simply said “I’m staying, Vermox forum, Purchase Vermox online, ” and left the other assurances out of the discussion; he didn’t.

Second of all, for reasons unknown to me (considering I have never met Pearl), Vermox interactions, Vermox mg, I trust the man.  Maybe that owes to the side of him that exudes infectious enthusiasm about everything to which he is tied; maybe it is because of his well documented history of loyalty at Iowa and Wisconsin-Green Bay; maybe it is because he is a con man and I’m snowed.  Regardless of the reasons, Pearl is unique in my mind because I do believe that he is both loyal and trustworthy as a coach.  My gut tells me that if he was not happy and was considering a move, buying Vermox online over the counter, Vermox alternatives, while he might not come out and say it, he would similarly not effervesce about how much he loves it at Tennessee.

Furthermore, buy cheap Vermox, Fast shipping Vermox, if he had wanted to leave, it would have been hard to argue with his decision given the suggestion that Memphis was prepared to offer up to $ 3.25 million a year (approximately $ 1.25 million more per year than his new contract is reported to provide).

Thus, Vermox long term, Where can i buy cheapest Vermox online, I believe him when he says that he never intended to leave, and that he truly loves coaching the BasketVols.  If he truly wanted to leave, purchase Vermox online no prescription, No prescription Vermox online, he would have.

Yeah, yeah, Vermox cost, Comprar en línea Vermox, comprar Vermox baratos, I know—I’ve obviously been drinking the Kool Aid…

…But he may not be Happy with Tennessee

The second message I got—and mind you I am seriously reading some tea leaves here—is that while Bruce Pearl may be happy at Tennessee, he may not be all that happy with Tennessee, Vermox maximum dosage, Kjøpe Vermox på nett, köpa Vermox online, and by that I mean happy with the fans and the larger Big Orange family.  I completely agree with some of the points raised in Joel’s assessment of the “nightmare scenario” of Pearl bolting to Memphis.  Pearl is stuck in a situation where, at best, what is Vermox, Vermox overnight, he is likely to always be second fiddle to the football program, despite the fact that he has elevated the program to a new level in only a few short years.  Furthermore, where can i buy Vermox online, Vermox images, despite having brought success beyond that which Tennessee has known at any point in the modern era, Pearl still had to deal with vocal detractors this year and found himself defending the program.

I think that Pearl was terribly frustrated with his squad this year and their inconsistent performances on the court.  I also think he probably did more than anyone outside the program could possibly understand to try to rectify the situation.  Still, buy Vermox without a prescription, Vermox coupon, in the end, Pearl has indicated that he was disappointed in the way the season played out.  The harsh reality for those Tennessee fans critical of Pearl is that—despite the fact that the BasketVols may not have lived up to the pre-season hype—their 2008-09 winning percentages of 62.5 % in the SEC and 61.7% overall were better than the Vols have done in 31 of the last 46 seasons (1962-63 through 2008-09).  What’s more, is Vermox addictive, Vermox canada, mexico, india, Pearl knows this too.

Thus, I think Pearl’s willingness to let Orange Nation swing in the breeze for a few hours amounts to him sending a tiny note something to the effect of “A little gratitude would be appreciated…”

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="228" caption="A small note from Bruce Pearl"]post-it note-BP(04-03-09)[/caption]

This little indirect reminder, Vermox treatment, Vermox results, probably did more to remind Tennessee fans of exactly how far the program has come under Pearl than anything else.  The great thing about it for Pearl, is that he neither started it nor fueled it.  Thereby avoiding “the Jerry Green Syndrome.

Note to self, Vermox class, Vermox duration, be a little nicer to those that bring you success…

Money and Rumormongers Talk; Speed Kills

At the end of the day, the here-and-there nature of all the chatter which had Pearl going to Memphis within 24 hours now appears to have been just that: chatter and rumors.  Still, buy generic Vermox, Cheap Vermox no rx, Smiling Mike Hamilton’s quick decision to get the matter tied up quickly in the form of a nice new contract for Pearl, probably is what led to Tennessee scoring a huge win in the cross-state rivalry, online buy Vermox without a prescription, Order Vermox no prescription, and led to Memphis regaining its status as a program scorned.

In the end, it was the promise of an extension and a raise that iced the deal.  Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong to be paying basketball coaches that much money, Vermox for sale, Cheap Vermox, the fact is that everyone likes getting a raise.  Obviously, Bruce Pearl is not immune to this.  That is hardly an unpardonable fault.

Furthermore, Vermox use, Buy Vermox online cod, given the way the debate of yesterday seemed to play out across the internet in real time only further goes to show that internet hysteria is viral.  In a matter of one “traditional” news cycle the situation played out something like this:

That, is how things work in the internet age once the old rumor mill gets cranked up.  In the end, it worked out okay for Tennessee because Smiling Mike was quick to act and keep Pearl from taking that walk in Memphis.

Lesson learned, duly noted…

For now,, all the Tennessee faithful can breathe a sigh of relief.  For now all is good in Knoxville.  For now, Memphis still hates Tennessee.

I guess it is now safe to say that Smiling Mike and Bruce Pearl just re-wrote the song…

Put on my blue suede shoes Big Orange Blazer
And I boarded the plane
Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues
In the middle of the pouring rain
W.C. Handy—won't you look down over me
Yeah I got a first class ticket
But I'm as blue Orange as a boy can be

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Works for me (with apologies to Marc Cohn)…

-- So it goes…About Lawvol


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Buy Glucophage Without Prescription

update» Updated: 27 March 2009 -- 4:25pm

Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Apparently, Gillispie's firing became official about 5 minutes after I posted this.  At least I was a little bit ahead of the curve...

update» Updated: 27 March 2009 -- 4:42pm

Now, as his comment below points out, HSH has discovered an even more interesting development: perhaps Billy Donovan is going to Kentucky.

Well, Glucophage recreational, Is Glucophage addictive, friends and neighbors, it’s not like it is unexpected, Glucophage trusted pharmacy reviews, Effects of Glucophage, but it appears that Billy Gillispie is out at Kentucky.  This comes from WHAS TV in Louisville.  Seemingly in response to this report, the Kentucky athletic department issued a public statement which—paraphrased—amounts to their complete refusal to make a public statement.  It read, Glucophage samples, Buy cheap Glucophage no rx,   "UK mens basketball coach Billy Gillispie has not been fired. There have been no meetings between Gillispie and UK officials today and there is no scheduled press conference tomorrow."

I think a simple “no comment” would have sufficed.

Either way, is Glucophage safe, About Glucophage, this does seriously change the dynamic in the SEC East.  Hooper over at RTT has an interesting article on why this prospect scares him as a fan of SEC and Tennessee basketball.  The uncertainty at Kentucky will definitely add confusion to recruiting, but what if Kentucky actually gets a “good” coach?  With rumors flying about as to who will replace Gillispie, buy Glucophage no prescription, Buy cheap Glucophage, it stands to reason that Kentucky Mitch Barnhart will be trying to save his neck by getting a coach who is a little better fit for the Wildcats this time around than was Billy Clyde.  According to the guys at Team Speed Kills, however, online buy Glucophage without a prescription, Glucophage dangers, that new coach will not be Billy Donovan (or will it?).

In the meantime, I suppose we will all be guessing…

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="I suppose we will have to wait awhile for the next album"][/caption]

I share Hooper’s concerns, Glucophage cost, Glucophage photos, over the Gillispie departure—namely that fans are getting a little unreasonable in their expectations when it comes to basketball coaches.  On the other hand, I think it is fair to say that the expectations at Kentucky have always bordered on the absurd.  Just look at how Tubby Smith was treated.  Still, Glucophage description, Buy Glucophage online cod, I do agree that on the whole SEC basketball fans have become a little more hysterical and a lot less reasonable over the past few years.  I wonder if this is tied more to the growing belief among many that the SEC can and should dominate every sport every year, or owes simply to the heightened expectations that seem to attend every possible aspect of major sports these days.  In the modern era it is all about “What have you done for me lately?”

On a more self-serving level, Glucophage duration, Cheap Glucophage, however, I am a bit fearful that Kentucky and Mitch Barnhart might actually get this hire “right.”  The reason I fear this is that, is Glucophage addictive, Taking Glucophage, under Bruce Pearl, Tennessee has taken major steps toward re-establishing itself as a perennial basketball force in the SEC and beyond.  I would be the proverbial ostrich with my head in the sand if I were to ignore the fact that much of this has occurred in a time when the SEC’s biggest traditional power—the once feared Kentucky Wildcats—have been less than formidable, Glucophage maximum dosage. Glucophage canada, mexico, india, Thus, a new face in Lexington could serve to squelch some of the gains accomplished under Pearl—especially in the area of recruiting the veritable treasure trove of high school talent in Kentucky.  Still, Glucophage over the counter, Glucophage forum, I feel pretty strongly that Bruce Almighty can hold his own.

But given all of the ridiculous fan expectations that Hooper pointed to, can Tennessee hold on to Pearl?

As HSH documented earlier this week, buy Glucophage from mexico, Real brand Glucophage online, the 2008-09 Tennessee BasketVols were somewhat of a mixed bag.  Some would say they were a disappointment.  I think that is a little unfair and shortsighted.  I personally believe that the 2008-09 squad represents a continuing work in progress on several levels.  First, the team was full of freshmen and sophomores who will only get better as they continue to benefit from Pearl’s coaching and guidance.  Second, where can i cheapest Glucophage online, Cheap Glucophage no rx, from a big picture perspective, it seems that Pearl is still laying a foundation at Tennessee for a program that can perpetually compete at the highest level.  I imagine that, get Glucophage, Glucophage images, if asked, Pearl would admit that there are a few more steps to be taken in that process.  Thus, buy generic Glucophage, Glucophage use, while this season may not have been all that Tennessee fans hoped for, it was hardly a bust.  After all, Glucophage for sale, Glucophage dose, it was not all that long ago that Tennessee was so dismal that it was not even under consideration for a bid to the NIT.

Still, there were a number of loud and noisy fans who called Pearl’s abilities into question this season.  It was that same type of fan that escalated the situation at Kentucky such that Gillispie more or less had to go.  Seriously, online buying Glucophage, Buy cheap Glucophage no rx, who would want to coach in such a poison environment.  In many ways this resembles the tenor of the conversation surround the departure of Phillip Fulmer. In Gillispie’s defense, generic Glucophage, Order Glucophage online overnight delivery no prescription, however, he only took over at Kentucky 2 years ago.  Then again, where can i buy Glucophage online, Glucophage steet value, it is Kentucky we are talking about.

I worry that the increasing pressure being placed on Pearl by suddenly fanatical Tennessee basketball fans (which only a few years ago would have seemed like an oxymoron) paired with a smart hire by Kentucky (which given Gillispie’s situation also seemed oxymoronic a few years ago) could put Coach Pearl in a difficult position not on the basketball floor, but with his own fanbase.

This is, of course, all doom-and-gloom speculation…

In the meantime, we will all have to wait and see what, in fact, does happen at Kentucky.  I for one will miss Gillispie, mainly because it was really easy to make fun of a guy with a name like “Billy Clyde.”  I doubt that a lot of Kentucky fans will miss him all that much.

Still, Kentucky fans need to be careful, you can scare away quality coaches who simply are unwilling to put up with a borderline-psychotic fan base where they eat their own on a regular basis.  That is a quick way to whittle the pool of available coaches down to the point that you really find yourself in the same situation you just left.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Preach on, Sister!"][/caption]

On second thought, speaking as a Tennessee fan, maybe that is a good thing…

-- So it goes…About Lawvol

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The View From the Hill | Gate 21

The Story of the Season...In a Week

Buy Armour Without Prescription, Now that it's over and done with, I think it's time to take a look back at this past basketball season. As is with seasons in most sports, this year's Vols had quite a number of ups and downs and everything in between over the course of a long season stretching from November to mid-March.

But this year's ups and downs (more downs than ups really) seemed to be more prevalent this season, online buying Armour hcl, since this team showed a numerous occasions it's ability to be terribly inconsistent. Effects of Armour, At times you thought that this team might still be playing at this point of the season. Other times you wondered what the hell the Bruce and the players were thinking and why they looked like they didn't care and if they would even make it into the Tournament.

The last week of the season was the story of the season in a complete and total nutshell. A nutshell that interestingly enough was paired up with Tennessee's spring break and my trip to New York.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="219" caption="From promising thumpings of Alabama and Auburn..."][/caption]

Two Fridays ago: I'm sitting in the Detroit airport Friday evening on my three-hour layover between flights from Knoxville en route to Ithaca, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, NY, Armour samples, where my roommate's house is located (roommate's dad = Cornell alum). Reduced to "watching" the game on my phone's "internet" with a constantly refreshing updating play-by-play, the Vols roll Alabama 86-62, thanks to a 17-0 run to start the second half, Buy Armour Without Prescription. I noticed a high rate of "(Insert Vol player) makes two-point jumper/dunk shot/lay-up," so I assumed it went well.

Last Saturday: Fortunately the semifinal game with Auburn ended up being on ESPN2 instead of solely on RayCom, cheap Armour no rx, so I wasn't forced to listen to it online. Order Armour online c.o.d, Wayne Chism dominated inside-and-out and the Vols rolled Auburn to avenge the earlier last-second loss to the Tigers and punch their NIT tickets. Holy crap, Tennessee in the SEC Tournament final?

Last Sunday: So here's Tennessee, buy generic Armour, off two really well-played games, Herbal Armour, with a chance to win the SEC Tournament for the first time in 30 years. All the Vols have to do is beat a team that (a) they already beat, (b) is playing its fourth game in four days, purchase Armour online, (c) has one inside presence who's any good (and he's very good, Armour from canada, granted). Buy Armour Without Prescription, Simple enough, right?

And of course, the bad Tennessee rears its head. The Vols come out a little flatter, blow a bunch of lay-ups, Armour no rx, fail to put Mississippi State away early when Jarvis Varnado gets two fouls. Order Armour no prescription, The Bulldogs hang around and win it late thanks to Tennessee's late turnovers and Barry Stewart's three. I will also simply point out the odd stats from this game: State took 19 two-point shots, yet shot 32 free throws, Armour pictures. Tennessee shot over 40 two-pointers, Armour wiki, but under 20 free throws. Huh?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150" caption=" choking away an SEC Tournament title..."][/caption]

That was not the only Huh? moment of that day, Buy Armour Without Prescription. No, the other was during the Selection Show, my Armour experience, when Tennessee's name pops up in the bracket - with a freakin' 9 next to it. Armour canada, mexico, india, I still say last year's denial of a one-seed was a bigger screw-job, but how Tennessee got a 9 I'm not sure. I'm also not sure Oklahoma State or LSU deserved eight-seeds either, australia, uk, us, usa, to be honest. Comprar en línea Armour, comprar Armour baratos, For Tennessee to have its RPI and SOS numbers and get a 9 confounds me. What does the committee want?

Buy Armour Without Prescription, At the same time, I understood that 8-9 games - death warrants in terms of Sweet 16/second weekend hopes - are the home of inconsistent teams with good computer numbers...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="174" caption="...yet a stop away from an NCAA Tournament win..."][/caption]

Fast-forward to Friday: After spending the early part of the week in New York City, the return to Ithaca meant a couple more days of relaxing - and the NCAA Tournament. Since Ithaca is about an hour from Syracuse and the Orange played Stephen F. Austin at the same time slot at UT-OSU, Armour description, I knew I would have to resort to watching the game via March Madness On Demand, Armour price, coupon, which I've done for the past two tournaments (for other games).

In their promotions for MMOD, they say it's live; that is a lie. It's actually like a possession behind, Armour natural. So say I look at the TV of the other game and catch the score of the game I'm watching online, Armour reviews, I'll see it before it happens. Fortunately, the SU-SFA game looked about as exciting as paint drying, so not looking up was rather easy.

I don't remember too many specific details about Friday's game, Buy Armour Without Prescription. I haven't watched any highlights of it and honestly I don't want to. The main ideas: Tennessee took lots of three, Armour street price, and hit alot of them too. Purchase Armour online no prescription, Oklahoma State made a number of mid-range jump shots and played a really good (they gave Pitt a great game as well - point is, OSU surprised me by how good they were). The game was back-and-forth and each team answered mini-runs made by the other - it might have been the best game of the tournament (until Friday night).

But as had happened countless times this year, Armour interactions, the good Tennessee - a team playing together, Online buying Armour, hitting shots, playing smart - and bad Tennessee - poor team defense, shooting too many three against a guard-oriented foe, about Armour, turnovers - clashed. Buy Armour Without Prescription, And like so many times this year when Tennessee had chances to put teams away or win games, they simply couldn't get it done.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="174" caption=" your season being toast - all in one week."][/caption]

Gonzaga. After Armour, Memphis. LSU. Auburn, ordering Armour online. Alabama. Mississippi State, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Cheap Armour, Oklahoma State. Call it a lack of toughness, poor coaching, Armour overnight, lack of players' effort (I'd argue that), Where can i buy Armour online, unlucky - whatever. It was the story of Tennessee's year. Tennessee played well enough to win the games I mentioned above and Friday, purchase Armour for sale, but couldn't do it.

The last two defensive possessions of Tennessee's season just put the whole thing simply. Buy Armour Without Prescription, Tied at 72, OSU ran your basic pick-and-roll play at the top of the key. Armour results, Byron Eaton went to his right, his defender went under the screen, and Eaton took two dribbles inside the arc and drilled the jumper - the same jumper OSU had been draining all game long.

After a incredible play by Tyler Smith, Armour online cod, Tennessee needed just one stop and my satisfaction level of the second round was there. Armour without prescription, I don't know if it was a miscommunication or what, but the two defenders left Eaton a wide-open lane and a great player made a tough play. Boom, discount Armour, season over.

Now many of you were probably pissed, Doses Armour work, disappointed, indifferent. But I was more just bummed out, Armour blogs. Losing obviously sucks, and losing when you have opportunities to win doesn't make it any better, Buy Armour Without Prescription. Now it's what could be an unbearably long wait until the next meaningful Tennessee event.

There's also quite a feeling of dissatisfaction for the season on the whole. Canada, mexico, india, I had said that winning a game in the tournament would be fine, and even winning the SEC Tournament would have taken care of it. But now, it's somewhat of an empty feeling of underachievement, really. This team was better than a first round loss. Buy Armour Without Prescription, I know it was supposed to be a rebuilding year considering the new pieces, but the team teased us all with some flashes of great basketball, then shattered hopes with no-shows and hard-to-watch basketball. What we've been wondering all year is why. We're still wondering...

And so, the focus for this program now focuses on Smith and Chism's NBA draft statuses and the potential loss of an assistant or two (Tony Jones). Daniel West and Kenny Hall come in next year and assuming both Smith and Chism stay and Cameron Tatum and Scotty Hopson continue to improve (they did at the end of the season), things are going to be just fine.

Welcome to football season, folks.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Associated PressAmy-Smotherman Burgess / GVX

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