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The View From the Hill | Gate 21

Buy Lexapro Without Prescription, Alright everyone, let's have a little flashback now, shall we. Real brand Lexapro online, Rewind to the day after National Signing Day, when Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin called Urban Meyer a cheater with the whole Nu'keese Richardson thievery, Lexapro trusted pharmacy reviews. Lexapro online cod, Remember all the hoopla and relative crap that went down after that. Well, cheap Lexapro no rx, After Lexapro, we might be going through more of it...

You see, Kiffin spoke today at a kickoff event for a United Way campaign at Oak Ridge National Lab, Lexapro from mexico. Lexapro maximum dosage, As Lane is prone to do, the crowd there was pretty large and seemingly excited, order Lexapro no prescription. And while he was speaking to said crowd, he may or may not have taken a little jab at Florida's off-the-field criminal issues again (at 1:40), Buy Lexapro Without Prescription. Online buying Lexapro hcl, SEE HERE FOR YOURSELF.

It was an indirect jab at the Gators, and though he's clearly talking about the accomplishments of his own team and players, Lexapro long term, Fast shipping Lexapro, there's no doubt he's aware of Florida's issues and pointing those out. I just found this, my Lexapro experience, Comprar en línea Lexapro, comprar Lexapro baratos, and I don't know how long it's been up, but my guess is it won't be long at all before this is everywhere, Lexapro natural. What is Lexapro, So call this a warning. I'm sure some people are gonna be upset that Lane's being free with his words again, discount Lexapro. Lexapro mg, What do I think. Screw Florida.

I think Lane feels that exact same way.

-- About Home Sweet Home... .., Lexapro overnight. Lexapro reviews, to me.

update Updated: 23 June 2009 - 10:17pm | by: Lawvol

Video: Lane Kiffin at ORNL

Nice find.  Didn't figure you'd mind me posting the video to go along with the story...

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No Pass Out Checks | Gate21

Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Somewhere, in front of a chalkboard—his hands coated with chalk dust—Lane Kiffin is smiling…

For the past several months Tennessee fans and the general sports-watching public have heard a near endless discussion about the various secondary infractions which have occurred since Lane Kiffin (a/k/a “the Blackjack General”) took the reins as the head football coach for the Tennessee Volunteers.  Needless to say, some have taken every available opportunity to criticize the University of Tennessee, The UT Athletic Department, Smiling Mike Hamilton, and the Blackjack General himself.  Some of it has amounted to little more than sniping and smack-talk, while others have been decidedly more direct.

Rightly or wrongly, Tennessee has self-reported (or is in the process of investigating with with an eye toward reporting) six secondary violations of NCAA Rules, the most recent coming—as HSH reported just the other day—as a result of the Blackjack General’s recent appearance on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” where he discussed, imagine that, secondary infractions with ESPN’s Bob Ley.

A “secondary violation” is defined in the NCAA Manual as follows:

A secondary violation is a violation that is isolated or inadvertent in nature, provides or is intended to provide only a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage and does not include any significant recruiting inducement or extra benefit.  Multiple secondary violations by a member institution may collectively be considered as a major violation.

•  2008-09 NCAA Division 1 ManualPDF Document § (emphasis added)

To put this in layman’s terms, secondary violations are the functional equivalent of talking in the NCAA’s rather large and particularly boring class.  Or, perhaps, in Lane Kiffin’s case, they amount to showing-off for all the girls (or in this case, recruits) in the back of class to impress them and passing notes reading:

I like you.  A Lot.

Do you like me, Stromectol results. Stromectol description,

Check One:  ___Yes  ___No  ___Maybe

— Lane

While this sort of thing—in both Mrs. Elliott’s 6th Period English Class and in the world of NCAA compliance—are annoying, effects of Stromectol, Online buying Stromectol, they are largely harmless.  While it is true (again, with both Mrs, doses Stromectol work. Herbal Stromectol, Elliott and the NCAA) that enough of these sorts of minor errors along the way can land you in the proverbial Principal’s office, as long as you say you are sorry after each instance (and UT has self-reported all such violations) and space the occurrences out by a day or two, Stromectol photos, Stromectol long term, usually there is little punishment to be meted out, aside from being made a spectacle in front of your peers…

… or by having to stay after class and write on the blackboard.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487" caption="Kiffin at the Chalkboard"]Kiffin-Chalkboard[/caption]

Hence, order Stromectol from mexican pharmacy, Buy Stromectol from mexico, while Lane Kiffin and the UT Athletic Department are probably getting a little tired of having to deal with the issue of secondary violations, they have been merely a bump in the road thus far.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, buy no prescription Stromectol online, Stromectol from canadian pharmacy, on the other hand, is now facing a decidedly more serious situation…

Findings of the NCAA Committee on Infractions

As a result of what the NCAA described as “Impermissible benefits obtained by student-athletes through misuse of the institution's textbook distribution program.” the University of Alabama is staring a real violation dead in the face—the NCAA’s penalty summary leaves little question about this:

Penalty Summary: Public reprimand and censure; three years of probation; vacation of records for all wins in which any of the seven involved football student-athletes competed while ineligible during the 2005-06 and 2007-08 academic years, Stromectol pics. Further in the sports of men's tennis, men's track and women's track the records of the 15 involved student-athletes shall be vacated and team point totals shall be reconfigured accordingly; the institution shall pay a fine of $43,900; annual compliance reporting required.

•  via: NCAA Legislative Services Database (emphasis added)

This penalty came about as a result of Alabama’s violation of three NCAA regulations: § 15.2.3 (“Books”); § ("General Rules on Extra Benefits"); and § 2.8.1 ("Responsibility of the Institution").  These rules, especially the two latter ones, are not merely fluff in the NCAA Manual, they are major rules, which is why Alabama was slapped—not on the wrist, but across the face—for its major violation of NCAA writ.

Major violations are broadly and somewhat cryptically defined as: “All violations other than secondary violations are major violations, specifically including those that provide an extensive recruiting or competitive advantage.”  (2008-09 NCAA Division 1 ManualPDF Document §  I am quite sure that Alabama is familiar with this definition, since the athletic programs at Alabama have had five major NCAA violations—four of which occurred since 1995.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="140" caption="A little light reading for athletes."][/caption]

While the definition of a “major violation” does, admittedly, leave a little to be desired in terms of clarity, the language of the NCAA’s Infractions ReportPDF Document is far less difficult to understand.  The report cites the involvement of “201 student-student athletes who received impermissible benefits...” from 16 different sports.  That’s right, 201 athletes!  Of that number 22 athletes were cited as being “intentional wrongdoers”. In other words enough people to fill an entire string of both the offensive and defensive squads of a football team.^ (Report, p, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Buy Stromectol from canada, 1)

The offenses were first discovered by a university bookstore employee in October of 2007 and totaled approximately $ 40,000 in improperly obtained textbooks.  (Report, Stromectol dose, Discount Stromectol, pp. 3, where to buy Stromectol, Stromectol from mexico, 6)  The majority of the violations arose from athletes obtaining non-required textbooks for free, which they in-turn gave to friends and family, Stromectol price. Rx free Stromectol, (Report, p, Stromectol brand name. What is Stromectol, 5)

Gee, it’s easy to see how that one didn’t get caught earlier.  I mean, Stromectol pics, Online buying Stromectol, most defensive linemen need three copies of Sandler’s Compendium of Chemical, Biochemical, Stromectol street price, Stromectol maximum dosage, and Engineering Thermodynamics

Ignoring the fact that there was a documented 30% spike in textbook costs charged to the Athletic Department—a fact which somehow went unnoticed for almost 3 years—once bookstore officials made the administration aware of the problem, Alabama did self-report the violation.  (Report, real brand Stromectol online, Stromectol for sale, pp. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, 1-2, 5-6)  The NCAA Infractions Report notes this and indicates that, in most circumstances, such violations can be adjudicated without a hearing, in Alabama’s case, however, that was not possible, “because of the institution’s status as a repeat violator.” On this point, the committee made itself abundantly clear:

Although the committee commends the institution for self-discovering, investigating and reporting the textbook violations, it remains troubled, nonetheless, by the scope of the violations in this instance and by the institution's recent history of infractions cases. In fact, Stromectol from canada, Buy cheap Stromectol, not only is the University of Alabama currently a "repeat violator," because of the 2002 case, Stromectol canada, mexico, india, Stromectol alternatives, it was also in a "repeat violator" status when that case was adjudicated and when a 1999 case was decided.

* * * * *

In fact, because of the institution's extensive recent history of infractions cases, herbal Stromectol, Stromectol dose, the committee strongly considered making a more serious finding of a lack of institutional control, rather than a failure to monitor.

•  NCAA Infractions ReportPDF Document, canada, mexico, india, Fast shipping Stromectol, p. 2 (emphasis added)

In other words: “Don’t even pretend you didn’t know better, about Stromectol, Buy cheap Stromectol no rx, and don’t complain about the penalty—you got lucky.”

In the end, the NCAA Committee on Infractions lowered the boom on Alabama and—though not mentioned—likely dodged the death penalty in football once again due to the fact that other sports were involved.

Meanwhile, Stromectol schedule, Stromectol without a prescription, back in Mr. Brand’s 3rd Period “Recruitin’, Footballin’ and You” Class

At the end of the day, I really take little joy in seeing Alabama hit with penalties.  Does it help Tennessee when recruiting against the Crimson Tide?  Sure it does, but it hurts the SEC as a whole when recruiting against other conferences.  Furthermore, the widespread perception that anything goes in the SEC is only bolstered by this most recent penalty—which increases the number of major violations committed by SEC member schools to a grand total of 49 (two of which belong to Tennessee) since 1953.  As much as I enjoy gigging the Tide for “cheatin’,” I have no desire re-live the whole “Fulmer Lied” fiasco of the decade.  While it would hardly surprise me to start hearing rumors that the Great Punkin was briefly employed as a bookstore cashier in Tuscalsoosa, it seems there is no one to blame but Alabama itself.  As I’ve said in the past, I am not exactly an Alabama hater—I'm not here to gloat over Alabama's shortcomings. Besides, I’d rather focus on what Tennessee does on the field than what the Tide does in the university bookstore.

On the other hand, given the frequency, severity, and seriousness of Alabama’s violations I do have one general question which bothers me.  Alabama has now had three major violations in less than a decade.  Alabama has been stripped of wins on multiple occasions in that time period.  Alabama has built a strong reputation of, at best, poor compliance and, at worst, cheating.

So why exactly is it that everyone keeps pointing their fingers at class-clown Tennessee?

I suppose I should not be bothered by this, given the general tenor of discussions by both mainstream media outlets and New Media (a/k/a “the blogosphere”) providers.  Still, at some level the outcry over Lane Kiffin holding faux-news conferences, letting recruits run through the tunnel in Neyland Stadium “improperly”, for wanton use of  Twitter, and all the other recent oversights by Tennessee that have raised the ire of the NCAA seems a bit overblown in comparison to what has obviously been occurring at Alabama.

Of course, Lane Kiffin is probably feeling pretty good about it though.  Now, Alabama has gotten itself kicked out of class—sent to the principal’s office for cheating.  Meanwhile, there’s Lane, standing at the front of the classroom for being a cut-up—a seemingly forgivable sin.

Sure, he has had to make a few apologies.  Sure, he has had to suffer a bit of embarrassment.  Sure, he has had to endure a few barbs from here and there.

But standing up there at the front of the class—the focal point of every single kid in the class—might not be that bad.  Maybe he's not the best behaved, but he's not really cheating.  What's more, he's now getting all that attention from all those recruits sitting behind him.  Maybe that’s why he takes so much time to carefully copy his sentences on the chalkboard.  Slowly.  Deliberately.  Methodically.

Yes, Lane has chalk all over him.

That and a great big smile…

-- So it goes …Email lawvol No McAlisters

Image(s) Courtesy ||  Statement on Fair Use

^ Note: The 22 “intentional wrongdoers” cited in the NCAA’s Infractions Report were not identified as being football players, and this is only used as an analogy.

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Antabuse For Sale

Antabuse For Sale, Well, I spent most all of my day involved in a matter before the appellate courts here in my home state, thus I haven’t really had a chance to put anything of substance together for today.

My client—a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks and an alum of the University of Arkansas—however, passed a little something along to me which, though short, seems more than worth passing along.  So, here you go:

How are maggots and the Alabama Crimson Tide similar?

They both can live off a dead Bear for twenty years…

Heh!  But judging from this most recent photo, looks like both Alabama and the maggots may be looking for a little more food soon.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="265" caption="The "Bear" in all his glory..."][/caption]

Yep, no prescription Antabuse online, Discount Antabuse, the Bear is looking a bit picked over…

-- So it goes…About Lawvol

Image(s) Courtesy
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Tramadol For Sale

The View From the Hill | Gate 21

Tramadol For Sale, In the eyes of rival fans and the so-called "outsiders," Lane Kiffin has made Tennessee football sort of an offseason laughing-stock. What with Kiffin's incorrectly calling Urban Meyer a cheater and the secondary violations and taking in Daniel Hood and the other stuff - I'll save you the recap - UT has been the brunt of jokes and criticism, Tramadol pics. Buy no prescription Tramadol online, Of course the beauty in this is that Kiffin doesn't give a you-know-what about any of it (as should Tennessee fans)...

And while many people are laughing (we Vol fans should like to think it's in fear) at Tennessee, you should feel free to go ahead and have a hearty chuckle at Auburn, Tramadol alternatives. Tramadol from canada, In case you had missed it this weekend, Gene Chizik and the Auburn coaching staff just hosted the first-ever "Big Cat Weekend" down on the Plains of eastern Alabama/western Georgia.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Auburn Big Cat Weekend, after Tramadol. Tramadol price, coupon, Good idea...rolling a tree after winning. Not so much..."][/caption]

If you remember the whole Tiger Prowl limo thing, this was sort of along those same lines of thinking outside the traditional cut-and-dry recruiting tactics and doing it a little differently, Tramadol For Sale. Basically, get Tramadol, Order Tramadol from United States pharmacy, the unofficial visitors just went to Auburn to enjoy a social weekend - with a pie-eating contest, video games, Tramadol for sale, About Tramadol, etc - with the Tiger coaches and players, culminating in a mock rolling of Toomers' Corner Saturday night.

Anyways, purchase Tramadol for sale, Order Tramadol online overnight delivery no prescription, a video of the proceedings made it's way on the internet. Here's the longer one from Rivals (you might need an account and be warned I had trouble getting it to work last night...) and the shorter one from YouTube, Tramadol dangers. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The guy introducing the players supposedly is former Vols RB/WR coach Trooper Taylor.

Now, Auburn's rivals have and are going to see this and see desperation for a program that's down (like Tennessee) and clearly the second-best program within the state of Alabama in the sense of recruiting and prospective futures, Tramadol street price. Buying Tramadol online over the counter, Most were laughing when Auburn hired Chizik (I was), but he's quietly gone about hiring a solid staff and recruiting pretty well for a transition, herbal Tramadol. Tramadol For Sale, While the desperation is true to an extent, I have no reasons for not liking the Auburn coaching staff's thinking because it's pretty creative. Buy Tramadol no prescription, It may look and sound silly, but the only people whose opinions are anywhere near relevant are the recruits, Tramadol results. Buy generic Tramadol, Remember when a story came out about Vol coaches' shirtless pump-up of visiting recruits. That may have gotten some grief, Tramadol images, Tramadol without a prescription, but if the recruits eat this kind of stuff up, then it's certainly positive, Tramadol class. Where can i find Tramadol online, In today's much-publicized, dog-eat-dog world of recruiting, online buying Tramadol hcl, Herbal Tramadol, anything within the rules goes.

Of course the part of this story that I'm thankful to Auburn for is the possibility/likelihood of secondary violations over the weekend. Now someone else gets that supposedly dubious label of having broken silly insignificant NCAA rules, Tramadol For Sale. So, Tramadol for sale, Buying Tramadol online over the counter, if these violations do come to light, someone else can get lambasted or a story on the ESPN front page, where can i cheapest Tramadol online. Tramadol price, coupon, Sure, getting some publicity has been a big story for Tennessee this offseason, cheap Tramadol no rx, Online buy Tramadol without a prescription, and any pub is good pub, but the recurring violations might not have been the smartest way of doing so, buy Tramadol without a prescription. Tramadol price, I would not have any issues with Kiffin, the staff and the team laying low for a little bit - at least until SEC Media Days in a couple months.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="100" caption="Mr, Tramadol pharmacy. Fast shipping Tramadol, South Florida"][/caption]

Before I forget, we should also thank Auburn for Eddie Gran, real brand Tramadol online. Tramadol For Sale, Then again, maybe thanking them isn't the right way of phrasing it, but either way, he came from Auburn and has been excellent at getting Tennessee noticed in the fertile recruiting land in southern Florida. Where to buy Tramadol, Nu'keese Richardson in the last class, Jose Jose and Ralph Williams for this upcoming class, order Tramadol no prescription, Purchase Tramadol online no prescription, and hopefully and likely more to come.

To close, as has been linked already, Auburn and Tennessee have a lot in common. In addition to a common hatred for the Bammers, both programs have just come off 5-7 seasons and hired new coaches. That said, when the Tigers visit Knoxville the first Saturday in October, it's a big swing game for Tennessee.

And I imagine Tennessee will take back the offseason spotlight from Auburn at some point in the next four months...

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: auburnsports.comut

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Lumigan For Sale

Headlines, Links & Lies | Gate 21

Rusty over at RTT has offered up 5 theories for Lane Kiffin's (a/k/a the Blackjack General) barb to Urban Meyer yesterday.  They are worth a read.  Rusty's theories started a rather interesting discussion on the subject.

Anyway, here are my two cents worth, which I originally posted over on RTT as a comment (with the addition of the video and image):

The comment on Meyer is simply a comment made to a closed group being taken out of context.  That is, Kiffin said “cheating” in the sense of “man, that’s some slimy stuff” but is was taken as “violation of codified NCAA and SEC rules and regulations.” In other words, he was speaking like a normal person and not like some degenerate lawyer (I can say that, I are one).

In the big picture, I think that there is a method to Kiff’s madness.  I think he realizes that the Tennessee fans need something to help rally them to “the flag,” which a little controversy will accomplish.

Furthermore, I think — rightly or wrongly — he perceives a belief among the fans that Tennessee has been the “nice guy fuddy-duddy” type for a long time and have never really stood its ground the way it could (See Charlie Brown).  I think that there is a definite feeling of this sort among many in the Big Orange fanbase.

I also think he believes that the opposite it true — that other coaches (especially Urban Meyer) have gotten used to walking on Tennessee and now feel an entitlement of sorts.  I think this is also true.  I think Kiff realizes that he has to stop that, and that the fans will gladly support him in this.

I also think — given who he has attacked and who he hasn’t (See Mark Richt, Houston Nutt, Rich Brooks, Les Miles, etc.) — that it is a calculated move to agitate those who simply cannot stand being agitated and love to agitate constantly.  Steve Spurrier was the master of this in the 1990s — and it was very effective.  Kiffin wants to try and begin to get in the heads of others who believe themselves to be mighty, but has notably spared the friendly sorts. After Lumigan, (Oh, and for the record, Lumigan reviews, Australia, uk, us, usa, Spurrier can take being agitated. In fact it often seems to make him respect others more, Lumigan trusted pharmacy reviews. No prescription Lumigan online, Plus, he was pretty affable in response to the whole recruiting test discourse.)

I think Kiff probably understands that the team might not fare well at first, but he is showing that he’s not willing to be pushed around now.  It’s the proverbial “knock me down, Lumigan without prescription, Discount Lumigan, and I’ll get back up and say it again, so you can knock me down, Lumigan images, Purchase Lumigan, so I can get up and say it again, till I get strong enough that you can no longer knock me down” approach (man what a run-on).

I also think that Kiffin is simply not the kind of guy who shirks from a challenge, Lumigan recreational, Lumigan steet value, and the staff he has assembled bears that out. (Compare Mr, Lumigan brand name. Edward Orgeron and … the World)  Call me crazy, but he almost has me believing that he can pull it off as well.

To be able to win, you have to first believe that you can win.  To take on the invincible, you have to believe you are invincible, Lumigan For Sale. Herbal Lumigan, (See This is Sparta)

Video:  300 - "This is Sparta"

Of course, I also believe that Elvis Presley is living in Vonore, buy generic Lumigan, Buy Lumigan from canada, Tennessee under the assumed name “Leyland T. Vegas” and that Plate Tectonics is all part of some nefarious Communist conspiracy

[caption id="attachment_2856" align="aligncenter" width="205" caption="Viva, where can i find Lumigan online, Where can i buy Lumigan online, Baby... Viva!"]Viva, <b>Lumigan blogs</b>, <b>Lumigan street price</b>, Baby... Viva![/caption]

At its basic level, doses Lumigan work, Lumigan description, however, Kiffin is accomplishing something — getting the fans and team ready for a fight and getting the media interested enough to show up and document it all, Lumigan cost. Where can i cheapest Lumigan online,

•  HT to / via:  Five theories about Lane Kiffin's jab at Urban Meyer | Rocky Top Talk

I suppose it all comes down to Jules Winnfield / Samuel L. Jackson's statement: "Oh, purchase Lumigan online, Lumigan dose, well allow me to retort..."

At any rate, the conversation has been interesting over there, online buying Lumigan, Real brand Lumigan online, and is worth a look (and perhaps a comment).

Image Courtesy ofElvis Impersonators Blog
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Much Like Last Year…Almost

The View From the Hill | Gate 21

So yesterday's 54-52 loss to Memphis hurts. Sure, it's less the day after, but I won't lie - I needed a couple hours to chill out and relax after exerting quite a bit of energy and emotion. Things go on and Tennessee has two more HUGE home games coming up this week in the SEC.

I don't want to spend too much time of why Tennessee lost, because the answer's pretty short one. Missed opportunities aplenty and just some untimely plays. Memphis was 11-of-14 on free throws, Tennessee was 14-of-23 from the line. Tyler Smith shot 5-of-18 from the field, many of them decent - and contested - looks. Wayne Chism didn't get the ball enough down the stretch - he only had 7 field goal attempts the entire game.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="310" caption="Tyler had a tough day, Wayne did not get the rock enough, and the guards disappeared offensively"][/caption]

Then there were a couple of lapses - J.P. Prince fouling Antonio Anderson's desperation three at the shot clock buzzer, the inexplicable lack of defense on Anderson's three at the end of the half, some late lapses on guarding Tyreke Evans when it was clear the Tigers were putting the ball and game in his hands down the stretch, and not feeding Chism the ball more, as I said before.

And obviously Tennessee got nothing from the guards - Bobby Maze, Scotty Hopson and Cam Tatum all practically didn't show up offensively and Tennessee isn't gonna win if all three of those guys fail to make their presence felt in games. Tennessee's won with just one of them stepping up, but not otherwise.

I did see solid defense yesterday. Yes, at times the Vols left Willie Kemp or Doneal Mack open for threes and failed to communicate on an Evans drive or the backdoor cut he converted for a three-point play early in the second half. For the most part the Vols held Memphis to jump shots, and the Tigers are not a jump-shooting team. Tennessee just failed to capitalize on the other end when they had chances. Give credit to Memphis defensively - their length inside and athleticism gave Tennessee (Tyler in particular) issues all day.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="213" caption="I doubt this little gesture will be forgotten Tyreke..."][/caption]

That said, as I've been thinking about yesterday's game the last 24 hours or so, I've noticed how similar this year's game was to last year - just with obviously more opposites. Tennessee got up 4-0 last year, Memphis scored the first two baskets this year.

While there wasn't a fast-paced, back-and-forth type first ten minutes of last year's game, both were fights to the end: tough, physical, grind-it-out games. It reached the 60s last year, but stayed in the 50s this year.

Memphis led by one at the half last year, and Tennessee undoubtedly was happy to only be down by just that after Memphis got a ridiculously hot start from outside. Yesterday, Memphis, with their best player in Evans out of the game after just 7 minutes with two fouls, got a stop when Tennessee looked to be on the verge of creating some space up 19-14 with the ball and the Anderson three and found themselves trailing - by just a point.

Last year, Tennessee made a second half run to take a lead, sparked by six straight from Prince. This year, Memphis started the second half on a 14-5 run, including a three-point play from Evans and a three from Mack.

Last year it was a freshman guard - Derrick Rose - that scored 23 on Memphis and was the Tigers' offense down the stretch. Yesterday, it another freshman guard - Tyreke Evans, who scored 14 of his 17 points in the second half, had the daggers to counter Tennessee runs and hit a clutch free throw at the end.

Rose led a run that put Memphis ahead late last year. For the trailing Vols, Chism rose to the occasion, scoring Tennessee's final 11 points, including a three that put the Vols behind by one at 51-50 with under four minutes to go.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="174" caption="Tyler vs. Dozier Part II - not as good for the Vols"][/caption]

And just like last year, the game came down to one possession, one shot: Tyler Smith vs. Robert Dozier. Of course, Smith converted over Dozier last year. Yesterday, Dozier wasn't going to let it happen, forcing a much longer shot that Tyler couldn't get to fall.

Fortunately for me, I won't be going to Memphis anytime soon, so my having to put up with the certain arrogance that Tigers fans are going to be showing will be limited. To those of you Vols that are less fortunate, you have my pity. I know your plight. Just remember this: we're still Tennessee, and they're still Memphis.

As for the team, there's no time to sulk over losing to Memphis. Though me and many of you wanted yesterday worse than anything else, the bottom line is that there's still bigger fish to fry. I know I'll be coming off as a homer and you might think I'm high or something, but Tennessee's still 3-1 in the league, with two of the top contenders in the league coming into Knoxville.

Without a doubt, both games are must-wins for the Vols.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Amy Smotherman Burgess / Knoxville-News Sentinel

The Sweetness

The View From the Hill | Gate 21

To many of you and to many Vols fans, Saturday afternoon is just another basketball game. Sure it's a big one: national TV, against a cross-state rival who's reloading after nearly winning a national title last season with a coach who's easy to dislike. But for me, it's different. It's the Memphis game. Probably the single game I want to win this season.

So why is Saturday afternoon not just another Tennessee basketball game, you ask? What is the big deal with Memphis? Well for one, as you may know I'm from the great city of Memphis. I grew up in the Memphis/Shelby County area and have been around that university and athletic program and their fans my entire life. That's the easy answer.

But it's more than that. Sure, I could now go into my reasons for really really not liking the Tigers (and almost did), but they don't get a post like Alabama did. You see, Memphis (the university) and I have a history. We go way back. To 1996...

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="The first time I saw Tennessee lose a game in person..."][/caption]

...on a cold gray day, my family and I sat in Liberty Bowl Stadium, me watching halfway in horror and halfway not really sure what was going on as it happened. Memphis scored a late TD to go up on Tennessee and Peyton Manning. Peyton tried to mount a saving drive, but ran out of time, and I stood there, watching throngs of blue pour onto the Liberty Bowl Stadium turf and swallowing up both goalposts.

I don't vividly remember crying, but I might have been, as I asked whoever would listen, "Can they do that?" I was a mere eight years old, and it was the first time I had seen Tennessee lose a game in person. That loss in no way scars me like some losses - LSU '01, Auburn '04, Vandy '05, Florida/Bama '07 - but it was simply the beginning.

While Memphis has only beaten Tennessee that one time (they have come close), the basketball rivalry is much diffrent. Honestly, I barely remember much of the games from the late 90s and early 2000s. I know there was minor scuffle in a game Tennessee won in Knoxville, and I remember Ron Slay nearly winning a game at the Pyramid himself. And to be honest, I'm not sure how much of a rivalry it really even was.

Until John Calipari and Bruce Pearl became coaches at each school and Tennessee threatened to stop playing the Tigers in football. However, these two are primarily responsible for knocking the Memphis-Tennessee feelings of dislike up a notch or two. The constant verbal sparring in the media - over if to play it, where to play, and the games themselves - has been a huge part of it, and there's no way the two like each other. I'm sure there's different arenas of thought as to why, but that's not for here.

I did go to the first game in the series between these two back in January 2006, when I was a senior in high school. In a week similar to this one Tennessee was about to embark on, the Vols were coming off a loss at LSU and hosting Florida - sandwiching a trip to Memphis.

Enter Dane Bradshaw. A Memphis native, he might have hiked up the anger of the Memphis faithful himself. In the Memphis paper, he was quoted as saying that he was more afraid of "a Memphis gangbanger in the stands than an LSU frat boy" or something to that effect. The game before, Dane had been the target of the LSU students' ridicule (when Bruce checked him late in the game, he walked the scorers' table and raised his arm like he won a boxing match), as he was everywhere - remember Florida's students and their pictures of Dane's sister?

Well most of the Memphis fans and students took it as a shot to them, and that he was calling them gang bangers. Boy, did those students have it out for Dane. The hate was pretty strong, most of the signs were directed at Dane, the "Memphis reject" chants loud and proud, and he was booed every time he touched the ball.

Truth is, Dane played at White Station High School in Memphis. His quote was seriously misinterpreted, as he played at a number of high schools in Memphis that were pretty rough - especially for a white boy. I know I'd probably have been scared playing there too, not gonna lie.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Making him angry is so much fun!"][/caption]

That was just the beginning of the Tennessee hate, and my first real experience with the growing Tennessee hatred. I had one guy turn around and stare me down after each time I cheered for my Vols. There was a verbal spar near the end of the game.. Seriously, the non-Memphis Tennessee fans might be the only ones who know how much Memphis fans on the whole (not everyone obviously) hate UT, the orange, Bruce Pearl, Memphians playing for the Vols (J.P.), Knoxville, and so on.

Maybe I was too young or naive, but I can't remember it being this way prior to that game or prior to Bruce Pearl's arrival. But it's a part of it now. I don't know if it stems from Calipari's public and obvious disdain and disliking of Tennessee, or what. But the animosity in the matchup is much more severe from the side in blue. Tennessee fans? On the whole don't care for or about Memphis. It's just the "little brother" school on down I-40 a ways.

Not for the Memphis fans. Not for me. You see, basketball is their sport. Their support and fervor for the team is incredible - boy, do they love their Tigers. And there might be the answer to the reason for the hate question: Tennessee, the football school, has beaten the Tigers at their sport two straight years. And they weren't your typical wins.

The game in Knoxville two years ago was Chris Lofton's coming-out party. He absolutely schooled Memphis that night, and I'm near convinced it's because the team came down my aisle that December night. I touched Chris' hand, and he scored 34. None of the Tigers could guard him. You're welcome.

As fun as that was, it couldn't touch last season. I had the privilege of going to the game to cover it for the UT student radio station (WUTK), as I was on the staff for the sports show that was on every weeknight. I got to sit on press row, go to the media room, free food, drinks - all in a fresh-looking suit. There was just one problem: as a member of the media, I had to be professional. I had to be an objective observer.

Honestly, I did better than I thought I would. But damn, was it hard. That game was, without an inkling of doubt, was the best, most electric, most heaated atmosphere for a basketball game that I've ever been to - by far. Yes, better than the big homes game in Knoxville. Keeping contained during the fast first 10 minutes was impossible.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="The phone picture from my press row seat last February"][/caption]

Was it the beautiful FedEx Forum? Was it the #2 vs. #1 matchup? ESPN GameDay in the house? Peyton and Priscilla there too? Yes, all of that. But the kicker to me was the angst and absolute desire from the Memphis fans for their guys to beat the ever-living crap out of the visitors in orange. The Vols? Bruce and the team had said it all week leading up to the game, and I know they meant it: winning the SEC was the main and primary goal.

After Chris Douglas-Roberts scored on a transition lay-up with a couple minutes left, the Tiger fans could feel it. It hadn't been pretty, but they had sent their hated visitors back home. Or so they had thought. But then Tyler Smith scored. And Memphis couldn't capitalize on three offensive rebounds. Robert Dozier and Joey Dorsey fought themselves to the ground over a rebound - that's a travel. Tyler scored again over Dozier for the lead. Antonio Anderson was off on a driving shot in the lane.

And then the kicker: J.P. Prince, one of their own, a Memphian, from the same high school as Dane, the guy who had single-handedly led a spurt that put the Vols on top midway through the second half, amidst trash talk from Dorsey, hit two free throws. A 40% shooter with a bum shoulder. I was sitting with a couple Tennessee-affiliated guys on press row. None of thought he'd even make one.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="J.P. punked his hometown team last year"][/caption]

You know the rest. That place got real real quiet. From so much excitement to sheer silence. Me, trying to contain myself, found one of my roommates in the stands below me and smiled at him as he was leaving in the sea of blue. As the team ran to and through the tunnel to the locker room below me, I could only raise a fist in the air with a huge grin on my face.

The hate's probably at a whole other level now.

I know they went on and had even more heartbreak with the title game with the free throw fails, not fouling when up three and Mario Chalmers (thank you Mario, by the way), but what was their only other loss? Tennessee. Don't think for a second the Memphis fans, players and coach don't remember that February night.

So why do I want to win so much more Saturday afternoon? Why is beating Memphis at their game so much sweeter for me than the majority of Vols fans?

Simple. I know how much it kills them to lose to Tennessee. I know how much they'll hate it when I fly my orange T flags when I go home. Don't lie - it's fun being hated. Besides, if you're hated, you must be doing something right...

And all of that, my friends, is why the sweetness of a win Saturday will be much more for me.

-- About Home Sweet Home... ... to me.

Images Courtesy of: Univ. of Memphis MagazineWade Payne / AP (Daylife)Bleacher Report
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