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On the Scene: Live from Georgia v. Tennessee

On the Scene... Live from the Gate | Gate 21

Posted in Realtime via Smartphone

On the heels of my last attempt at liveblogging, once again I will be posting comments throughout the today’s game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Georiga Bulldogs in real time via Twitter.  I imagine, as things progress, that I may trail off a bit and my battery will likely conk out at some point.  Furthermore, given the logjam on the cell towers at Neyland Stadium, things may not get through.  Either way, I will be (trying) to post my thoughts throughout the day in case any of you care.

Here’s the conversation (you may need to hit refresh to update):

Something isn’t working, but I will still be updating and posting on Twitter at the link below or in the widget at the bottom of this column.

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On the Scene: Live from the Auburn Game

On the Scene... Live from the Gate | Gate 21

Posted in Realtime via Smartphone

Well, today I am going to try to add a few comments throughout the game on here as they occur via Twitter.  I imagine that, as things progress, I may trail off a bit.  Furthermore, this may not work at all.  One way or the other, I will be posting my thoughts — via Twitter — throughout the day and evening in case any of you care.

Here’s the conversation (you may need to hit refresh to update):

Live from the Auburn Game

  • #Kiffin is the #Vols coach, and is having to call it like he sees it. Won’t question sticking with #Crompton, but … well … you know. 1 day ago
  • RT @Nastinchka: “I’ve never really hated Auburn, but I now hate their band for playing over the Waltz.” Well said… 1 day ago
  • I was actually pretty happy with #Vols defense #Berry 14 tackles and #McCoy with 16, passing game, was like drinking sewage without sugar 1 day ago
  • Wow, words really fail. Offense looked decent in last 6:00, but I really think the #Vols should think about scoring earlier 1 day ago
  • At least the #Vols O line is fresh — spent most of the game on bench. 1 day ago
  • Obviously #Auburn paid the refs more than the #Vols did 1 day ago
  • Hardesty has looked good. Despite the passing game 1 day ago
  • Battery dying. More after game… 1 day ago
  • I imagine #Vols defense is exhausted … and #Crompton can’t figure out why the gravity is off in the stadium 1 day ago
  • Just run it #Vols 1 day ago

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Here goes nothing…

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On Fulmer’s Departure…


Having just seen Coach Fulmer’s press conference, all I can say is that while I do believe it was time, that was one of the saddest moments I’ve ever experienced as a Tennessee fan…

More to come in a few. For now, I’ll just say thank you to Coach Fulmer for everything he has done for Tennessee.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you…


On the Scene: Thoughts on Nick Stephens

{{scene-1}}Posted from: Some field in Eastern North Carolina

Today, I am still sick as a dog, and trying to figure out whether I am going or coming and I am currently in the middle of nowhere…

Be that as it may, I wanted to mention the fact that the Great Punkin made it official this afternoon that Nick Stephens will start for the Vols at quarterback this weekend against Northern Illinois. Go Vols Xtra, Basilio, and RTT all have the story.

More on this as soon as I get a chance to grab my laptop and an internet connection. Until then, I’ll just say that — from my perspective — this is good news.

Perhaps the Tennessee Volunteers season re-starts this weekend.

More to come…

On the Scene… Breaking Down the Breakdown: Florida vs. Tennessee (Postgame)

Posted From: Section Y7Neyland Stadium and Somewhere on I-40
Well, that was fun (note scarcasm)…

The Tennessee Volunteers lose to the Florida Gators for the fourth year in a row. More accurately, the Tennessee offense lost to Florida for the fourth year in a row. The defense, though hardly perfect (especially on the first Florida offensive series) did, in my opinion play well enough to win (allowing only 248 yds). It should have been a 20-14 Florida lead at halftime, but the Tennessee offense, looked abysmal in the orange zone throughout the day. In the end, I stick to my prior belief that our defense is really quite impressive (especially Eric Berry who refused to quit) — the offense looks like Vanderbilt under Gerry DiNardo.

Tennessee managed 84 yards rushing, and actually showed the ability to pass — the source of most of Tennessee’s yardage. That passing ability was, however, horribly erratic and unreliable. Despite gaining more total yards (256 yds to Florida’s 248 yds), the Vols gave up 3 turnovers (2 of which were inside the 3-yard line) that squelched all hopes of coming from behind. Florida’s press coverage wreaked havoc on the Orange & White and, again, showed Jonathan Crompton‘s lack of experience, field awareness, and a bunch of other important attributes which currently elude me.

Tennessee is not a very good team — a good defense, perhaps — but not a good team.
Oh yeah, it doesn’t appear that the UCLA game was a fluke…
Bullet points to come shortly, after the Great Punkin gives his post-game interview (which he doesn’t appear to want to do)…

- I particularly enjoyed the attempted 2-point conversion where Crompton managed to complete a pass to Center Josh McNeil who was sitting on the ground 3 feet in front of him.

- Brandon Warren, again had limited playing time at tight end, despite making a decent pick up in the 1st half. For the life of me, I don’t know why. Credit Luke Stocker, however, who played well today and thus sheds the “Skillet Hands Award.”

- Penalties were a killer for the Vols, but apparently the officials didn’t want it to be too big. The officials called offsetting personal fouls on more than one occasion — the last coming with 1 minute to go in the 3rd Quarter. Tennessee still gave Florida multiple 1st downs on penalties.

This Tennessee team needs a leader — someone needs to step up. Seeing Al Wilson, who was honored prior to kickoff made that all the more apparent. The defense appears to have a leader in the form of Eric Berry, but there needs to be someone on offense as well. There needs to be an upperclassman to get this team focused and to get the troops rallied. This team also needs to be better coached — there is no way around it. The defense did not quit this year, that was a positive. The offense, however, never really even showed up.

On a personal note, I am now 3-8 in games against Florida which I personally attended. More importantly, with this win Florida has now evened the series between the schools at 19 wins each. It’s going to be a long week getting ready for Auburn.

More to come in the next 24 hours…

On the Scene… Live from the Gate: Florida vs. Tennessee (1st Half)

Posted From: Section Y7Neyland Stadium
- 7:35 – 1st: Huge Stop on 3rd down by the defense. 10-0 Florida, but at least we’re still in it.
- 1:00 – 1st: Are we still alive after that runback? Lord, do we need Touchdown.
- End of 1st: If our offense can just figure out how to continue to move the ball we have a chance. In case you didn’t know – Brandon Warren is a stud.

-10:10 – 2nd: Our offense is just mind boggling. Advance 97 yards only to fumble on the freakin’ 3-yard line. What do we have to do? Should have paid the refs more.

-HALFTIME: Well, so far the best thing about the game has been watching Smokey dance to “Thriller” with the Band. The Vols have made it to the 2 and the 3 and have zero points. The inability of the offense to finish the deal in the Orange zone is absolutely unbelieveable.
I’m not giving up, but the reality is that it appears that this game is over.
At the half Florida: 20 Tennessee: Nada, Nichts, Zilch.
At least they brought out Bruce and the Barbarians and Pat and the Lady Vols to keep people from leaving.
The call-in shows are sure going to be interesting…
Phone battery is low — may only have a few updates left until the fat lady sings…

Now, It’s Time…

The team is in the locker room. Time for the maxims…
Band on the field…

Are you ready?


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