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Here's my ballot for this week's CBS Sports BlogPoll Top 25 hosted by -- as you might imagine -- CBS Sports.

Week 9

Through 25 October 2009

Buy Synthroid Without Prescription, Things stabilized a bit this week in the world of college football, but there was still a little shuffling as a few teams took it in the teeth and others managed to hang on when it looked like all was lost.   Thus, below are the changes to my BlogPoll Top 25 ballot for Week 9.  Most of these should be fairly obvious.  Either way, here it is:

My Ballot for the Week

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama --
2 Texas --
3 Florida --
4 Southern Cal --
5 TCU --
6 Iowa 2
7 Penn State 1
8 LSU 1
9 Cincinnati --
10 Boise State --
11 Oklahoma State 1
12 Mississippi 1
13 Georgia Tech 1
14 Oregon 1
15 Pittsburgh 1
16 Ohio State 2
17 Virginia Tech --
18 Houston 2
19 Miami (Florida) 8
20 Oklahoma 1
21 Utah 1
22 South Carolina 3
23 Notre Dame --
24 Arizona NR
25 West Virginia NR
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#19), Kansas (#24).

Explanations after the jump...

Comments, Explanations, and Excuses

Here are the high-points of the week's changes:

bullet Minimal Changes near the top:

Despite nearly getting beat by my Tennessee Volunteers (NR), the Alabama Crimson Tide (1) remains atop my ballot.  The same is true for the Florida Gators (3) who were seriously tested by the Mississippi State Bulldogs (NR).  The only changes near the top of my poll come in the form of the Iowa Hawkeyes (6) jumping both the Penn State Nittany Lions (7) and the LSU Tigers (8).  This is not due to the fact that I think that Penn State or LSU were disappointing this weekend, but rather represents a tip of the hat to the Hawkeyes who are now 8-0 for the first time in school history.  Making it to 8-0 has to count for something (even if it has been ugly).

bullet The Slide and Shuffle:

The only other real changes this week occur as the result of the Miami Hurricanes (19) upset lost to the Clemson Tigers (NR) which never should have happened, and the losses of both the Kansas Jayhawks (NR) and the Texas Tech Red Raiders (NR) to the Oklahoma Sooners (20) and the Texas A&M Aggies (NR) respectively.  And Texas Tech should be ashamed of themselves…

bullet Returners & First Timers:

The new faces this week include the return of the West Virginia Mountaineers (25) and the debut of the Arizona Wildcats (24) for the first time this season.  Why are they the new faces this week?  Well, they, … uhhh … won some games and stuff.  I’m sure you’d be amazed by it, if you knew what it was.  Suffice it to say that I was.

Parting Thoughts

Having taken the time to consider my feeble attempt at ranking the powers in college football, feel free to try and convince me that I am wrong -- which is part of the way the BlogPoll is supposed to work.  I promise that I will consider all insults comments.

You can view the final results of this week's poll over at CBS Sports later this week and check out an analysis of how the collective blogging brain-trust arrived at this week's result. If you're craving even more BlogPoll goodness, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Is Synthroid addictive, you can also check out how other bloggers voted and see how your team fared across the Blogosphere.

-- So it goes…About Lawvol

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