SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 9

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Week 9

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, I never got around to posting my ballot for the SEC Power Poll last week (which I did cast)due to the fact I was in the midst of the trial from hell. At present, and much to my dismay, I am still in trial, but figure I can only blame the legal system for so much of my slack. Thus, here’s my ballot for the week in the SEC Power Poll, but since I forgot to save my ballot for last week, I cannot remember what position everyone was in last week, thus all of the changes are omitted. Sorry about that — feel free to sue me, I’m more than up to it.

Here it is, my darlins:





The Alabama Crimson Tide more than made the Vols Rah-spect their author-itah by trouncing the Big Orange in Knoxville.  Bama looks to be the team to be down the stretch.


I was impressed with the Georgia Bulldogs victory over LSU and the “The Hat.”  As I figured from the outset, the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party will determine the East.  My money is on the Dawgs.


So much for Urban Meyer not running up the score inside the conference.  Of course with the way UK played the Florida Gators would have had to take a knee on 1st down to avoid scoring.  Georgia won’t be so easy.


That one smarted. The LSU Tigers took it in the teeth courtesy of the Bulldogs this week.  They are likely out of the BCS race, but are still likely to have a chance to pound on the Ohio State Buckeyes in a bowl game, so there’s that.


South Carolina Gamecocks coach Steve “the Ole Ball Coach” Spurrier has been waiting all year for this week — another chance to face his old foe, the Great Punkin.  Enjoy it while you can, Steve, given the news coming out of Knoxville, it’ll likely be your last chance.


Given their special teams play this past week, I think it would probably be wise for the Kentucky Wildcats to simply start going for it on 4th Down every time.  It might also be wise to drink for several days in advance to dull the pain.  Still, they’re 5-3, and that counts for something.


Things looks so much different for the Vanderbilt Commodores than they did just a few weeks ago.  Bowl eligibility is now looking shaky — still it’s just one win away. It’s still possible … right?


The Very Reverend Houston Nutt has the Ole Miss Rebels at 4-4. A win against Auburn this weekend will put them in good shape to finish with a winning season.  A nice improvement over last year.


The Mississippi State Bulldogs were understandably upset after losing to the imploding Vols, and took it out on another team from Tennessee.  The Cowbell Clan might just be able to repeat it this week versus the Wildcats.


I suppose the Auburn Tigers spent to much dreaming of John Denver and his “Country Roads” to notice that they had a game to play against the Mountaineers.  I think it’s fair to say that the wheels have come off.


As for the Tennessee Volunteers, umm … errr … you know … damn!

No comment…


Well, at least the Arkansas Razorbacks kept it respectable against the Rebels.  Though still lousy, the Hogs continue to improve under “Bobby P” who, after 8 games, now has enough time in at UA to qualify for retirement under his contract.

I figure this one is fairly self explanatory.

The Rest of the Power Poll

Now that you have wasted your time looking at my ballot, go check out what everybody else is saying over at Garnet and Black Attack. I will try to throw a link later in the week once the final version is up.

Don’t you just hate lawyers?  God knows I do …

– Go Figure …Email lawvol

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