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Of Course There’s More Than Just Five…

As a current student at the beloved University of Tennessee, I guess I fit into that whole “new breed” of Tennessee fan. You know, the one that woos in Rocky Top (click here for all that) and hates Florida more than anything else.

While my hatred for the Gators is obviously high, I’ve gone and accepted the fact that the Vols just can’t consistently ever beat Florida. I hate Georgia quite a bit as well thanks to my venture down to Athens my freshman year (2006). It’s pretty much those three and a gap to everybody else, at least in terms of my SEC hatred. However, as I realized it’s Alabama week and Tennessee’s 0-for-2 against the aforementioned teams I hate, I came to this conclusion:

I really really hate Alabama the most.

To crush any hopes they have of an unbeaten season would be the highlight of this otherwise awful, painful football season. So, in an attempt to fire myself – as well as you, the faithful readers here at Gate 21 – up for Saturday night’s showdown, here’s my five major reasons I hate the Alabama Crimson Tide

1. Alabama cheated/cheats and blames Phil Fulmer for it.

Obviously, cheaters never prosper. It’s funny that Tide fans hate a man who was simply doing his civil duty. Not only that, but it wasn’t like any other SEC coaches weren’t behind Fulmer’s turning in the cheating Tide to the NCAA.

Of course we all know well Alabama’s history of cheating. It’s hilarious to me that they get caught. Look, “helping out recruits” goes on plenty of places. Remember, it’s only cheating if you get caught. It’s much like speeding down I-40 between Knoxville and Memphis for me…

The outward excuse of the Tide fans for hating Fulmer is of course his part in turning them in. I think it’s much deeper than that. I know Alabama’s won two of three, but Fulmer has a great record against them. Either that or they deny that there was ever any cheating was done…

No, you do not

2. “Got Twelve?” t-shirts and Houndstooth apparel…

I actually saw some guy in TRECS – that’s Tennessee’s rec center for students (it’s WAY nice) – with one of these on, which reminded me of this. It’s so typical of an Alabama fan: it involves lying/cheating, since the Tide (a) haven’t won 12 legitimate national titles and (b) it involves living in the past. In my lifetime, Alabama has been a middle-of-the-road SEC program, much like Tennessee is becoming, sadly enough.

I remember the Tide losing to Northern Illinois and Central Florida. I remember their 1997 loss to Tim Couch and Kentucky. I remember beating them 9 out of 10 years. One of my earliest Tennessee memories was the 1995 rout in Birmingham (below = owned). They’ve had something like seven different head coaches in my lifetime.

It looks stupid...

The houndstooth crap goes right along with it. Houndstooth reminds Bammers of the Bear Bryant days, when they were relevant (I will state the obvious that they are becoming relevant again…crap). Hats, shirts, Bear Bryant hats – it makes me sick.

And of course there’s those two Bammer fans with the toilet paper/Tide box on-a stick. I wish I was them, they are so incredibly cool…I hope I see one in Knoxville Saturday so I can laugh at them…

YouTube Preview Image

3. 2006

Flashback time. Third quarter, underdog Alabama has just scored thanks to a “catch” from D.J. Hall to take a 13-9 lead on Tennessee. Ensuing kickoff, LaMarcus Coker gets tackled along the far sideline from me, and doesn’t get up. Turns out it was a knee injury that took him out of the game.

During the injury timeout while Coker is being tended to, the stadium is quiet as it usually is for injuries. That is, until the Bama fans start get their stupid “Rooollll Tide!” chant going. While a Tennessee player is hurt. That’s class, folks. Hell, even the Georgia fans were quiet when Jason Allen was nearly cut in half by Leonard Pope the year before, and I don’t know if I’ve actually ever met a classy UGA fan.

If you saw the game or were there, you of course remember the UT students’ response: a loud, resounding, lengthy “F*** You Bama” chant that had to be heard on CBS. Tennessee went on to win that game, and I wasn’t nice to any Bammers I saw afterwards – old people, women, adults, anybody.

4. 2005 and 2007

I’ve made two trips to Tuscaloosa in my life, for both of the past two Tennessee games. The 6-3 loss in 2005 was the one that really doomed the rest of the season in my opinion, since Tennessee did everything but win that game.

Cory Anderson’s fumble happened in the end zone right in front of me. I thought it was six and bye-bye to Alabama’s then-unbeaten record. Of course, shortly after that, Brodie Croyle – how he was still alive after the beating he took that day I’ll never know – throws a prayer to Hall which sets up the game-winner.

As tough as that was, last year was worse. Here’s why: the Firehouse Subs right by Bryant-Denny screwed my buddy out of his sandwich, making us nearly miss kickoff; the game was at freakin’ 11:30 in the morning; our seats sucked; our coaches forgot how to coach; we lost 41-17.

There would be a book about it...

Unlike ’05, you don’t have to deal with the stupid Bammers when you leave with 10 minutes left in the game as opposed to right after a close one. The loss appeared completely catastrophic at the time, but even looking back it’s still bad, especially after having been to Gainesville earlier that year for the 59-20 beating the Vols took…

5. And finally, as a result from Reason #4, that stupid Rammer Jammer chant.

It’s still ringing in my head. For as stupid as Ole Miss’ Hotty Toddy is, this Bammer chant sucks so much more. I heard it nonstop leaving BDS in 2005 and I could hear it during the long walk from the nosebleeds through the parking lot last year. If I have to hear this crap ring through Neyland Stadium late Saturday night, I’m going to become really belligerent.

Of course, I can’t not post this YouTube video of this Alabama fan hating on Tennessee. I laugh every time I watch it, and I know it’s old and cliche, but I feel compelled to post it, if, for no other reason, than the feelings are reciprocal…

YouTube Preview Image

Well there you have it. There’s of course plenty more reasons I hate the Crimson Tide (an Elephant? Seriously?). I hope Smokey bites another Tide player in warmups, as he did to Mike McCoy (who’s still playing, actually) in 2006. I absolutely cannot wait to boo them Saturday night, and I hope and pray we miraculously dominate them.

Of course I’m leaving some out, so I encourage you the reader to leave some comments with your own reasons for hating Alabama.

Images Courtesy of: thecollegestore.comRobert H. Spain / Bleacher ReportBarnes and Noble

About the Author: I'm from Memphis but I'm now entering my third year at the University of Tennessee here in Knoxville. I am majoring in Journalism/Electronic Media and hope to go into sports broadcasting/writing/something like that. I'm a huge Vol fan and have been going to games for as long as I can remember. I started my on blog called "The View From The Hill" but moved here to Gate 21 for bigger and better things. In addition to my passion for Tennessee football and basketball, I enjoy watching the NFL and the NBA as well. Basically, sports are a big part of my life. >> Read more from this author

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21 Responses to “Five Reasons I Hate Alabama”

  • SOTHNo Gravatar says:

    View, great list.

    You’re so young, though. How can you hate a team so much that we’ve absolutely dominated throughout your Tennessee fandom? (7 straight from 95-01, and 9 of 10 from 95-04)

    I hate Alabama because during my formative years, we could not beat them, no matter how much “better” we were than them. They had our number, and they knew it. They stood for everything that was evil.

    I hate that they made us play SO, SO, TIGHT. Think Fulmer plays not to lose? Majors vs. Alabama was the absolute definition of “not to lose.”

  • Home Sweet HomeNo Gravatar says:

    being a part of this game the last three years – as it’s been less dominating by the Vols – has raised the hatred. it’s not just hating them because I’m a Tennessee fan and I’m supposed to

    the better way to put it is that I hate Alabama, Georgia, ad Florida all much MUCH more than just about anybody else in the SEC. I hope all three lose every time they play. and I’ve hated the Gates probably the longest in the same sense that Bammer was for you, SOTH – they are in our heads now something fierce…

  • DanNo Gravatar says:

    I hate ‘bama too. The new ‘bama fans, most of them born after the Bear died, think they know it all. The old ‘bama fans were gracious in victory or defeat.

    So ‘new-bammers think on this, Saban isn’t the Bear by a long shot. Saban can coach, no doubt about that, but you’ve sold your football soul to the devil. Nick Saban is cocky and has a bad temper but Paul Bryant had class and was respected as a man not just a coach.

  • TiderinMSNo Gravatar says:

    To Dan. . .

    Bear died in 82, so unless you were 13 years old or older in 82, you don’t remember Bear. That basically means most Bama fans under age 40 have no recollection of anything Bear Bryant ever did. I’m 24 and most of my Bama friends could care less about Bryant, I hear more about him from opposing fans than I ever do my friends or fellow fans. It’s great the he helped build so much tradition, but other than that, we could care less. None of us think Saban is Bear, because we never saw/heard Bear. Saban is Saban and most of us hated him before he got here for the same reasons you hate him now, he’s a helluva coach and he is relentless in all he does.

    To the author,

    Most of your reasons for hating Bama are valid in the sense that you at least have an argument. If I were trying to be unbiased I could understand most of them except for #2 and #3. If you had won 12 National Titles you’d be proud of it too. And you can say we haven’t won 12, that’s fine, your an opposing fan, so of course you don’t want to give full credit. As I’m sure you know/have been told, we could claim 21, but we don’t. Most major organizations recognize 12, which is why we claim 12. To say you hate us because we’re proud of what our University has accomplished is ridiculous. Honestly I could do without the t-shirts, but to say we shouldn’t be proud of our tradition or accomplishments is crazy. Why would they play the game and award championships if we didn’t care? The houndstooth is a neat new thing. I know Bryant had the houndstooth hat, but again, I could care less. Crimson is great, but it’s nice to have something else to compliment it. A houndstooth tie and a crimson button down shirt on gameday looks pretty sharp to me. So what if it pays homage to the past? You can hate it if you want, but if you hate Bama because of clothing, well, you have more to worry about than most fans.

    As for #3 on your list, that’s a little unfair. If you noticed the Bama fans cheered when Coker got up off the field just like any fanbase ever has when a player gets up. Just like they’ve cheered ANY opposing player anytime they’ve ever managed to get up and make it off the field. You’ll always have idiot fans on both sides of the game who want to see players go down, but to say an entire fanbase cheered when one of your players went down is ridiculous. At least be fair.

  • Home Sweet HomeNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys..I like to see somebody’s reading my thoughts…

    the reason I’m bothered by the shirts and hats is not necessarily the “appreciation of tradition.” we have a pretty solid tradition here at UT as well. it’s just that to Alabama fans – like Kentucky fans in basketball – embrace their tradition too much. until this year, all that tradition got you was a middle-of-the-road SEC program. 21 titles, 12 titles – irrelevant because Bama hasn’t won much the last few years (yes, I’m aware of Tennessee’s current drought). that’s more what I meant, and this of course is just my opinion…

    as for #3, yes the Alabama fans might have cheered when Coker got up. but WHILE HE WAS DOWN was when nearly the entire contingent of Bama fans – at the least the ones in the upper deck to my left – started chanting. believe me, I was there, it wasn’t just a small group – it was very loud. otherwise, our students wouldn’t have responded the way they did..

    Tider, best of luck Saturday night, hope we can give you guys a good game

  • TvolbrownNo Gravatar says:

    As a long time Vol, I cherish the UT-Bama series as being one of the best rivalries in all of college football. General Neyland, The Bear, Johnny, the long parade of Bama coaches, Coach Fulmer, Saban, what a history. What gets me with the Bama fans is they still live in the past and I would bet that most of them think that the Bear is going to come back at anytime. They just don’t get it that he is dead and ain’t coming back.

    There is no doubt that Bama fans, for whatever reason, absolutely want Fulmer hung in the city square. They blame him for all their ills regardless of the fact that Logan Young was TRIED and CONVICTED of cheating in regards to the Albert Means recruitment. I lived in Memphis at the time, have never followed recruiting to any degree and even I was aware that Alabama was “buying” Albert Means. Plus, it was SAINT STEVE – the ole ball coach from Florida – who turned Bama in at the time with Houston Nutt from Arkansas right behind them. Why Bama fans can’t just admit they cheated, got caught, served their time and have obviously moved on (after several false starts with former star Bama players) is beyond me.

    This is a great and storied rivalry. I have a wonderful painting of Johnny Jones 60-year TD run in the 1983 game at Birmingham on my wall. I was there in the student section in 1982 when UT finally ended the Bama winning streak in what was the last game the Bear stood on the sideline in Neyland Stadium. I cannot even count the # of UT-Bama games in my lifetime. There have been so many great players to participate in this storied series.

    And, for any long-time Vol fan like myself, there is nothing more satisfying than beating Alabama on the 3rd Saturday in October (although we are playing this game on the 4th Saturday this year).

    Go Big Orange and Roll Tide Roll, around the bowl and down the hole, Roll Tide Roll.

  • rollntiderNo Gravatar says:

    you guys call us delusional? never heard such slanted half truthed propaganda since the Iraq minister.

  • lawvolNo Gravatar says:

    Propaganda? What propaganda? You are clearly a godless infidel — we speak only the truth. All who say otherwise are liars speaking with the forked tongue of the devil…

    But seriously, as I said a few months back I HATE Florida. I hate to lose to Alabama. That distinction matters, and it is one grounded in respect.

    I remember the Bear (hell, I wrote a term paper on him in 8th grade about how he was the greatest coach ever), and though I may cheer like mad for my Vols in the stadium, I’m more than happy to sit down with the Tide faithful and regale football stories together.

    Alabama to me is my most despised rival, my most respected opponent, and one-half of the equation that produces Dixie’s Great Football War.

    In other words, everything Florida will never be…

  • Roll TideNo Gravatar says:

    First off, I must admit I’m one of the few Alabama fans who truly doesn’t despise Tennessee in terms of sheer hatred and disrespect.

    I’m 20 years old and in my 20 years of existence, I’ve come to realize Tennessee IS Alabama’s biggest rival opposed to Auburn being our most hated rival.

    I have the utmost respect for The University of Tennessee and regardless of poor performance on their behalf this year, I’m still more nervous going into this game than I was the Georgia game.

    I hope this can yet again be another class showdown with two traditional SEC titans and I hope in the forthcoming future that this rivalry will once again reign supreme over all the others, considering it has lost its flavor over the years due to mishaps on our behalf and such.

    Good luck to you guys this Saturday and Roll Tide!

  • BG ScottNo Gravatar says:

    Just for your information: one of the roll tide “tide box” fans died of cancer a couple of years ago. the other fellow has been so grief stricken by the loss of his friend that he no longer attends the games.

  • Home Sweet HomeNo Gravatar says:

    well said, Roll Tide. I wouldn’t worry too much about us, of course that’s until hell freezes over and Berry plays offense. I mean can it get much better? a Saturday night showdown between two long-time SEC rivals in the crisp fall air of eastern Tennessee…

    and I know it’s probably hard to believe me (based on above post) when I say there is some degree of respect with this rivalry. let me put it this way: I do have relatively more respect for this rivalry than I do for the games against Georgia and Florida each year

  • AlanbamaNo Gravatar says:

    A few things that must be cleared up. First, most Bama fans DO NOT live in the past…however ALL of our rivals like to say we do. 99.9% of Bama fans are clearly in the present and haven’t lived in the past for well over 10 years now.

    I’m 46 and I lived through the Bryant/Bama Glory days and the National Title Argument that you and others like you make is ludicrious. Why? Because just like UT claims to have won 6 national titles, most of those were, like 5 of Bama’s NOT concensus #1′s but rather a well respected poll of that day picking you #1. If you don’t believe me, just check on UT’s own website. They’ll show you WHICH poll said they were #1 for a given year. Bama as was mentioned above, COULD claim 21, however we only recognize 12 because that is what the NCAA gives us credit for. So stop the crap about our 12 titles and be proud of your 6! Or, if you want to take some of ours away, then start taking yours away as well and you’ll end up with 2 rather than 6 you claim if you’re only going to give credit for AP titles.

    Check it out here:

  • Robbie JohnsonNo Gravatar says:

    f**k man, im a football fan and on top of that a georgia bulldog fan, but i hate alabama too
    edited: language

  • TennesseeBeeNo Gravatar says:

    I hate them, because as one poster said, that stretch where we couldn’t beat them, I worked at the steam plant in Cumberland City,Tn and it was overrun by boilermakers straight from Muscle Shoals and we were the minority in our own state! And they wrote that Roll Tide shit all over the walls. It was terrible. When an interim hc Fulmer beat the Tide, that, and that alone, lost Majors his job. But I hate the Gators more than anyone. They are talented, but when we manage to out-talent them, they out-luck us.

    • heyvolNo Gravatar says:

      Please refresh my memory. When did an “interim hc Fulmer” beat Alabama? Unless I’m having a major (no pun) senior moment, I believe Majors returned for the Arkansas game which was the game BEFORE Alabama. We proceded to LOSE to Arkansas, Alabama, and South Carolina. That was a huge part of Majors dismissal, not “interim hc Fulmer” beating Alabama, because it never happened.

  • ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    Good read. As an LSU fan I can say I’ve had to deal with the Alabama faithful. Bear Bryant was a legend but he’s been gone since 1982!

    Move on!

    I can only hope Kiffin’s crew beats the Great Saban this fall. Make it happen.

  • 2 Seasons 12-0 This SEC Title is ours… And of course The Long Horns are going to the Butcher shop, Alabama WILL BE BCS Nation Champs this year… You people keep talkin smack about the past, lets talk about now… The Tide is rising better run for the mountains (Fulmerized)!

  • The Loup GarouNo Gravatar says:

    To the author:

    Ditto from LSU.
    On a blog, obviously a Bama blog, someone commented: “Got 18?”
    Incredible. Here is the site that they got their facts:

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