SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 6

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Week 6

Well, as HSH mentioned yesterday, I am swamped and am going to be fairly scarce for the next few weeks as I will be in trial (I know, I hate lawyers too…) for most of October.  Be that as it may, I am going to try to keep up with my poll postings as well as a few occasional observations.  This week, I am trying to get ready for trial—which in many ways is worse than trial itself.  As a result, I am running behind in posting my SEC Power Poll Ballot, which I cast a day or two ago. In fact, I am so late that the actual Poll results are already out.  Thus I am going to first give you my ballot and then, after the jump, you can see the results.

Of course, you can also just skip this post entirely and slide on over to Garnet and Black Attack to check out the full results.

Here’s the ballot I cast earlier this in the SEC Power Poll, along with an feeble attempt at explaining why I’m such a moron…

In all its radiant glory:






Well, well, well. Looks like the Alabama Crimson Tide was looking past the Wildcats.  This was not the same team that gave Georgia the backhand, but they did what they had to in order to win.  Furthermore, Kentucky is no pushover.



The Vanderbilt Commodores are currently leading the East, and I predict they will fight down to the wire for the SEC East title.  Though a bit short on depth, the Dores are very solid, very disciplined, and very good.


The LSU Tigers didn’t play this week, but the LSU / Florida game looks to be exciting.  Les Miles is really looking forward to showing Urban Meyer his new hat this weekend—it is actually 35 feet tall.



Hopefully the Georgia Bulldogs spent this past weekend getting drunk, chasing hookers, and playing in traffic. If not, then I fear that the Vols are doomed this weekend in Athens.



The Florida Gators should be ashamed of themselves beating up on such a poor team like that. SEC schools shouldn’t run up the score on directional teams simply trying to gain a little experience and get a little national exposure.  I mean … oh wait, they played Arkansas.  Never mind, ignore that comment…


Tough loss for the Kentucky Wildcats versus the Tide in a winnable game.  Despite their Cream-puff non-conference schedule, the Wildcats actually looked pretty darn good against the Bammers.  Now, if they could just find a little consistency, they might be something to be feared.


POLL-Down 3

It seems that Tennessee may not be the only team without an offense.  I really thought the Auburn Tigers would have figured out by now that it is a simple matter of moving the ball toward the goal line.  Apparently, I was wrong…



South Carolina pulled one out, and thus have managed to move up in my ballot.  Unfortunately, it appears that the Thunderchickens and the Vols will battle it out to see who takes the bottom of the SEC East.


POLL-Down 3

So much for that Cinderella story. The Ole Miss Rebels losing to South Carolina effectively erases the win over Florida—at least in terms of the SEC race.  Still, Reverend Nutt has made major improvements this year.  They look to at least be a legitimate opponent down the stretch.



The Tennessee Volunteers had a new quarterback, Nick Stephens, against Northern Illinois. Stephens played better than former QB Jonathan Crompton.  The running game, however, up and vanished like a fart in the wind.  What a miserable season in Knoxville.


POLL-Down 1

The Mississippi State Bulldogs did not play this weekend, but they did host the international cow bell clang-off in Starkville.


The Arkansas Razorbacks are considering a marketing move which would convert their stadium to a giant Bass Pond — complete with concessions.  That might work!

So there you have it. The actual results, as well as a little info on the new  SEC Blog “Team Speed Kills”, after the jump…

Well here’s how this week’s Poll turned out, as always, courtesy of Garnet and Black Attack:

The Scoring

1. Alabama, 260.5 point (18.5 first-place votes)

2. LSU, 244 (2.5)

3. Georgia, 210

4. Vanderbilt, 195.5

5. Florida, 190

6. Kentucky, 140.5

7. Auburn, 123

8. South Carolina, 115

9. Mississippi 101.5

10. Tennessee, 66

11. Mississippi State, 42.5

12. Arkansas, 27.5

The Rest of the Power Poll

If you’d like to know more about what everyone thought, go check out the comments and analysis over at Garnet and Black Attack.

I also want to let everyone know about a fabulous new SEC Blog that debuted this past week which is headed-up by the fellows from Garnet and Black Attack, and which will be playing a  larger role in the SEC Power Poll in the future.  The new Blog is aptly named: Team Speed Kills, and will feature a global look at the SEC every week.  It’s a great looking site as well (I’m a sucker for purty colors).  Go Check it out!

Onward and upward, my children, onward and upward…

– Go Figure …Email lawvol

About the Author: "Lawvol" -- I'm just a guy living in North Carolina who has an unnatural fascination with the color orange. Just because I'm a Tennessee alum and die-hard Volunteer fan doesn't mean that I can't poke a little fun at the Big Orange and anybody else for that matter. Feel free to complain all you want. >> Read more from this author

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