SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4

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Week 4

After week 4’s “statement” games,  here’s my ballot for this week in the SEC Power Poll.

In all its radiant glory:







The Georgia Bulldogs turned it around this week against Arizona State. Apparently, the Dawgs got tired of everyone questioning them. This is the first week that the Dawgs have looked like a contender for the BCS Championship.



On defense, the Florida Gators absolutely destroyed the Vols. The Gators, however, showed their lack of big play ability on offense against Tennessee’s defense. The Gators only real gamebreaker this past Saturday was kick returner Brandon James. Florida looks tough, but they are by no means perfect. They definitely have the ability to be beaten… just not by Tennessee.



The LSU Tigers won a wild one versus Auburn in a barn-burner “On the Plains.” The biggest thing I came away from that game with is that Les Miles doesn’t understand the concept of letting up. Gutsy coaching down the stretch gave the Bayou Bengals a wider margin in the 26-21 victory over Auburn than most would have garnered. In short, Fear the Hat.




The Alabama Crimson Tide laid it to Arkansas. They did this with only 74 yards passing. Somebody needs to tell Slick Nicky that you can throw the ball too. Still, the Tide continues to look impressive, despite Arkansas’ extreme level of suckification.





It’s official, the Vanderbilt Commodores are for real. They looked tough against the Rebels in a tight ball game which allowed little room for error. This was a significant game for the Dores in that they managed to both stand up to an SEC rival and come from behind. At 4-0, Vanderbilt only needs a couple more wins to be bowl eligible. I believe they will get them. That’s why the Commodores are tied for 4th with the Tide.



The Kentucky Wildcats no game this week, and though I know the schedule says Western Kentucky, the reality is that there really isn’t one next week either. Kentucky’s schedule is a cakewalk until October — I will be interested to see how they fare once that changes.



The Auburn Tigers fought down to the end against LSU, but simply couldn’t make it happen, their defense was strong, and their offense showed signs of life. Auburn is a really good team and lost to another really good team. Thus, I’m not dropping them.



The Ole Miss Rebels gave Vanderbilt all they could handle. Though the Rebels lost, they played well and as a team. Given the fact that they were so atrocious last year, I think they earned the right to hold their position. They’ve come a long way already, will they keep going?




The South Carolina Gamecocks were hardly impressive against the Terriers of Wofford, but managed to pull out a win. In exactly the same way that most people manage to finally pull the sock out of their own pooch’s mouth. Not pretty, but a win.



POLL-Down 1

The Tennessee Volunteers played well on defense, but their offense in the orange-zone was a train wreck. This team is going to have to improve, or they are going to find them self battling Arkansas for the bottom of the heap.  Oh, Great Punkin, can you summon your powers once more?



POLL-Down 1

The Mississippi State Bulldogs got absolutely hammered by Georgia Tech in Atlanta 38-7. Not exactly a great showing for the SEC in this inter-conference game, but then again, the Yellow Jackets hardly faced the best that the conference has to offer.



The Arkansas Razorbacks fared far better than I expected against Alabama by actually scoring points. Casey Dick actually impressed me with 190 yards passing, unfortunately he threw more passes to the other team than he did to his own. If he keeps throwing 4 interceptions a game, however, he’s going to have to work harder on his tackling.

As always, feel free to tell me I’m wrong…

The Rest of the Power Poll

Now that you have wasted your time looking at my ballot, go check out what everybody else is saying over at Garnet and Black Attack or SEC Power I’ll try to remember to post the final poll results once it is released later in the week.

– Go Figure …Email lawvol

About the Author: "Lawvol" -- I'm just a guy living in North Carolina who has an unnatural fascination with the color orange. Just because I'm a Tennessee alum and die-hard Volunteer fan doesn't mean that I can't poke a little fun at the Big Orange and anybody else for that matter. Feel free to complain all you want. >> Read more from this author

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3 Responses to “SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4”

  • HeathNo Gravatar says:

    Lets not get crazy. As a UK fan I watched the Auburn-LSU game on Saturday and know for a fact that Auburn beats UK by three touchdowns in Lexington. UK’s wide receivers minus Dicky Lyons Jr are awful. We have an offensive line that continues to insist that running backs can make it through pin-sized holes and a quarterback always playing it safe. The Cats will get six wins and go bowling again, but ahead of Auburn? No.

  • lawvolNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I kind of approach these things on a week to week basis until the end (when I look in more absolute terms). I agree with your assessment over the length of the season. For this week, however, I think this is where everyone ranks.

    Of course you do have to consider the fact that I am a moron…

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